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Zelensky’s Land Reform: Another Step Towards Disintegration Of Ukraine

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Zelensky's Land Reform: Another Step Towards Disintegration Of Ukraine

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On November 11th, the Ukrainian land reform bill passed with a majority in parliament. It was presented by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Out of 450 MPs, 240 deputies voted for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s bill that allows the sale of land to foreigners. 227 votes were cast by the “Servant of the people” and 13 were given by independent deputies.

The bill includes the following, as set out previously:

  • The land sale begins on October 1st, 2020;
  • acquisition of land will be possible for: citizens of Ukraine, legal entities of Ukraine created under the legislation of Ukraine, territorial communities and by the state;
  • no more than 15% of the land in one region and 0.5% of the all-Ukrainian land bank, that is, in fact one farm can receive no more than 200 thousand hectares;
  • introduce a transitional period until January 1st, 2024, during which legal entities, beneficial owners of which are foreigners, stateless persons, legal entities created under the law other than the legislation of Ukraine, foreign states, will not be able to acquire land from the designation of state, communal property, as well as unitary lands, except for those lands which at the time of entry into force of the law are already leased, to such legal entities, and provided that such legal entities are created not less than 3 years before the effective date of the law;
  • foreigners will be allowed to redeem priority land, which their companies currently rent already. About three million hectares out of 42 million are affected by this;
  • There are no restrictions on buying up companies with existing land banks, there are already companies with 300-500 thousand hectares, a company can own pretty much half the land in Ukraine if it’s done as purchasing entities that already own land.

Opponents of the land reform claimed that this is a very large share, and it opens the way for large land owners to buy all of the land (the change means that 200 people can put all of the land in Ukraine under their control).

Additionally, there comes the issue of price of the said land:

  • It is proposed to establish the “minimum price” for land at the level of a normative monetary assessment (on average in Ukraine it is 28-30 thousand hryvnias per hectare, that is, about a 1,000 euro);
  • Villagers would be allowed to buy the land at such a price, with an installment plan for five years. These individuals at one time have worked the land and prepared it for permanent use under a household or a farm (before the adoption of the new Land Code in 2002);
  • Calculations show that farmers will have to pay about $ 200 per hectare annually (at the same time earnings per grain per hectare is $300, that is, after the bill enters into force, the villagers will have to give most of their income to the state);
  • There are no mechanisms for lending to medium-sized farmers so that they can buy land and create a middle class of owners in the countryside. And no such propositions for establishing a mechanism were made;

The situation is quite simple: small and medium-sized farms at a massive disadvantage compared to large Ukrainian companies, and even more so when it comes to foreign investors who can have much more purchasing power and capabilities.

Zelensky’s predecessors shied away from the land reform bill because they could lose the support of rural residents and the agricultural business, which in turn could allow for the possibility for protests led by the opposition.

And immediately, Yuliya Tymoshenko’s “Fatherland” party moved into opposition:

“Our party decided not to go into opposition from the first day the new president assumed power… But today Volodymyr Zelensky crossed all the “red lines.” On his behalf, the bill on the sale of land was voted.”

In addition, Tymoshenko called the Parliament’s decision “a sale of strategic facilities, including land,” and stated that the “Fatherland” party had already sent a submission to the Constitutional Court demanding clarification of article 13 of the Constitution, which says that Ukrainian land belongs to the people. She added that she would appeal in court the adoption of the law in the first reading because of violations of the regulations.

The “Opposition Bloc – For Life!” party also opposed the bill, but Zelensky appears to be the bigger winner of the situation. He proved that he is now the central figure of Ukrainian politics and he makes all of the decisions and sets out the political agenda.

This decision was predominantly made to be given expanded financing by the International Monetary Fund.

On November 15th, just four days after voting on the land, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk and Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova discussed the conditions for starting a new three-year program for expanded financing with the mission of the International Monetary Fund, which began work in Ukraine on November 14th.

Prime Minister Honcharuk outlined the situation and plans, while openly expressing hopes for financial assistance:

“Ukraine has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate the rapid and successful implementation of the reforms declared by the president, our government and parliament. In recent weeks, the Ukrainian parliament adopted as a basis the draft bill on the sale of agricultural land, and also adopted as a whole the law on “unbundling”. The latter has already been signed by the president. Therefore, we hope to agree on a new long-term expanded financing program that will support our efforts to accelerate economic growth.”

