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Zelensky Plays Ethnic Card In Attempt To Get Support From Radicals, Fuel Tensions In Crimea


Zelensky Plays Ethnic Card In Attempt To Get Support From Radicals, Fuel Tensions In Crimea

Members of Ukraine’s Noman Chelebidzhihan Battalion

On May 18, Ukraine’s president-elect Volodymyr Zelensky made a statement on Facebook regarding the 75th anniversary of the deportation of Crimean Tatars. He claimed that he would free the “motherland of Crimean Tatars from the occupation”.

“Today is the 75th anniversary of the deportation of Crimean Tatars. This day reminds us that it is possible to destroy people, but the spirit of an entire people – never. The Crimean Tatars have returned to their historic homeland. And now they are again victims of repression – like those who remained loyal to Ukraine in the occupied Crimea,” wrote Zelensky on his Facebook page. “Our support, our efforts, our thoughts are with them every day. I believe that we will liberate the homeland of the Crimean Tatars from occupation. And no matter how long the path on returning Crimea is, we will go through it with the Crimean Tatars. We will do it together. Don’t forget that even the darkest night ends with the dawn.”

Сьогодні 75-та річниця початку депортації кримських татар. Цей день нагадує нам, що можна знищити людей, але дух цілого…

Posted by Володимир Зеленський on Saturday, May 18, 2019

This statement shows that Zelensky is going to follow the patch of the previous Ukrainian political leadership, which has flirted with Crimean Tatar radicals and attempted (without success) to destabilize the situation in Crimea using the ‘ethnic factor’.

The deportation of Crimean Tatars from the peninsula happened in 1944 after the liberation of Crimea from the Nazis. During the Nazi occupation, at least 72,000 were killed and 85,447 people were driven off into captivity to Nazi Germany. Around 44,000 people died in the concentration camps established in Crimea.

Zelensky Plays Ethnic Card In Attempt To Get Support From Radicals, Fuel Tensions In Crimea

A memorial to the victims of the Nazi occupation in “Krasnoe”

The government of Joseph Stalin justified the deportation by mass collaboration of the Crimean Tatars with Nazi Germany and their participation in mass murders of non-Crimean Tatar population. The concentration camp created on the territory of the farm “Krasny” near the city of Simferopol became the most prominent and bloody facility of this kind. According to Crimean historians, around 15,000 people were gruesomely murdered there.

The “Krasny” concentration camp was secured by the Schutzmannschaft Battalion 152 (152. Batalion Schutzmannschaft / Schutzmannschafts-F-Bataillon 152 / Tatarische). It included 4 German officers and 8 sub–officers. The rest of the personnel was Crimean Tatars (around 90%) and people born in western Ukraine (about 10%). Personnel of the battalion were directly involved in tortures and mass-killings of civilians. Besides involvement in the activities of the “Krasny” concentration camp, the Schutzmannschaft Battalion 152 was involved in operations against anti-Nazi partisans.  After the withdrawal from Crimea, the Schutzmannschaft Battalion 152 became a part of Tataren-Gebirgsjäger-Regiment der SS. Nazi Germany formed a total of 5 battalions consisting of mostly Crimean Tatars in Crimea. All of them were involved in crimes of the Nazi regime.

Zelensky Plays Ethnic Card In Attempt To Get Support From Radicals, Fuel Tensions In Crimea

Click to see the full-size image

These facts cannot serve as a justification of the criminal deportation of the entire Crimean Tatar population from Crimea. However, these are confirmed historical facts that allow to get a closer view at the situation and understand the motivation beside the decision of the Stalin government.

On the other hand, a part of the Crimean Tatar population participated in the anti-Nazi partisan movement in Crimea. Crimean Tatars also served with the Red Army. Some Crimean Tatars get the title Hero of the Soviet Union (for example, Amet-khan Sultan and Abdraim Reshidov).

After the events of 2014, when the Republic of Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine and joined Russia, representatives of Crimean Tatar radical groups (for example the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People and affiliated persons) repeatedly called for terrorist actions in Crimea and ethnic cleansing of the Russian majority in the peninsula.

Zelensky Plays Ethnic Card In Attempt To Get Support From Radicals, Fuel Tensions In Crimea

Crimea plunged into weeks of darkness in 2015 after electricity pylons were blown up at the contact line with Ukraine. The attack was carried out by Crimean Tatar radicals from so-called “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People”.

Structures and organizations of the Crimean Tatars cooperate with radical Islamists. For example, there have been reports that Crimean Tatar radicals have contacts with ISIS.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, designated a terrorist group in Russia, had a notable presence in Crimea until 2014. Currently, the group is restoring its influence and strength in Ukraine as well as in Russia’s Crimea. In Crimea, the main areas of Hizb ut-Tahrir presence is Simferopol, Sudak, Evpatoria, Bahchisaray.

