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Zelensky’s “Second Stage” Of Prisoner Swap: Releasing Crimean Tatars From “Russian Captivity”

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Zelensky's "Second Stage" Of Prisoner Swap: Releasing Crimean Tatars From "Russian Captivity"

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The recent 35 for 35 prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine once again demonsrated the two-facedness of mainstream media outlets:

Following the swap, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the second stage was to release the Crimean Tatars from “Russian captivity.” Accidentally, the Ukrainian President forgot to mention that these ‘political prisoners’ are various radicals and even members of illegal armed groups.

“This is the second stage. I think we will work seriously during the second stage. And we will return all our people. We will free them since many of our people are in Crimea,” Zelensky told journalists at Boryspil Airport.

He said he hoped it would happen as quickly as possible.

“I’m not talking about three, two, or one year. We want to do this very quickly… We dream and work,” Zelensky added.

Kiril Vishinsky, the chief editor of RIA Ukraine was one of the prisoners released by Ukraine. He said that this was a “tectonic shift” in relations between Russia and Ukraine.

After being released, Vishinsky met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and held a press conference.

Both Lavrov and RIA Ukraine chief editor expressed hope that the prisoner swap would lead to some sort of normalization of relations between Russia and Ukraine.

“I would like to say once again what the Foreign Ministry and our president [Vladimir Putin] and president Vladimir Zelensky said: it is a very positive step from the standpoint of the normalization of relations between Ukraine and Russia and progress towards a situation where we would stop looking at each other through  aiming sights — media, criminal, political or whatever — and just cooperate on the basis of common sense. We have much more in common than the wedges the radicals, neo-Nazis and all others have been trying to drive between us. They care the least about the interests of the Russian and Ukrainian people,” Lavrov said.

Vyshinsky replied he would be glad, if his professionalism and experience was of any use in normalizing Kiev-Moscow relations.

“I absolutely agree with you. If I can be of any help in this work, I will be gladly doing all I can, because this is very personal and painful to me. I chanced to meet different people, but I haven’t ever heard them call me ‘traitor.’ I do not know whether the people where I was kept were very tactful, or if thoughts like that never occurred to them. They did not believe the man in front of them was a political prisoner. They realized that. The more so, since the term ‘political prisoner’ in Ukrainian prisons is widely used. Regrettably,” Vyshinsky said.

One of the prisoners released by Ukraine was Vladimir Tsemakh, who the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team accuses as one of the witnesses related to the Malaysian Flight MH17 downing in 2014 over the Donbass. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) demanded that Tsemakh should remain available to the investigation committee.

Thorhildur Sunna Ævarsdóttir, the Chair of the PACE Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, has welcomed in principle the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

But Tsemakh, as a suspect must remain available to the Dutch authorities to be accused and potentially sentenced without any evidence.

“The fact that Ukraine allowed Mr Tsemakh to travel to Russia does not mean that he is no longer required to co-operate in the investigation of this terrible event. Russia is a member State of the Council of Europe and as such is legally bound to fight impunity.”

“I should like to add that, in early October, the committee I chair will appoint a Rapporteur mandated to assess the progress made in investigating this tragedy and holding to account those responsible.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and SBU Chief Ivan Bakanov said Tsemakh had been interrogated by Dutch investigators before the prisoner exchange.

It should be noted that the Dutch government contacted Ukraine “several times and at the very highest level” to not hand over Tsemakh in the framework of the swap deal. This demonstrated that the Dutch investigators are not a neutral side and is not interested in an objective investigation of the MH17 tragedy. The location of the witness should not be an obstracle if the ‘invesigators’ are not interested in pressuring him by various means. Nonetheless, it seems that from the very start, the Dutch government has been aware who was really responsible for the MH17 crash. So, it’s making every possible efforts to distort the course of the investigation and hide key evidence related to the case.

Zelensky is presenting the prisoner swap as a big victory that could potentially lead to peace in the Donbass, but that is quite far from the truth.

The “harvest ceasefire” is on its way to falling apart, the situation remains quite tense. Ukraine is currently on its way to an economic crisis, which Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is attempting to blame on former President Petro Poroshenko (who is surely not without fault).

But even the smallest and presumed victories are currently needed to at least partially offset the crisis towards which Ukraine is headed. To substantiate the claims, out of 35 prisoners released by Ukraine – 22 were Ukrainian citizens. In Ukraine’s loosely used “political prisoner” term, more or less any Ukrainian, detained by Russia, be it on accusations of terrorism or otherwise is a “political prisoner” and warrants him being released.


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Tiresia Branding

ukronazis in fear; North-Stream II will be ready before the end of 2019

AM Hants

Fingers crossed. Not long now, till the Russian gas no longer flows through the aged Ukrainian transit pipework.


No need to put Tatar prisoners into quotes… and you know that.


Nothing wrong with dreaming but one must recognize the difference between fact and fiction. Ukraine and Russian relationship will never be on equal terms due to the animosity towards Russia.

AM Hants

I wonder if they could go back in time, if the people would vote for Yanukovich or Poroshenko?