The IMF mission already operated in Kiev between September 12th and 26th, at the time the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance announced that negotiations with the fund were actively on-going. Thus, this was not a secret, which allows us to conclude that Zelensky’s opposition already knew that he was the pushing force behind the political agenda in the country, they’ve most likely probably conceded to the fact and their current opposition is simply a formality.

Furthermore, it would appear that the IMF, similarly to the US, is concerned with how much influence oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has over Zelensky.

The head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Bogdan said in a private meeting with reporters that: “Now the IMF wants to know how close the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is to power. It’s difficult for the president’s team to convince foreign partners that he is playing his own game.”

Since it is rather worrisome that Kolomoisky in an interview with the NYT said that relations with Russia should be normalized and the West should be “sent home.”

“The Americans dragged us into a conflict with Russia, but did not give us anything in return. The Americans need us to fight with the Russians. But we don’t need it. We need to abandon IMF loans and switch to financing from Russia.”

According to Kolomoisky, Russia is ready to give Ukraine $100 billion.

Furthermore, Zelensky, at a meeting of the “Servant of the people” party, reportedly said that Kolomoisky was behind any protests against the land reform bill. Which, if true, would mean that Zelensky may be attempting to distance himself from the oligarch, but how likely that is remains questionable.

But it is true that the narrative of “Russian aggression” appears to be leading to a less significant response than it used to, and the economic profit it brought appears to be diminishing.

Under these conditions, Zelensky faced the need to seek political and economic resources for the successful continuation of his presidency. This resource, currently, appears to be the Ukrainian land.

Negotiations are ongoing with the IMF, Zelensky has a majority in parliament. The final vote on the land reform bill still hasn’t passed.


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Quote: “According to Kolomoisky, Russia is ready to give Ukraine $100 billion.” So, couldn’t Russia just buy Ukraine? The $100 billion are approximately the same amount of Euros, which means Russia could buy 100 million hectares, or 1 million square kilometres, which is more than the whole Ukraine, ha ha ha. :-) ;-)

AM Hants

Yet, Koloimoisky has fleeced the IMF and those that provided loans to Ukraine and now he believes Russia is stupid enough to allow the same. In his dreams. There again, hasn’t he purchased the land that was up for sale and is going to sell it to the pillagers, who kickstarted the Maidan, back in 2014?

Rhodium 10

Ukraine is a failed state…they lost Crimea and Donbass..have a civil war…they lost the military-industrial complex..the aeronautic complex…women are on sale…. they will lose gas transit , and now they are going to sell the land…Keep On Maidan!

AM Hants

When you look at the Russian DNA people of Ukraine, who have no desire to be Governed by Kiev, and compare them to the Galicia DNA people of Ukraine, you seriously notice the differences. Aren’t the academics full of Galicia DNA and the workers and those with intelligence, full of Russian DNA?


What does it mean? (Aren’t the academics full of Galicia DNA and the workers and those with intelligence, full of Russian DNA?) Unclear.

Ceasar Polar

In most countries of the world, selling land to foreigner is strictly prohibited. It seems like the Nazis in power in Ukraine wants to sell (literally) their land to the highest bidder. What a shame. Is that what they call “nationalism” ? That is to me ZIOnazism, which serves the best interest of Zionist entities.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

What the Jewkraine is in dire want of is a Pogrom.

Tudor Miron

Pogroms never actually touched bankers and rich Jews.


sure ’bout dat? the most severe pogroms must be germany from 33 to say 37 38 and sure as a klucking bell moved the lot out of germany – otherwise, in what is poland, belarus romania moldova and a good part of russia it served to force the jewish´populations elsewhere – like to the unhinged states of A and even into palestine. virgin and rapable countries from the pogromed’s point of view.

Tudor Miron

I was referring to pogroms in Russian Empire. Regarding Germany and Hitler “from around 33” it was funded and financed by UK and US bankers and many of them were Jewish. Point that I’m trying to get across is problems of this world order is not about Jews (who are nothing other than a tool) per se. It’s much more complicated than that and if tomorrow all Jews will fly to another planet, life on Earth would not change much. Crowd/elitist society is a simple yet complex and ugly thing.

Stephan Williams

The fact that 3 individuals actually “liked” your comment astounds me! Your post is disingenuous pile of poo designed to take our eyes off the ball. What’s the ball? The fact that if all jews flew to another planet most of us doing the thinking for the riff raff controlled by those psychotic parasites could get back to living constructive lives. We would be freed from their unhinged avarice which ultimately destroys everything worth having.