At this stage, the organization is mainly focusing on expansion of its influence network and infiltration (mostly via local Crimean Tatar members) into the governing structures and the law enforcement system. Current actions of Hizb ut-Tahrir are focused at the local level, in villages and districts across Crimea. The group works to take control of local financial flows (from government contracts, for example in the construction industry to tourist industry). Thus, the group seeks to get needed resources to wage a future civil conflict.

The Hizb ut-Tahrir expansion in Crimea is tactically backed up by Western sponsors. On March 27, 2019, Russia’s Federal Security Service detained 20 members of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Crimea.

Zelensky Plays Ethnic Card In Attempt To Get Support From Radicals, Fuel Tensions In Crimea

A Hizb ut-Tahrir rally. Simferopol, Crimea. 2013

Several hours later, several pro-Western projects linked to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Idel.Realii and Kavkaz.Realii started providing media support to the detained persons. One article included an appeal of the Free Idel-Ural organization to the mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kamil Samigullin. A second one was dedicated to condemnations of the security operation by the EU diplomatic service.

An interesting fact is that the observed narratives have hardly changed since Hitler’s time. For example, the concept used in the so-called “Free Idel-Ural” was originally developed by propagandists of the Third Reich. As to the current situation, Ukrainian “volunteer battalions” formed from Crimean Tatars, such as “Noman Chelebidzhihan Battalion” promote radical Islam and intolerance. Their leadership and members incitement to enmity on ethnic and religious grounds.

Another issue in all the remarks made by Ukrainian top politicians regarding the need to return control of Crimea is that they rarely provide realistic scenarios how Kiev can get a chance to do this. Therefore, it’s interesting to get a look at scenarios, which may lead to the situation when the Republic of Crimea may consider another redomiciliation.

1. It should be noted that the most likely scenario is that that the situation would not change significantly in the next 10 years. Russia would remain a powerful global force and continue controlling Crimea.

Now, let’s review less likely scenarios:

2. Ukraine is becoming an influential and economically powerful state with a standard of living and average income at least 1.5 times higher than in Russia. Ukrainian propaganda and promises buy support from the Crimeans, who hold a new referendum voting to return to Ukraine. This scenario intentionally ignores a possible reaction from the Kremlin. This is a theoretical situation. The chances that it may occur within the next 20 years are close to zero.

The reason is the lack of preconditions for an economic growth in Ukraine. First of all, the Kiev government needs to create or recreate growth drivers. This process is long even with the hard will of the ruling regime and heroic efforts of the entire society. Examples, the USSR of the thirties or fifties, post-war Japan, Germany, and even the phenomenon of “Asian Tigers” of the second half of the 20th show that such a process takes at least 10 years.

3. A large-scale crisis starts to appear/develop in Russia. The entire Russian statehood is in danger. The power is seized by a pro-Western regime, which by 1990s-style steps seeks to turn the country into the Western colony. This scenario may become possible in 5-10 years. In the event of the collapse of the Russian statehood, a series of civil conflicts will likely erupt on Russian territory. It is obvious that Crimea will become the center of one of these conflicts. In this event, units of the Russian Armed Forces deployed in Crimea would likely decide to support the Russian-speaking majority of the peninsula. Ukraine would have no military power to defeat this force and occupy the territory of Crimea. This would lead to a longstanding standoff of a kind, which we can observe in eastern Ukraine. In this situation, the Republic of Crimea would likely declare its independence. The main question would be: What kind of “independence” will Crimea be able to achieve?

Some part of the Crimean Tatars hopes that the usage of force, the radicals and the support from the West and Turkey would allow them to establish an independent Crimean Tatar state on the territory of Crimea. Kosovo 2.0. This scenario includes a WW2-style genocide and ethnic cleansing of non-Crimean Tatar population. Another option is that Crimea could become a multinational republic under the direct protectorate of the United States. In this case, the return of Crimea to Ukraine will not be considered even theoretically. The return of Crimea to Ukraine can be seriously considered only as a part to the wider plan, which includes the need to have a relatively strong deterrent-state on the Western flank of Russia. This can be needed only if Russia remains a strong or a potentially strong state.

One more scenario is that the pro-Western regime would seize power in Russia, but the Russian statehood would not collapse. In this case, Russia, at least at the first stage of this process, would keep its powerful potential. Despite this, the “new Russian leadership” would choose a way of “repentance and contributions”, declare the 2014 referendum in Crimea “not-legitimate” and said that the Republic of Crimea should be re-integrated in Ukraine. This would give Ukraine some chances to return control of Crimea. However, these chances would remain low because in 10-15 years after the reunification of Crimea with Russia it will be almost impossible to do so avoiding a civil conflict. The reasons of this conflict are described above.

