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Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

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Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to entertain the international audience with loud statements as his government sabotages any possible negotiations with Russia and thus fuels the further development of the conflict.

On March 3, Zelensky declared that Russia should ‘learn’ the words ‘reparations’ and ‘contributions’. According to him, the Ukrainian military has been successfully repelling all the attacks and Russian forces have suffered significant losses.

He also repeated claims about the ‘wide international support’ and said that Ukraine is accepting ‘foreign volunteers’ that will fight the Russians. According to him, 16,000 of them have already arrived.

Earlier, Ukrainian authorities claimed that Kiev forces are right now receiving additional weapons and supplies from their ‘international partners’. Media reports claim that these deliveries allegedly include MANPADs and anti-tank weapons.

Taking into account the posture of the Ukrainian leadership, it seems that it prefers to believe that ‘powerful international support’ will help them to win in the conflict. At least, the diplomatic wing of Kiev acts like this is reality.

The second round of talks between Russia and Ukraine was planned for March 2. However, the Ukrainian delegation ignored them. Now, it is expected that the second round of talks could be held on March 3.

Nonetheless, in the light of Zelensky’s declarations that the only terms that his government is ready to discuss is the ‘ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian forces’, it is likely that no real breakthrough will be achieved. On top of this, Ukraine already repeatedly demonstrated that it does not want (and often not able) to respect any signed agreements. The Minsk deals are a clear demonstration of this situation.

Russian troops provide humanitarian assistance to people in Kharkov Region:

Meanwhile, the Russian military operations continue all over the eastern, northern and southern parts of Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that as of March 3 the Russian military struck 1,612 military objects, including: 62 command posts and communication centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 39 S-300, Buk M-1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems, 52 radar stations.

Also, Russian forces destroyed 49 aircraft on the ground and 13 aircraft in the air, 606 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 67 multiple launch rocket systems, 227 field artillery pieces and mortars, 405 units of special military vehicles, as well as 53 unmanned aerial vehicles.

“The grouping of troops of the Lugansk People’s Republic, with fire support from the Russian Armed Forces, continued offensive operations and reached the line of the RED LIMAN – PRIVOLIE – the northern outskirts of SEVERODONETSK.

The advance was 4 kilometers.

The units of the armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic narrowed the encirclement of the city of MARIUPOL, and also took control of the settlements of GRAPE, SARTAKA and VODYANOE.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, continuing successful offensive operations, took control of CHISTOPOLIA, NOVOPOLTAVKA, ZHOVTNEVOE and aligned the front line with units of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The city of BALAKLEYA was liberated from the nationalist battalions,” the statement reads.

Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces evacuate civilians:

A Ukrainian military column slammed into a civilian car in the Kiev-controlled town of Slovyansk:

Weapons captured by forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics:

Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

Click to see the full-size image

Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

Click to see the full-size image

Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

Click to see the full-size image

Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

Click to see the full-size image

Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

Click to see the full-size image

Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

Click to see the full-size image

Zelensky Threatens Russia With ‘Reparations’ And ‘Contributions’, Claims 16000 ‘Foreign Volunteers’ Are In Ukraine

Click to see the full-size image


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Its very foolish try to negotiate with Zelensky, who continue threatening and sabotaging the negotiation

Peppe il Sicario

A Chosenite!! What can you expect from that filth!!!

jens holm

You are right. A country recognized by UN and recognized as such almost all over the world has been invaded and not by Nato and EU.

Which representatives has Putin there: Belarus, Eritrea, Syria. North Korea and Cuba.

Thats the filth. Leave those alone.

the end

hey Penis, had anyone told you are little bit annoying with your intellectual trash?

jens holm

Thats no comment. Your ancisters made the world invent the minus. On the right side You can be plus.

jens holm

Facts are the Russians at the same time are making more and more bombarments and has at least 100.000 devastating troops there.

So whats the chpise or possibility. A hint please.