National Socialist Germany was financed by the creation of money based on their own internal labor and innovation and NOT on the whims and greed of jewish banksters. Your claim that the banksters financed Germany after the National Socialists took control of the reins of power is NOT TRUE! They were EXCLUDED from doing banking business, among other sensible things.

And THAT is the reason Europe was razed to the ground and millions murdered. The lesson we were supposed to be taught by Europe’s destruction was that the banksters are ALL-Powerful and can and will destroy anyone who gets in their way on their road to total domination.

Except it’s not going to go according to plan…

Tudor Miron

US and UK bankers (Jews and non Jews) financed Hitlers rise to power and so called 3d reich economic “miracle”. It is all well documented. There was no miracle – there was pumping money into 3d reich and building up of force to conquer Soviet Russia. Are you the one who advocates killing of Jewish children and women to “save the world”? Than what’s the difference between you and zio’s that kill Palestinian children? If Jews are gone, than what are you going to do with Bushes and Klintons of this world? With UK royal family? City of London? Saying that Jews are the only problem of the world is either delusional or deliberate attempt to take our eyes off the boll as you put it. World zionism is just one of the tools that is used to enslave this planet. Problem is much deeper than that. Rumors are that final holocaust is planned to throw a bone to sheeple and tie everyone with blood. Than everything will be the same – sheeple will obey while elites will keep milking them. But I think that you know all the above and deliberately do your stinking work for those who keep pushing humanity along that ugly path.

Stephan Williams

I earnestly hope you are who you claim to be, Tudor Miron. But my gut tells me you’re not to be trusted – You’re just “too slick by half”, as the saying goes.

And its not because you got some things really wrong that anyone with any sense should be getting right now that the doors have been blown off the exchange of information. We all have our private delusions. No, it’s more the ad hominems – they reek of hasbarah – a Talmud-trained inclination to accuse the other of what you are most guilty of.

I would like nothing more than for you to prove me wrong. But will you? That’s another matter.

AM Hants

Guess you never heard of the Fabian Society or the Tavistock Institute?

Who created both the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, together with the various Fascist Parties, over in Europe, as well as the Bolsheviks?

WWI – creation of League of Nations WWII – creation of United Nations WWIII – creation of NWO/Full Spectrum Domination.

Where does the far right end and the far left begin? The same characters are still playing us all, centuries later.

Ralph London

AM, khan the mayor was – is still? – part of the fabian Executive Committee for 2012-13.

AM Hants

Surprise surprise, together with his Goodge Street membership.

Ralph London

Is he?

AM Hants


Sadiq Khan, London’s ‘Liberal Muslim’ Mayor, Has Ties To ISIS…

‘…In order to remain “politically correct” the British media has failed to report the fact that London mayor Sadiq Khan, a so-called “liberal Muslim”, has been affiliated with organizations tied to Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood…’



Are these conspiracies you’ve woven linked to your theories that Hitler was a secret Rothschild and that Mark Zuckerberg a secret Rockefeller?

I’m interested in the fact that you never actually go to the trouble of proving these many and varied odd theories.

AM Hants

Is the Fabian Society a conspiracy theory? Is the Tavistock Institute a conspiracy theory?

If it rocks your boat, to obsess about my curiousity with regards Hitlers or Zuckerbergs family history, you have my pity. If I disagreed with a person’s opinion, with regards a persons DNA, I so would not spend the rest of my life obsessing about it. Life, seriously is too short.

MH17, is a lot different to Hitler’s DNA.


They will definitely destroy you in the first place.

AM Hants




Weren’t the Khazarians and AshkeNAZIs nomadic Turkic tribes, that adopted Christianity, Islam and Judea, whilst learning Hebrew, despite having no semetic DNA? Yet, the true Jew, with semetic DNA, gets the blame for all their actions.

Ralph London

Note all the obelisks in cities around the world.

AM Hants

Must admit, I view ‘Cleopatra’s Needly’, over in Westminster in a completely different way.

Ralph London

I’m surprised the washington monument isn’t 666 feet high instead of 555. Maybe it was built 111 ft underground too.

AM Hants

Haha, or perhaps the builders were numerically dyslexic?

Tudor Miron

It has little to do with ethnicity. That’s more about talmudic ideology. But at the same time it is funny when they brag about antisemitism while Jewish non semites (ashkenazi) are conducting genocide against pure semites (Palestinians).