[In May, SouthFront is planning to release a critical analysis of the situation in Crimea and around Crimea. This analysis would review conditions, which may contribute to the re-integration of Crimea to Ukraine in this scenario]

4. A hot regional or global conflict between the NATO and Russia. In this scenario, Crimea would be turned into a battlefield between the two blocs. It is not possible to predict the outcome of this scenario.

All the aforementioned scenarios can be combined creating transition variants. 5 years have already passed since the 2014 events in Crimea, which led to its reunification with Russia. After another 10-15 year period, Ukraine would have no tools to change the situation by soft power even theoretically. The only option would be a direct military aggression (as described above) to annex the peninsula.

Taking into account the abovementioned factors, it becomes clear that Zelensky’s remarks regarding the situation in Crimea are not linked with pursuing real Ukrainian interests. Rather, they are a part of political show and an attempt to get some support from religious and nationalist radicals.



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  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    “The concentration camp created on the territory of the farm “Krasny”
    near the city of Simferopol became the most prominent and bloody
    facility of this kind”

    Unlike the Bolshevik Terror, the Stalinist Terror and Gulags, the Cheka and NKVD, amounting to the murder of scores of millions. But… that’s “different.”

    • FlorianGeyer

      Yes, and the Holodomor was largely the responsibility of the Cheka, that was dominated by Jews who had always been at odds with the Christian peasant farmers of Ukraine.

      The Gulag guards were also mostly Jewish. Even some decent Jews were imprisoned in the Gulags. There tended to be waves of different groups who were interned at different times. Whichever group was out of favour at the time really. Prisoners of War, political dissidents, religious groups etc ,plus ordinary criminals. The usual sentence was 10 years, sometimes with a further charge and another 10 years, and after release many were banished from their home towns and forced to life as exiles in areas close to the gulags.

      • Sinbad2

        The guy who founded the Cheka Dzerzhinsky, was Polish. Without Dzerzhinsky Stalin would probably not have come to power.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Jews Without Borders :)

          • AM Hants

            Reminds me of the Brothers Bell, one of them spun the Iraq war, for $500,000 from the US and the other runs Common Purpose, where so many politicians of disrepute are members, including Tony Blair. Brother Tim, then left Bell Pottinger, to set up Sans Frontieres, which has links with those Doctors and Journalists, Without Borders.

            Do believe they come from the AshkeNAZI/Khazarian clans.

      • Harry Smith

        Holodomor is not about Ukraine only. The artificial hunger was created by the Bolsheviks in the all South European region of USSR. And the reason you’ve voiced is right. The main idea of Bolsheviks was to get rid of the Russian peasants which were Orthodox Christians and populated the area. So they used hunger as a weapon of mass killing, like Lenin wrote in 1917.
        After the territory was cleaned, Bolsheviks started to populate it with Ukrainians from the western regions.

        • Jens Holm

          At least someone whoi knows about it. Thank You.

          Florian Geyer assume things correct according to the old Bolsjevic propaganda misguiding Communisme as well.

          He dont know and seemes to be a very slow learner even all is well descriebed from many sources.

        • Ilya

          They were importing industrial machinery from Europe. The UK only accepted grain, not even gold. They went for it because there was an agreement that war was coming for them in ten years. Grain exports from the USSR were banned the next year. In addition, from family that have lived from West to East Ukraine for centuries, not enough mass graves for the high estimates of dead.

          • Jens Holm

            Its out of contest unless You at least use a calender.

            Why should the brittish empire and GB buy things they dont need.

            I also think You kind of Ignore GB by tradtion was a big buyer by Baltikum and even founded Archangelsk.

            Grain exports was not banned, what a stupid version to write that agin not even using a calender. Didnt Hitler for many years as traditionel buyer bought all kinds of food, coal, Iron and Nikel ? Yes mr Hitler did.

            And what was USSR paid with ? “Machinery” from them as well.

          • Harry Smith

            Are you ready sacrifice yourself and your family for industrial machinery?

        • Jens Holm

          I think You should add the WW1 as well as the Civile wars.

          • Harry Smith

            The hunger in 1932-1933 is pure Bolshevik creation. All the grain was confiscated by Bolsheviks, but only loyal to the Soviet power peasants got the food from the commies.

          • Jens Holm

            Yes, it was to make people work harder in the production planes in more hours for the military industrial complex and very selective, as You write.

            Its very strange so many stupidist even from there dont know anything about that period even they now also can confirm it by own opened archives.