You not even mention any kind of negosiation. You are for they resign and dont pray with their behinds towards the Moskav infection 5 times a day.

the end

In his negotiations Zelensky is mixing Russians for Nazis. He is negotiating (or better say arguing) with wrong people.

jens holm

3 % are nazis there. 97% are not.


thats too much nazis, and they will force the 97% to fight for them

jens holm

This dont remove the reasons for them but makes more of them.

Its the same machanisme for ISIS, KAIDA and other extremists.

You have to remove reasons. By that they after some time only has the bad reasons to exist left. Those gives no votes.

We have done this for hard left and right wings. The very few of them are very visible in the open in elections as well. By they almost are gone. We today has less then 2% communists and less then 0,1% Nazis.

They know themself they are not many and they know we know they are not many.

Mr Druganov

West Ukraine is the base for extremist nationalist, neo-fascists. Zelensky has moved from Kiev to be protected by them in Lliv.

jens holm

You are right. Those areas are taken from Polen, Germany, Tjekkia, Hungarians and also jews.

Those people are higly connected to each other and for good reasosn feel nationalisme. Poland until was few kilomaters west of Minsk.

The several million jews are not there. USSR didnt evacuate them and the Germans took most of them. Cities like Kiev, Kharkov, Donestsk and Rostov had 30% Jews. Well many was expelled from the rest of Rusai but most of them did work in the industril sectors like anyone else.

So You are correct. They are nationalsit and fx also use the polish red white Pilsutsky flag.

And by moving those ANF the losses in WW2 Stalin industrialized Belarus and those Russian Regions in Ukraine.

I forgot they took kaliningrad too. None was left there, but should that have made that Russian enclave just as Moldova. I dont think so.

jens holm

Im sure Your kind of negosiation is Ukriane has to be a Russian Oblast. That never will happen. Thats not negosiation at all.

Emaunel Macaroni

Its clearly waste of time, he is a literal clown. But whats obvious is that he is doing what US tells him. There is no way Ukraine would dare speak to Russia like this in face of Russian offensive without full US backing. Zelensky is being told to stay and be a spoiler to create more war. Neither Zelensky or US care about Ukrainians in crossfire. Russia cannot negotiate with US instigated deliberate stonewalling, they just have to move forward with military advance. Ukraine may end up partitioned at Dnieper. US and EU can have the westernmost, old Polish, territories full of neo-Nazis. Russia will federate the territory east of river and take control of all sea access across broad basin where Dnieper meets Black Sea. Leaving a landlocked micro state of problems in west for US and EU to maintain as their problem.

Last edited 1 year ago by Emaunel Macaroni

What do you expect out of the current Russia leaderships? I have never seen they made 1 right decision.


To understand how this clown came in office, just watch “Ukraine on Fire” by documentary film-maker Oliver Stone


I put that on the subreddit for the Ukrainian volunteers, and not even 5 seconds later all these bots attacked me.


You mean NATO zombies.

jens holm

Zombies is the correct name. You need some ghostbuster in Gremlin to take ways KGB and open the Russian medias as they should be.

Those maybee 18.000 are from the areas taken from Poland, Germany, Tjekkia, Hungaria, Moldova.

Poland was a few kilometers west of Minsk until Molotov took it with Rippentrop.

And what happend next. The germans invaded and next Stalin killed and infected too. The poles do recall Warshaw days.

And the wall west of berling to keep people IN. Now we makes walls to keep people OUT but not people like the Ukras.

We have about 10.000 here. They work and send money home. Many has left for Ukraine.

jens holm

Two sheep has bad memory too. Maybee they are Bah – Bah artists from the Syrian Oblast having Assad as commander of the Russian army.

jens holm

Its easy to understand. Just as in France, none of the old ones had any trust. They got Macron.

Its not even an unusual thing taking in fresh ones. Not all are succesfull. Making him into clown is a great mistake. He has learned a lot and has done pretty well compared to any opponent.