Yeah, they are back in Moscow right now

Stephan Williams

The next pogrom will. It’s down to the essential now – survival.


so when the UE is repartitioned who owns the land?

AM Hants

Back in 2013, when they were setting up stall for launch of the Maidan, didn’t Monsanto, who took over the control of the ‘Black Water’ Mercenaries, set up base in Ukraine, owing to being very interested in the rich black soil of Ukraine?

isn’t Bill Gates a heavy investor in Monsanto and doesn’t he control the vaccine industry? Guess that explains why 13 bio-chemical labs, set up base in Ukraine, with full US Diplomatic immunity, as they advertise for Russian DNA.

So what is the history behind events in Ukraine?

David Stockman Exposes The Ukrainian Influence-Peddling Rings, Part 1…https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/david-stockman-exposes-ukrainian-influence-peddling-rings-part-1

David Stockman Exposes The Ukrainian Influence-Peddling Rings, Part 2… https://hedgeaccordingly.com/david-stockman-exposes-the-ukrainian-influence-peddling-rings-part-2/

David Stockman Exposes The Ukrainian Influence-Peddling Rings, Part 3 Of 3… https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/david-stockman-exposes-ukrainian-influence-peddling-rings-part-3-3

AM Hants

Russian Gazprom Sent an Ultimatum to Ukrainian Naftogaz… https://www.stalkerzone.org/russian-gazprom-sent-an-ultimatum-to-ukrainian-naftogaz/

AM Hants

I wonder if Ukraine could go back in time, say to 2013, would they have embraced The Maidan?

Would they have realised that Yanukovich, accepting a $15 billion, interest free loan and cheap gas, was a much better deal, that accepting $5 billion that the cookie monsters were handing out in Kiev?

Besides them needing a new team in Naftogaz in December, when the Russian gas no longer goes through the pipelines, what else has Ukraine achieved from Soros and friends. Remember, when Halyna Freeland, the mother of Canada’s Prime Minister, or is she deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, back in 1992 turned up in Ukraine, the same year George Soros made £1 billion, betting against the UK £ staying in the ERM? The same year she invited Soros to join her in Ukraine, writing the new Constitution. What happened next, after they left the Soviet Union, with Russia paying all the bills, and Ukraine embracing the $billions they received, in order to give up the stock of missiles, they were holding in storage, for the Soviet Union. No carriers, no codes, but, $billions were handed over to Ukraine, for those missiles.

Victor Pinchuk, good friend of Soros and the Clinton Foundation. Didn’t he provide the Clinton Foundation with $25 million and that was not including his wife’s donation, from her AIDs Foundation.

So why is Victor Pinchuk such a major advocate for the LGBT and 62 varieties movement, over in Ukraine? What does he get out of it? How do the Ukraine Nazis handle it? Can you imagine the Nazis, dressed up for the ‘Pride Parade’, swastikas, stilletos and b*llocks? Not a pretty image.

‘…Indeed, how is it – an oligarch and at the same time sponsoring leftists, Marxists, and anarchists? It’s the new Savva Morozov? But in fact, the little casket opens much easier – Pinchuk has long been known as George Soros‘ key partner in Ukraine. In particular, as it became known from the documents published on August 16th 2016 by WikiLeaks, Pinchuk in March 2014 organised Soros’ visit to Kiev…’

How the Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk Became a Sexual Minority Propagandist in Ukraine… https://www.stalkerzone.org/how-the-oligarch-viktor-pinchuk-became-a-sexual-minority-propagandist-in-ukraine/

Ukrainian Schools Plan to Show a Tape That Approves of Lesbian Relationships… https://www.stalkerzone.org/ukrainian-schools-plan-to-show-a-tape-that-approves-of-lesbian-relationships/


Why does Soros demand same sex relationships, to be the majority, when it erases the gene pool of the nation? Or is that the basis for his reasoning? Lab produced babies, rather than the organic production of life.

Ralph London

It’s actually quite simple AM, it’s ALL part of the not just NWO, but the SATANIC nwo.

AM Hants

I wonder how many feel the same as this student, over in Ukraine?

“Maidan Was for Nothing, I’m Ashamed of It”: The 2014 Kiev Coup Through the Eyes of a Grown-Up Student… https://www.stalkerzone.org/maidan-was-for-nothing-im-ashamed-of-it-the-2014-kiev-coup-through-the-eyes-of-a-grown-up-student/

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