          • Harry Smith

            Sorry Jens, but it’s not about “work harder”. I really don’t want to search the quote for you, but in Lenin’s complete works, somewhere in the end of 1916 or beginning of 1917 before February, Lenin directly wrote they have to use hanger as weapon and the top task when they come to the power is to establish the monopoly on bread. They used this strategy in Saint Petersburg first. From 1918 to 1921, if i’m Not mistaking the years. They closed the city and let out and in only with special permissions. So the population in Saint Petersburg decreased from 2 mln to 900 thousands because of hunger and red terror in these years.
            There is even a story when one quite famous professor were dying and some people approached Trotsky to ask some food for the professor. And Trotsky answered that when Titus incircled the Jerusalem, Jewish women had to eat their own children, so he would believe that somebody is starving in the city right in the moment when Russian women start to eat their children. Professor dyed.

        • FlorianGeyer

          The 18th and 19th centuries were also times of continuous war in Western Europe. A consequence of was has always been refugee migrations.
          Many Germans also fled thair homeland due to religious persecution. A large number of them fled Eastwards and settled wherever they could. As they were predominantly farmers they sought out suitable land. Many were victims of the Holodomor. Another exodus of Germans settled along the Volga River. They are known as the ‘Volga Germans’.


          • Harry Smith

            Holodomor is pure Ukrainian fiction. The hunger you refer was earlier:
            As for hunger, which Ukrainians propagating as “Holodomor” it was in 1932-1933:

          • FlorianGeyer

            I was unaware of the 1921/2 famine. Thank you.

            They must have been truly terrible tomes to live in.

          • Harry Smith

            You can believe me or not, but it all was predicted by the John of Kronstadt. We were punished because betrayed our Orthodox Czar.
            After 100 year of Jewish ruling we had a short period to confess our betrayer, but according to the last survey of Levada, 70% of Russia citizens see Stalin as positive person. So, like it was predicted before, Russian people did not confessed the sin and we are at the eve of the disaster. But everything is in hands of the God.
            If you are interested in prophecies about the Revolution, you can read this:

          • Jens Holm

            It was very mixted and started 1000 years ago.

            The Volga germans was no exodus but meant as a help to farm better in Russia.

            There are many reasons for germans moving east and to the Balkans and fx Denmark as well. A timeline for reasons already is made.

            You also have to see that germans as Jews was supposed to do in Palestine by technology made a lot of jobs and often wealth for the locals as well as connected the world by all kind of transportation in import and export.

            Jews could not do that without being helped, because the populations in those countries systematicly was kept stupid by upperclass and religion.

      • Jens Holm

        Yeeerhh, jews did it, and You were sitting on Your dirty hands in Your behinds hardly able to drink tea.

        • JustPassingThrough

          “You were sitting on Your dirty hands in Your behinds hardly able to drink tea.”
          good description of western europe during the konzet boom in the early ’40s wouldn’t you say?

          • Jens Holm

            Most worked hard to avoid war. Thats not passive.

            Danes work hard to keep people out from jailby treating them nice. Actually we have very low crimerates.

            But of course its easier to count criminals injails as well as make them come again having no jobs and edeucation paying for them the rest of their miserable lives.

            To me the face has to sides in that.

          • JustPassingThrough

            “Most worked hard to avoid war. Thats not passive.”
            If you are talking about the Danes during WWII, i agree.

            It would be nice if the Danes could adopt the same non-passive attitude to their slaughter for profit of millions of fur-bearing animals each year.

          • Jens Holm

            Denmark as well as Norway and Sweden actually avoided WW1 by being neutral making agreements about it with Britts and Germans.

            Denmark also worked hard for peace in our time as the biggest powers in the world such as Great Brittain and USA.

            By that our defence was very small.

            We also just had seen what happend for Poland within a couple of weeks before they arrived.

            Our fur animals probatly are more healthy and has a better life then You, and much better then any of the 10 million refugees and internal displaces for Syria.

            I am sure Rohingas any time would like vacations now and then in our fur farms. Better food, fresh water, good health care with vaccinations as well as vitamines, fresh air, well protected against their neighbors.

            They also die fast not even knowing it until the last second and no torture as well as rape and fire.

          • JustPassingThrough

            “Our fur animals probatly are more healthy and has a better life then You”

            this is really funny. you murder creatures for your own comfort and then tell me they live better than i do. that’s really over the top.

            the only reason they eat well and are kept healthy is so the pelts are worth more on the market. in fact, when interviewed an employee of an upbeat fur store praised the danes for the quality of the pelts. you should be proud to hear that.

            sorry jens your defence is very sick. you don’t need to defend the danes fur farms any more. you are just making a bigger fool out of yourself.

      • TomWonacott

        “……..Yes, and the Holodomor was largely the responsibility of the Cheka, that was dominated by Jews who had always been at odds with the Christian peasant farmers of Ukraine……”

        The Holodomor – a genocide against ethnic Ukrainian peasants – was totally the responsibility of Stalin. Period.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Ultimate responsibility perhaps ,BUT the majority of his closest ministers were jews and the Cheka was dominated by jews.