Regan was a famous actor. Arnold was elected and runned California for a period.

eric vos

Zelensky is a clown. Responsible for the death of 1000’s now.

jens holm

So far he has not invaded Russia. Nato has not invaded Russia. Nato is not even in Ukraine. Do You speack about the Russian suicide rate, the bad hospitals or Russian lives 10 yaers less to save pension?

Vlad the Impaler

Like the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, Zelenski doesn’t lose battles. He just “wins victories” closer and closer to his capital, haha.

Seriously, who taught the west to do propaganda? This is kindergarden-level make-believe that nobody with a functioning brain cell buys into.


It is called the double down strategy. Each time they lose…they go double or nothing. It’s also how they dig themselves deeper and deeper in their own crap. Sadly enough…majority of people don’t remember bogus statements that contradict reality.


Very true. I have become anti-western after the coup in 2014. But I remember all the bullshit they spewed at the time, and how it contradicted the narrative coming from sources on the ground. Even western sources!

jens holm

You are right, but I think a lot has changed in that Region. We now are 8 years later.

jens holm

Thats partly true. You forget even lies can be believed and keep up the morale.

And Yourself: You exspect all those 44 people are more stupid are more stupid then Yourself.

I will not compare in most things, but the Hitler troops were figthing after he died too. Normal Germans could see they would loose.

Even the Russians remember their last losses from Berlin.

Bogus Bogus Hokus Pokus.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

He is like adolf in the Reichsbunker ordering imaginery troops to counterassult.

jens holm

You are worse then blind.

Russia so far only has important corners.

the end

He’s just playing Ukrainian plastic monopoly. Wont be long now… I dare to say, that people them selves will get to him before the Russians do.


Sadly there are billions of minus habentes in the west that are drinking the kool aid. Memes have ruined everything. Every idiot thinks he is important but putting the meme “I stand with Ukraine” on his facebook page or instagram profile.

jens holm

We not only do that. We take all infleuence by Russia away from Ouir world and remove our in Russia as well.

Thats done by states and NGOs and we are united in that. So we fight the invaders according to Minsk two.

jens holm

There we go again. Russia has invated Ukraine. We have not. Russia is bombarding the cities and try to take them by force. 3% only are nazis there not even in the Parlament. Khazars has not existed for centuries.

Zelinsky find their level as well as he can. Its not worse then what they are up against.

Putin is not telling about whats going on there and in the rest of the world about it as well.

You seemes very propgandiest Yourself. I see many here are. No matter what we bring the truth is by the oneway one channel pution. Pavlov was there and Russians love to be sheep in aegility being rewarded everytime they do right.

Laika probatly did too.

eric vos

Zelensky is a clown, responsible for the deaths 0f 1000’s

jens holm

The Putin Stalin paranoia is. They within a 100 years twice forgot KEEP.

Its the same here. Russia can take it in the miklitary way. Keep is not like that.

Graves also make strong determinisme.


He is starting to look like Hitler in 1945, delegating long gone armies to the front.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan



There are 16 million Seraphims descending from heaven to help him. HAHAHAHAHA

Chechen Ukrobot Annihalator


jens holm

I didnt know they gave You captagones as well.

jens holm

Thats highly incorrect. Zelinsky is no commander of the army.

They are divided in independent military districts as figting/defending zones decided long time ago.

As we see they defend very well by their own, even they as expected has to retreat as well.

Zelensky is in a democrasy or almost semilar too. Here he is the politician with his Goverment and its Parlament.

Its probatly the same for Putin, which told the jobs and some of the big political picture for it. The rest is done by the experts but includes corrections.


Zelensky and Ukranian citizens can be Lucky that Putin has shown mercy so far to include the years leading up to this. Regardless how many Mercenaries arrive, Putin has the uppper hand. He will not be rewarded with invitation to NATO for being a comical stooge. Had Ukraine stuck to the Minsk Agreement as expected…they could have taken steps to clean out the corruption rooted in the government. It sucks to be you now!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Delusional Zellerboy will throw the last ukrop baby at a Russian tank before departing to Langley to enjoy his well earned pension.

