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Zelensky’s Plan: First 10 Steps In Event Of Victory In Presidential Election

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Zelensky’s Plan: First 10 Steps In Event Of Victory In Presidential Election

Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukraine’s presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to achieve victory over incumbent president Petro Poroshenko in the second round of the election in a competition on April 21.

Journalists of the Ukrainian news website, Liga.net, have met with key members of his team, campaign’s ideologist Ruslan Stefanchuk and expert on the economy headquarters Danylo Hetmantsev. Following this, Liga.net released a detailed article describing “first 10 decisions”, which Zelensky would make if he wins the election.

THEY ARE HERE (according to the Liga.net report):

1. Zelenskiy intends to invite the United Kingdom and the United States to participate in the Normandy talks. His team is preparing visits to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron. There will be no direct negotiations with representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). However, Zelensky is ready for talks with Russia that would involve ‘international partners’.

HINT: It is unclear how Ukraine would be able to involve the UK and the US into the format without a Russian approval. At the same time, the unwillingness of the Kiev government to held real negotiations with the DPR and the LPR is one of the key reasons of the continued destabilization in the region and inability to fully employ the ceasefire regime.

The open declaration that Ukraine is going to negotiate with Russia under the supervision of ‘international partners’ is the confirmation that the Zelensky team sees the only role of Ukraine as the role of the Western tool in the standoff with Russia.

2. Zelensky seeks to eliminate “rivalry” between the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff. No details were provided.

HINT: If the “rivalry” between the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff really exists, this is the policy of manpower allocation and promotion issue. There is no need to be a genius reformer to remove a defense minister or a general staff officers.

3. Zelensky would “appoint fair judges” to the High Anti-Corruption Court. The presidential candidate is planning to hold a competition, involving international experts, to fill the vacancies.

HINT: “International experts” will help the leader of the “independent state” to “appoint fair judges”.

4. There is a plan to propose to the parliament to pass the law on mediation. Zelensky believes that people should have an opportunity to choose between a trial and ‘alternative system’ of the adjudication of disputes.

It remains a secret how this would work. Would two grandmas selling tomatos have two options to solve their economic dispute?

  • to go to the court and wait for a court decision for a few months;
  • to invite British mediators to get a mediator decision in a day, but to pay a half own tomatos for this.

5. The Zelensky team is going to propose to the parliament to pass a number of economic laws: to offer a 5% tax amnesty from 2020 and introduce an exit capital tax. There is a plan to set up a Financial Intelligence Service and to ratify the Multilateral Competent Authorities Agreement (MCAA) [an international exchange of tax data].

HINT: A new package of the economic laws is a needed measure for the collapsing Ukrainian economy. However, the 5% tax amnesty and an exit capital tax are far from being enough to solve the problem. Ukraine must employ a complex of fiscal and tax measures that would stimulate the real sector of the economy and to ease the pressure on households.

Instead of this, Zelensky suggests one more formal measure and another body to suck the budget. The ratification of the MCAA is also not among the urgently needed  measures.

6. The Zelensky team’s candidates to head the Defense Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Prosecutor General will be announced on April 19. Off the record, the following candidacies are being discussed for appointment:

  • Head of the Foreign Ministry: ex-finance minister Oleksandr Danyliuk;
  • Prosecutor General: former U.S. prosecutor Marta Borshch, or former head of Romania’s National Anti-Corruption Directorate Laura Kovesi;
  • Head of the SBU: Ihor Smeshko, who came sixth in the first round of presidential elections.

HINT: All previous cases of inviting “foreign experts” to rule the country demonstrated a “low efficiency” and negative implications of this approach. Foreign experts were invited by the regime of Saakashvili in Georgia, the Yushenko government in Ukraine, the Poroshenko government and even the Russian government until 1998.

These examples are another demonstration that the real motivation of global players and powers behind these players around the world is money, money and once again money (in any form).

7. A package of bills on resolving the issue of national and local referenda. No details.

HINT: A common populist declaration to draw attention of the audience.

8. The Presidential Administration will be reformed. Zelensky is planning to make it function like a registry that generates ideas.

HINT: This is a technical issue within one government body. It would not influence the situation in the country and the wealth of people in any direct way.

9. As the Ukrainian President, Zelensky plans to set up a consultancy of international experts to audit the state within three or four months. Thus, Zelensky hopes to get what is really going in the country.

HINT: Budget suckers removed from the Presidential Administration would be incorporated into  the new body to continue sucking the budget.

10. A “secret plan” for the Parliament. The Zelensky team is planning to cooperate with members of parliament. However, if there are difficulties, it has the “secret plan”.

HINT: An obvious “secret plan” is to give a piece of the budget to everybody. However, Zelensky may also try to use a scenario involving automatic weapons and the use of force from his TV show “Servant of the People”.

Summing up these 10 steps, it appears clear that this is a common populism designed to hide the fact that Ukraine is no more independent state and “international partners” view it as a colonial territory.

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The problem with foreign experts is that they generally don’t know the culture. On the plus side they are not part of the culture. Which if the culture is corrupt as Hades is usually a plus. On the downside again the corrupt locals are usually so well entrenched and interconnected that any attempts by outsiders to get rid of them is usually negated. They will meet such a common front of obstruction and obfuscation that generally they resign with a few years, if not the first year already.

Generally the best player to reform such a corrupt system is a dark horse insider, who knows the system and culture like the back of his hand, and whom the other players do not consider a threat, maybe even an equal or at least pawn they think they can control. Until it is too late.


Khazars everywhere have the same culture.

‘Give me your money and we will give you worthless tokens in return’. :)

cechas vodobenikov

in the case of Ukraine, cultures…cats don’t eat watermelon


I think you are right. There must be some people with integrity left in the system, those who are sidelined by the corrupted, and are eager to get the chance to get things right.. Let them have their chance!

Promitheas Apollonious

foreign experts…….but they have those since the crisis in ukraine has began. By now they all should know how to steal what is not yet been stolen all by them selves.


Yeah, like in Greece. A tool for political slavery of a whole country.. New colonialism.

Promitheas Apollonious

in greece they dont need foreign experts they do that all by them selves. So there is a new breed of traitors and jerk offs who vote for them.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Just another Khazar. Khazars origins are from Turkey. Northern Turkey use to be known as the Khazarian-Empire.comment image

Ray Douglas

No doubt he will get assistance from his co-religionists in a particular West Asian
country who have stolen all that they possess.


Which countries recognize “People’s Republics” other than Russia?

S Melanson

The article can be condensed greatly as per Prometheus comment below to saying just this:

CIA/Mossad asset Zelensky has a one point plan which is to bring in foreign advisors to assess what is left in Ukraine to be looted, assuming that Porko Was not thorough enough given his generally drunken state.

But do not underestimate the oligarch of wonkavators, if he is good at anything, it is looting, even in a drunken stupor as he is a natural…


So this guy is the Ukrainian version of Borat, will he wrestle fat naked men for votes?

What I find confusing is Nazis are supposed to be anti Jewish, but 2 out of 3 Presidents are Jewish.
I was wondering if it was because the Jewish States of America and the CJIA install them?

Brother Ma

Yatsenyuk was Jewish too?


Yep, hand chosen by Victoria Nuland, the wife of Robert Kagan.


Step 1, open a bank account in Israel.
Step 2 steal as much money as I can.
Step 3 party on with Yatsenyuk in Tel Aviv


4. Get high-rise apartments in Miami for all you dancer girlfriends (so they can pay rent).


yup, he is a comedian.

Olie H

economy: call more foreign experts
defense: call more foreign experts
culture: call more foreign experts

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