          • Harry Smith

            When you see the “ethnic Ukrainians” and “Holodomor”, it’s better not to argue with that person because of his brain had been washed hardly. The real responsibility of the hunger in Ukraine in 1932-1933 is on Khrushchev, because he was the party boss in Ukraine in that times. And when he came to the power, after Stalin’s death, his first order to his acolytes was to erase his name in the documents, from party secret archive, which were related with the hunger.

            Too bad you don’t understand Russian. There are a very good doc series about 20th century in Russia. And, the most spicy moment, you can find the uncensored version only on torrents. The communist party of Russia demanded censorship over the series.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Thank you.

          • TomWonacott

            Please. Stop with the BS.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Perhaps you should stop learning your history from Hollywood.


            “In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin. ”

            “And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.”

          • TomWonacott

            Yes, and the Holodomor was largely the responsibility of the Cheka, that was dominated by Jews who had always been at odds with the Christian peasant farmers of Ukraine

            I’ll take Sever Plocker at his word for the moment without delving into his statistics. You’re attempting to make this into a Jewish conspiracy theory. According to the Tablet (“WHY DID RUSSIAN JEWS SUPPORT THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION?”; Michael Stanislawski):

            And the vast Jewish masses, whether previously supporters of the Zionists or the Bund, the Agudah or the Kadets, had no hesitation in making a simple, life-defining decision: the White Army and its allies attacked, murdered, and destroyed Jewish lives and homes; the Red Army attacked the pogromshchiki, made anti-Semitism a crime against the state, outlawed pogroms, and even prosecuted anti-Semitism in its ranks

            According to Wikipedia:

            Some 150,000 Jews were killed in the pogroms of 1918–1922, 125,000 of them in Ukraine, 25,000 in Belarus.[14] The pogroms were mostly perpetrated by anti-communist forces……..Following the civil war……..The Soviet government outlawed all expressions of anti-Semitism, with the public use of the ethnic slur жид (“Yid”) being punished by up to one year of imprisonment,[18] and tried to modernize the Jewish community by establishing 1,100 Yiddish-language schools, 40 Yiddish-language daily newspapers and by settling Jews on farms in Ukraine and Crimea

            It was the treatment of Jews principally in Eastern Europe which motivated the Zionist movement. Jewish Bolsheviks who carrried out the policies of Stalin were certainly no better than the non Jewish leaders of the Bolsheviks, but this has nothing to do with an anti-Christian Jewish conspiracy theory which is what you want to make it.

          • FlorianGeyer

            “It was the treatment of Jews principally in Eastern Europe which motivated the Zionist movement.”

            Jews have been expelled from parts of Europe and elsewhere for circa two millennia. It is not to say that all jews have traits that cause derision, but the smoking gun suggests that they have generally been welcomed as one would welcome a plague of locusts.


            “1290 — – (expelled by )- – – – – – – – – – – – – – England” for about 220 years.

            Partly it was due to the concept of the Wandering Jew who spread diseases that were endemic in Europe until after WW2. Typhus being one of them.

            Also it is true to say that very few people have ever had affection for money lenders , just as few, even today, have any affection for banks. Jews have always been very successful in the trade of usury.

    • Sinbad2

      When the US froze to death over 100,000 German prisoners, was that different?
      When the US nuked Hiroshima, a city with no military presence, was that different?
      When the US firebombed Tokyo, was that different?
      When the US installed Pol Pot and encouraged him to kill millions was that different?
      When the US installed Suharto and got him to kill 1 million Indonesians was that different?

      There have been many appalling atrocities committed by fanatical regimes, but the USA should be the last country to play holier than thou.

      • Jens Holm

        I dont think he try to write better or worse. Its much more he try to tell, what actually happend and has been denied and blured.

        Blaming only USA for Suharty is very biased. But its true parts of those terriblke kilings of non muslims could be more in the open as well as better descriebed.

        Even I dont know all details, I always add, what Sukarno and other did wrong which made the try for a Communist Coup there as well as taking to much terrain and name it as Indonesia.

        • HardHawk

          a 2 second thinking span as you are pretending It can think make me laugh. Have you ever consider becoming a comedian that people laugh at him rather than his jokes?

        • JustPassingThrough

          Come on dude, cut the BS.
          Your credibility is in the minus numbers and getting worse by the post.

          “Blaming only USA for Suharty is very biased.”
          search on: suharto and the cia

      • JustPassingThrough

        and of course there is the ethnic cleansing the u.s. practiced within its own borders genociding the indigenous peoples… until this day.

        • Jens Holm

          They still are 327 millions.

          • HardHawk

            a single digit IQ comes to mind when I read what you wrote but then comparing you to single digits it be an insult to them as you way lower.

          • JustPassingThrough

            one of these days, maybe, you will get your head out of your a**.
            but i wouldn’t bet on it.

