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Zeri: Laundering of Erdogans millions in Pristina

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Zeri: Laundering of Erdogans millions in Pristina

The article is translated by our friend to show a Serbian view on the current situation in the world. 

This article originally appeared at IN4S, translted from Serbian by Slavko Kovačević

Millions of euros from Turkey are flowing to Kosovo and Metohija illegally, bypassing banks, and through them money is laundered for the government of Recep Erdogan.

As newspaper claims “Kosovo is flooding in millions”, but not as investment or help for economy, nor to finance projects, but to renovate religious buildings.

“Most of the investments without any doubt exposes Erdogans huge money laundering through Kosovo”, claims “Zeri”.

Dozens of new mosques, and the renovation of those constructed in the era of the Ottoman Empire, are being funded through the big donor “Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency” (TIKA), claims “Zeri” and highlights that the agency was founded by turkish government, and that is directly controlled by the embassy in Turkey.

Turkey was among the first to recognize unilateral proclaimed independence of Kosovo, and it was many times said that Erdogan is openly lobbying for international recognition of that independence.

Likewise, turkish president raised many eyebrows when he said two years ago while visiting Prizren that “Kosovo is his second country”.

That time prime minister of Turkey said that culture of Turkey and Kosovo may be different, but their citizens live in the same country.

This was followed by the sharp reaction of serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the public in Serbia, but from the Erdogans cabinet it was stated that there will be no apology made and that his statement was “misinterpreted”. They later published that even the translation was wrong and that Erdogan never said “Kosovo is Turkey, and Turkey is Kosovo”.

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