Peppe il Sicario

One MSM newspaper here in Italy going off narrative wrote an article on how he owned a 2.5 million euro villa in Forte dei Marmi Tuscany, the most well known vacation spot in Italy for globalist elites and the super rich. That in addition to other investments.


Zelensky better hope none of the 16,000 foreign volunteers are German. Would not look good to public to brag that Germany are adding support to his NAZI Brigade. Not sure how the public would react to that…OOPS


Whos that oligarch that slithered back in? Poroshenko? Now a NATO Nazi puppet that has stolen BILLIONS from the retarded government of US of A is going to let a “GODDAMN KIKE” in on his racket? Maybe a cool couple of million but no way is a “GODDAMN JEW” going to get his hand in the honey pot of possibly hundreds of billions Creepy Joe will throw at the Ukrainian government. I bet Porky offs him within a year and frames the Russkies that done it. Any takers.

jens holm

There we go again. West defeated Hitler too. The Nazis in Ukraine are about 3%.

So where are the 99% in this. Its the same from Your Jew paranoia. If people really run that much, where You are, its because You keep Yourself as a nobody nothing.

For ukriane and the rest of the world I know of, You are highly incorrect.

If things were as You assume we had collpased decades ago. We are not. We has a well done high livingstandards.

Peppe il Sicario

This is not going to end well for all those foreign governments aiding Ukraine directly or not, be it weapons shipments or volunteers. Mark my words. The Russians haven’t even started yet and the EU governments, led by crazed power-drunk half–wits, have fallen into a trap they’ll never admìt.


Hell, the way things are going, they’ll do themselves in. Just look at what their really bright idea of closing EU airspace to Russian planes has done to their own airlines after Russia closed theirs. Foot, here’s gun…boom. What the hell did they think he would do? More self inflicted wounds. Wait until the gas bills start rolling in.

Last edited 1 year ago by zman
jens holm

We will see. Nato is not in Ukriane and lined up to take in Russia. Whats to take there?

So we do this and much more then some airlines and pay for the consequenses as well.

Do You think we think its free. We are well aware of the many consequenses. Now Your paraolympics has to go home to and maybee on bicycle.

OUT. Rusaians are Our best friends and can remain so, if they are in Russia only or asked for.

jens holm

You decide none of that.

We has kept Minsk 2 well. If we had invaded there was no Russian foot there unless it was in a coffin.

So the Russian devastating attack is selfmade paranoia. We cant admit things we never has said as well.

Now go back and communicate with Your Putin TV.

jens holm

The restb where I live has known for many days that those main are 2 kinds. Number one are those, which ancisters was expelled or killed when USSR moved Russia, Bleraus, Poland, Germany, Tjekkia nand Hungary west.

The second part are homecomming Ukrainians. Fx we have about 10.000 here. Many men has left to there. They has jobs here and normally send money home every month.

So its said up to 80.000 of them will be there too even they will be helping hands, light armed a.s.o.


Wow 3 photos of the same vehicle, at the end of the article, very powerful :)


Oh yeah, one last thing to the lame o wannna be Ukrainian DAS REICH losers if ya wanna look full on evil, drop the wolfs hook and dig the Dirlwanger Brigade camouflage face mask. Make Oskar proud!


It is time to knock off this idiotic Jew clown who is stoking needless bloodshed.

jens holm

No its not. People did elect him. There are no indications for anything better. I only see worse by that devastating invasion. So many are killed.

If Putin says they are Russian, he kills his own citicens. Thats hypocrasy or something worse.

Anne-Marie Suckling

Canadian and US Officials have been more than happy to be united with this crowd. Remind me, how did the Canadians handle the Freedom Truckers? What Woke Ideology do they claim to embrace? So why are they hanging out with this crowd?