Were the $5 billion GM toxic cookies worth it? Together with over 100,000 deaths, over 900,000 left with life changing disabilities and millions displaced? Figures from the Urkainian politician Oleg Tsarev, the UN have a more conservative set of figures, owing to leaving various sector out of their data.

Would they have preferred the $15 billion, interest free loan and cheap energy, that Russia offereed Yanukovich?

Ralph London

AM, glad you know about Oleg Tsarev, my favourite Ukrainian politician, who I think, should have become its President. I can dream.

AM Hants

Will never forget seeing the photos of him, when running for the opposition when he got beaten up. Together with Kolomoisky, placing a bounty on his head. Do like seeing him pop up over in Stalker Zone. My favourite Ukrainian politician was the late Alexander Zakharchenko. The compassion he had with the young Ukrainian conscripts, when handing them over to their mothers, seriously touched me. However, have always respected Oleg Tsarev and cannot see that changing.

Nice that you also respect the man.


The Ukraine – another contemporary political model, clearly illustrating how US foreign policy, of ‘regime change’ against targeted states, is actually a fast-track program to manufacture failed states, that are then easily controlled in a broken form.

cechas vodobenikov

Why does Zelensky mention the Tatars? A Turkish speaking people, that comprise 10% of the Crimean population…the US coup has produced artificial fragmentation and antagonisms between Russyns, Galicians, Hungarians, Cossacks, Poles and Russians—only when US meddling is discarded will normalized relations resume

AM Hants

He leaves out the part that Turkey and Crimea have just been signing Cooperation Agreements.

cechas vodobenikov

It is true that Crimean Tatars r less pro-Russian than others; apparently 60% prefer the Russian integration. the Tatars in Crimea tend to segregate themselves—they largely socialize among themselves and they r culturally and physically distinct—typically small in stature. they mainly work in construction and agriculture—many work in Turkey during harvest season

AM Hants

Doubt the Crimean Tatars will be interested.

What has Ukraine, as part of the Soviet Union and independent Ukraine, ever done for the Tatars?

Stalin, kicked them out, for siding with Adolf.
Krushchev, when he gifted Russia’s Crimea, to Ukraine, what did he do for the Crimean Tatars?
After 1991, when Ukraine like the other 15 member nations of the Soviet Union, found there independence, what did they do for the Tatars?

What was the first thing the Russians did for the Tatars, when they voted to return home to Russia, back in March 2014?

They rehabilitated the Tatars, including allowing them to own their own property and also made Tatar an official language of Crimea.

In the Crimea Putin Documentary, there is a section, showing how the Tatars were living, courtesy of when Ukraine had annexed Crimea. They did not treat them very nicely.

Around 38:30 into this video, shows how Kiev instructed the leaders of the Crimean Mijlas to prevent the Crimeans from holding all-Parliament meetings in Crimea. Well worth watching that section of the video, because it will remind you of the NED/Soros funded NGO protests, that go on in all parts of the world. Whether it be Anti-fa, Black Lives Matter, BREXIT, Hong Kong, The Maidan, Odessa Trade Union Massacre 2.5.2014, etc, etc, etc, they all follow the same script, wear the same clothes, use the same tactics and of course, the banners and posters, all have similar slogans/symbology.

44 minutes into the video, President Putin is discussing the Crimean Tatars, and the role of the Crimean Tatars in the Crimean Self-Defence Forces. Around 45 minutes, the video then takes you to a section of Crimea, where the Tatars were meant to exist. At the time, when Ukraine annexed Crimea, upto March 2014, the Tatars were expected to live without water, without a sewage system and without heat and electricity.

EXCLUSIVE: The famous Russian documentary on Crimea with Putin FINALLY with SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mw4Y9jRwCQ

Does the comedian turned President, seriously believe the Crimean Tatars wish to return to the times of Ukraine being in control?


Cooperation Agreement Signed Between Turkey and Crimea… https://www.stalkerzone.org/cooperation-agreement-signed-between-turkey-and-crimea/

So has Zelinsky traded in Kolomoisky and Biden, to keep Trump happy? Or now that the Russian gas, will be running out, over in Ukraine, in just over a couple of months, why does Trump want to get involved? No doubt, taking control of the Normandy Format, that both the US and UK have not been invited to (for a reason).

Trump Says He Is Ready To ‘Get Involved’ In Russia-Ukraine Dialogue… https://www.fort-russ.com/2019/09/trump-says-he-is-ready-to-get-involved-in-russia-ukraine-dialogue/


Guess Ukraine is already embracing the Soros funded immigration programme, judging from this article.

Meet the Sudanese Mercenary Helping the Ukrainian Army Shell Donbass to “Fight Against Russia”… https://www.stalkerzone.org/meet-the-sudanese-mercenary-helping-the-ukrainian-army-shell-donbass-to-fight-against-russia/


If UkroNazi do not stop their crime against Novorussia and Instead of increasing the intensity of their attack, I bet somehow Russia will manage to solve UkroNazi somewhere before 2024 (that’s the end of Vladimir’s presidency).

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