      • Anrma

        Americans ‘resettled’ /imprisoned the entire japanese population, women, children, literally everyone, sent them to concentration camps in middle of nowhere, immediately after Pearl Harbor. They did not collaborated with the enemy (like Tatars), they were simply suspicious – because they were Japanese (american citizens of japanese origin).

    • Sinbad2

      One more point, about the veracity of the claims about Soviet atrocities.
      The US claimed that German soldiers bayoneted babies during WWI, but we no longer hear those claims now that Germany is on our side.

      • Jens Holm

        Thats not the reason.

        You see the same for the countries in ME creating enemy pictures of the worst kind and done, so Syria, Iraq, Israel, Saudi arabia hardly lives on the same continent.

        We see the the for shiits against Sunnis and of course Kurds as well as jews.

        I dont like a lot You write Yourself even You sometimes is very sober, but I have many books from WW1 and one has propaganda and jokes as well.

        One is, if the enemies attack Your frontzone hard, You should make a small hole in it, when the enemies come through, You can take them one by one.

        An Austrian man wanted to fight for Austria as a volunteer and mailed a letter to the army, but he hardly became a soldier, because the letter came back, because the stamp was to small.

    • Tudor Miron

      If you base your “scores of millions” on writings of Soljenitsin and likes than you might be interested to learn about actual history and it may surprise you. Actual history = archives, documents.

  • AM Hants

    Didn’t Stalin throw them out, owing to their support for Adolf? What did Krushchev, the Ukrainian leader of the Soviet Bolshevik Communist Party, do for the Tatars, when he took Crimea from Russia and handed it to Ukraine? What did Ukraine do for the Tatars, following the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991.

    The first thing Russia did, in 2014, when the people of Crimea voted to return home to Russia, was rehabiltate the Tatars. Recognising three languages for Ukraine, Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar. They also allowed them to run for Government and also to purchase their own homes.

    Now remind me, what did Ukraine ever do for the Tatars and why would they believe things would be any different now?

    • FlorianGeyer

      It appears that we are again seeing another disgusting play with Identity Politics by another disgusting Jew.

      • AM Hants

        Think Russia played it brilliantly, getting the Tatars on board, before the EU had the time to hold an emergency meeting into Crimea. Referendum sorted, Tatars on board and the standard of living went up, all within a month haha.

        • Toronto Tonto

          The place is a dump are we talking about CRIMEA ?

          • AM Hants


            Perhaps when it was under the control of Ukraine, who refused to invest in it. Funnily enough, the UK have just released their classified papers, from 1994 and they state that if Ukraine does not invest in Crimea, they will lose it to Russia. Do believe it is in the Prime Ministers papers, from 1994.

            There is a beautiful museum there, Turkish I believe, and they actually honour every single person, friend or foe, who died in Crimea, fighting to try to take control or defend the Island.

            Crimea For Dummies (RT Documentary)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xURFKxliGh8&t=64s

            Crimea Travel Guide… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf3Xn0qkvoQ

      • Jens Holm

        Yeerrh, Jews did it again. In Your world You are the heroes never doing anything wrong at all. Very good excuse. Even eggs can be boiled in 1/2 minute, if Jews wasnt here :)

        • Sinbad2

          The problem is Jews bring hatred upon their religion themselves.
          No other tribe or religion has been hated by so many other tribes for so long.
          As Henry Kissinger once said “any people who have been persecuted for 2000 years must be doing something wrong.”

          • Jens Holm

            I know that. You see the biggest problems in totalitarien systems, where the Governess makes no middle class.

            Its the well educated middle class, which makes the progress.

            Thats goes for Zars, Communists as well several 100 million muslims.

            So by that jews has been very needed and of course the poor ans kept stupids by themselves insisting in it, blame them for working hard making results and even getting paid for it.

            In the other hand, the Leaders always can blame the Jews for anything, if thing becomes bad, which is a very good trick to stay in power making a harder Governess making themselves rich or succesfull psykopats.

            Thats the point. Its not religion as such. Its about lack on middle class and education. We have plus for the few jews we have here and reward well educated people whatever religion or etnicity the have.

            They create jobs and advanced ones for morons like Yours. By that You get a higher income and are not unimployed. You also pay tax and get a lot back such as schools, education, roads and pension to the ones, which cant work.

            And we tax the high incomes very hard whatever the income is made by Jews or others.

            But of course You hardly know the main part of Our taxsystems, it dont exist in Russia as well as in Muhammed Economics, as well as the importance spreading out wellfare for billions from that as well.

            You only know the low tax added corruption, where You get nothing back.

            You support passive Sunni only just as the stupidisme in the Cremlin Communisme, but we make the cake to share bigger and better.

            I see the same crap about it here too often written as “China will take over and win against USA”. Thats the autopilot of Yours not seeing my country and many others.

