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ZSU-57-2 ‘Hellish Threshing-Machine’ Once Again Spotted in Syria


Syrian troops continue to use the ZSU-57-2 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun against terrorists in Syria.

ZSU-57-2 ‘Hellish Threshing-Machine’ Once Again Spotted in Syria

Photo: twitter.com / LuftwaffeAS

The Syrian Army continues to use military hardware, which was kept on warehouses for many years, as commanders believed that it was not suitable for combat usage. One of the models of such military hardware is an anti-aircraft gun, known as ‘Izdeliye 500’ – the ZSU-57-2, entered in service in the Soviet Union in 1950. A photo, showing a Syrian soldier near the anti-aircraft gun, was recently published online.

According to various data, the Soviet Union supplied about 200 such anti-aircraft guns to Syria. Units of the Army Air Defense of armored and mechanized brigades were equipped with this military hardware. The anti-aircraft self-propelled guns were removed from service in the country in the 1990s.

The ZSU-57-2 is armed with the S-68 57mm dual automatic cannon with rapidity of fire up to 120 rounds per minute for each barrel. The operational range on surface facilities is 4 kilometers. Shells of the anti-aircraft gun are capable to destroy light armored vehicles and tanks, such as the T-55 and T-62. A crew of the vehicle consists of 6 people.

The self-propelled gun was mounted on the chassis, developed on the basis of elements of the T-54 tank. The engine capacity of 520 horsepower can accelerate the 28-ton vehicle up to 50 kilometers per hour. The endurance distance is 400 kilometers.

The ZSU-57-2 was actively used during the Vietnam War, the Arab-Israeli Conflicts. During the Lebanese Civil War, the anti-aircraft gun was used against snipers on the upper floors of skyscrapers in Beirut.

During the Iran-Iraq war, the vehicle became a means of destroying enemy troops and armored vehicles. At that time, the ZSU-57-2 was nicknamed a ‘hellish threshing-machine’.

According to the Vestnik Mordovii information website, for the first time, the Soviet anti-aircraft guns were spotted on Syrian battlefields two years ago that surprised many military experts. For some time, the military hardware had not been getting caught in the lens of cameras.



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