Western Powers Backing CIA trained N*zi Ukrainian Army Funded by $oro$ – video can be found over on Rumble. Worth viewing.

jens holm

Its was very easy to understand. Some few minorities could demonstrate and show their oppinion. But they denyed the rest their rights by blocking what the parlaments and the Goverment has decided by an old rule.

So You write some few people should block and destroy a country part, where they even was a small minority. Thats far out.


All it is only an excuse to get NATO troops and special forces to the frontlines. Same playbook like with Serbs. Nato special forces and troops were fighting against serbs camouflaged as “FOREIGN VOLUNTEERS”


It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that NATO special forces are fighting in the Ukraine.


In serbia it was behind a shadow of blood that Nato special forces were fighting in Serbia https://www.independent.co.uk/news/war-in-europe-sas-teams-fighting-behind-serb-lines-1093993.html

jens holm

Everything there are well described in all details by many dfferent sources.

After that the Serbs did their own still using their own rights and patents non in the whole Youghurtslavia wish or want for for at all.

If they really want to show any integration the only option is to become muslims in Sarajevo. Some amputation below might make them less macho.

You should give it a try and afterwards show it every day.

jens holm

NEVER: USA as well as UK has restructured the Ukrainian military forces. Those were outdated with old weapons and the were directed to go only west and their nukes were given to russia.

And we see the results right now in their defence. They are highly motivated and seemes well educated too. They have public support. Civilians are digging trenches and fox holes.

This is not Russia anymore if it ever was. It was lost in about 1923 by Denikin for very good reasons.

jens holm

You have lost Your memorycard about Serbia as well.


FLASH! THIS JUST IN: The funny boy Ukro-Nazi comedian/actor has just announced that His Ukies have just received the first shipment of NATO/EU “Wunderwaffen” and a brigade of super-duper-super Special Menu Force fighters from Erika Prince’s Blackwater volunteers company. More updates after tonight’s prayer session. (Now back to our regular programming and our next story: “Is your pet psychic?”)



jens holm

Facts are the do recieve a lot of RPGs and other stuff.

Some 97% in Ukraine are not nazis. They are not even in their Parlament.

Yesterday they got 2.500 light RPGs from here, they got about 2000 wests, they got a smaller military hospital. They also got a lot of first aid.

They also get a lot for the civile sectore mainly from the NGOs but also Our Goverment. Ukrianian flags are in Denmark all over the next 14 days.

We have luck down for everything russian here. We also luck down all Danish activity in russia.

So we do what we can but outside Minsk 2. In Minsk 2 its was no agreement to invade Ukraine. Some one else has killing people there and more and more random.

UN has confirmed that. Only Belarus, Syria, Assad, Cuba and North Korea supportet that invasion.

One more radiochannel has has been closed in Russia.

jens holm

Those are relatives to the ones, which was expelled from there in the late days of WW2, when Stalin moved Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Ukraine. Moldova, Hungary and Tjekkislovakia west. They also for some bad reasons now has taken Kaliningrad and made it into some bad looking suburb.


Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine will not have POW status — Russian military Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov warned that all foreign mercenaries, detained in Ukraine, would be brought to justice on criminal charges

jens holm

They dont care half a Turkish tourist camel about what some random foreigner says.

His name is not Igor Konashenkov but STOP IT.

jens holm

Ekho Moskvy is lucked down too.




The ‘International Brigades’ in Spain in the 1930’s peaked at around 40,000, with 30,000 doing the fighting against Franco’s forces when they weren’t fighting each other, and 15,000 were killed, or half the combat strength. And they didn’t achieve much. So I hardly think 16,000 muppet war tourists are going to do much besides a lot getting themselves killed.

Emaunel Macaroni

Perhaps Russian military are trolling Zelensky personally…with their white Z markers on all vehicles…coming to get you Z! ; )


Hate to break it to this clown —- typically, it’s the LOSING party that pays ‘reparations’.

Newsflash, Bandarist — Russia ain’t losing.

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