            You dont see the Chinese are making the cake bigger and better and by that dont take much from the rest. Of course many of the Chinese deserve a much life like ours, then they have now.

            And what do they do. They make better schools, better educations, they reward talent and pay pr hour. And they have no intension going back to the good old days of Budisme, Shintoisme, HInduisme, Christianisme, Islam etc.

            No they have made it to a science copying and even steeling the good parts of our systems. Here and there they even seemes better then us because of invension and space for it.

          • AM Hants

            Interesting quote by Kissinger. Isn’t he a AshkeNAZI Khazarian?

    • Jens Holm

      Very much of that is totally upside down. You should start using a calender.

      Krimea was a part of a very big trade include new states in Baltikum and Missiles with atomic bombs.

      Krustjef in the same way gave Ukraine more land filled with Russians, which never has been Ukrainians, because later on Putin and Russia could come and declare protection of Russian minorities.

      I seveal times has proposed the people living there should vote about their contry relations. After WW1 POland as well as Denmark did that.

      But no way. Both Leaderships seemes prefare dayly dead ones and warfare. I see it as if Ukraine gave 2 maybee 3 counties back to Russia, the Russians had no reasons for being agressive aganst the Ukrainiens.

      By that Nato as well as EU would be there less and make the Russians still unhappy but also more realistic. Many here seemes to forget Russia has the same kind of big problems cleaning themselves increasing their production and wellfare as Ukraine.

      Seveal other regained countries still are infected in exact same way.

      • AM Hants

        How much does Poland contribute to the EU?
        How much do they receive back from the creditor nations, which I believe includes Denmark, but, only just?

        Denmark National Debt: $125,474, 217,108

        Interest per Year $ 2,925,140,793
        Interest per Second $ 93
        Debt per Citizen $ 21,806
        Debt as % of GDP 36.66%
        GDP $ 342,262,804,377
        Population 5,754,271

        Poland National Debt: $286,464,186,248

        Interest per Year $ 13,482,079,001
        Interest per Second $ 428
        Debt per Citizen $ 7,518
        Debt as % of GDP 56.33%
        GDP $ 508,541,701,005
        Population 38,104,595

        Compare both nations to Russia, including GDP Debt and I do not believe Russia needs to take any lessons, from either nation, let alone Ukraine.

        Russia National Debt: $200,004,152,276

        Interest per Year 803,599,364,621 ₽
        Interest per Second 25,482 ₽
        Debt per Citizen 87,706 ₽
        Debt as % of GDP 19.99%
        GDP 63,152,421,038,985 ₽
        Population 143,964,638

        Ukraine, is not even mentioned, over on the world debt clock.

        • Jens Holm

          You dont get it. Poland is an investment. Maybe You are from a country where cows given no food give milk and cheese.

          • AM Hants

            Poland is an investment????????????

            What for? WWIII

            They always seem to whinge, whine and moan and expect somebody to come and rescue them, especially just prior to a World War.

            Funny, they were given their independence, back in 1919 and then managed to lose it in 1939. When did WWI end and when did WWII begin?

      • AM Hants

        Part 2

        Start using a calandar????

        Did or did not Krushchev, who was Ukrainian, become leader of the Bolshevik Soviet Communist Party in 1954?
        Did he or did he not, thank the people of Ukraine, for their vote, in making him leader, with taking Crimea from Russia and handing it to Ukraine, back in 1954?
        Was it over a 10 minute lunch time meeting, with 13 of the 27 Senators, the decision was made, but, never recognised by the Russian side, owing to ignoring the legal factors? It did not matter, whilst the Soviet Union was made up of 15 member states, but, became a problem once the Soviet Union fell in 1991.

        Did the Tsars not give plenty of Russian territory to Ukraine, between 1654 and 1917?

        Did or did not, Lenin take Novorussia from Russia and hand it over to Ukraine, between 1917-1923, when he led the Bolsheviks, who overthrew the Russian Empire?

        Did or did not Stalin, when he took over from Lenin, in 1923 give Lyev, which was part of Galicia, to Ukraine?

        When the Soviet Union fell, weren’t Russia paying $billions to Ukraine to lease Sevastopol? Wasn’t the contract renewed and signed, allowing Russia to lease the military base, her only warm water base till 2034?

        Who paid the debt of the Soviet Union, which was $45 billion, including from the times the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire? Russia, with no help from the other 14 member states.

        Ukraine, stored the ICBMs of the Soviet Union, but, never funded them. Russia, retained the codes and control of the carriers. So the ICBMs were pretty uneffective, where Ukraine was concerned, if she believed she could use them post 1991. She did seriously well, financially, when the nuclear treaties were taking place, back in 1994, receiving financial compensation, for the weapons she stored, on behalf of others.


        Ukraine ratified her borders with the European side. However, they have not ratified their borders with Russia. That is because, they were only recognised, whilst Ukraine and Russia were part of the CIS. Porkie, tore up the 1997 Russia Ukraine Neighbourhood Agreement, which is the only document, which shows agreement of the borders, whilst part of the CIS. Owing to the borders never being ratified, since the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991.

        Russia, I do believe you are confusing the Yeltsin Era, with the Era of President Putin and President Medvedev. Remember, Russia, has strengthened, since the US forced sanctions on her, back in 2014.

        President Putin took over a bankrupt nation, back in 2000 and now look at where they are today.

        Nuclear triad nation, with active service hypersonics. Something, which NATO member states, including the US, have yet to acquire.
        Disloyal oligarchs thrown out.
        Control of their vast wealth of natural resources.
        Paid off the $45 billion Soviet Union debt and $16.5 billion Russian Federation Debt, leaving them with minimal debt.
        Took back control of their natural resources.
        Free healthcare for the people
        Diet free of GM toxins, and no problem with exporting GM free agricultural products, internationally.
        Free education, to university level, for the people.
        Healthy currency reserves, together with gold reserves.
        Minimal debt.
        Simple 13% flatrate tax system, for all, including oligarchs. No tax avoidance schemes.

        Russia has the world’s most powerful military, run on a fraction of the cost of the US. Russia Defence Budget $47 billion and decreasing, US Defence Budget $717 billion and increasing. Funnily enough, Russia spends around the same on Defence as the UK, but, the nuclear triad nation, also has active service hypersonics, which no NATO Member Nation can offer.

        Military Assets, NATO Member States

        EU Member States Contributions

        • AM Hants
        • Jens Holm

          It seemes You have notbeen reding what I wrote.

          • AM Hants

            Lost in translation,

            What did I understand?

            ‘…Very much of that is totally upside down. You should start using a calender…

            …I seveal times has proposed the people living there should vote about their contry relations. After WW1 POland as well as Denmark did that…

            …But no way. Both Leaderships seemes prefare dayly dead ones and warfare. I see it as if Ukraine gave 2 maybee 3 counties back to Russia, the Russians had no reasons for being agressive aganst the Ukrainiens…

    • Toronto Tonto

      Russia kicked the Tartars out and jailed them you fukkin liar .

      • Gary Sellars

        Fuck off retard

      • AM Hants

        Darling, what year?

        Remember, the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire, back in 1917. Lenin led the Bolsheviks.

        Then along came the Georgian Stalin. He, who launched the Soviet Union, back in 1924. The Union which was made up of 15 countries. I do believe the Georgian Stalin, was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1924 -1953. Replaced, after his death by Makenkov, who came from the OrenburgOblast, on the boundary of Europe and Asia. Orenburg is also very close to the border with Kazakhstan. He was followed by the Ukrainian Krushchev, who when he was leader of the Bolshevik Communist Party, took Crimea from Russia, back in 1954. To thank the Ukrainians for voting for him.

        Now, please remind me when the Tatars were thrown out of Russia and by who? Were they thrown out of Russia, prior to 1917? Were they thrown out of the Russian Federation, post 1991? Or were they thrown out of the Soviet Union? Which consisted of 15 member states, who were given their independence in 1991, when the Soviet Union fell.

        ‘…Crimean Tatars or, according to the other sources, 423,100 of them (89,2 % were women, children and elderly people) in 18-20 May 1944; one of the crimes of the Soviet totalitarian regime. It was carried out by Lavrentiy Beria, head of the Soviet state security and secret police, acting on behalf of Joseph Stalin…’

        Now what did Adolf do to those who he felt betrayed them? Did they live to tell the tale?

      • AM Hants

        How is Ukraine treating the Tatars, to this day?

        Game Of Maidan: A Snake Pit Prepared For Zelensky
        Poroshenko postponed Zelensky inaugural to pass a law to set the country on fire.

        ‘…However, as a member of parliament, Mikhail Papiev, noted, this law amounts to banishing Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Crimean Tatar (while Kiev screams about discrimination of Tatars on the part of Moscow, while currently on the peninsula, they can receive education in their mother tongue unlike those who live in Ukraine!) and other languages of national minorities. This violates the European Convention for Regional Languages and Languages of the minorities, not to mention the conclusions of the Venice Commission that had asked Kiev not to vote or sign this law as it stands, and to do a deep review of the draft.The hypocrisy of the Ukrainian authorities and the dangers of this law were underlined by Arthur Martovitski, Opposition Bloc MP…’


      • Mike

        Again fuck off ukie canuck faget.

  • klove and light

    Evil satanic zionists rolling the dice again….no surprise….dices will Keep on rolling till all zionists jews are destroyed on planet earth…….there will never be Peace unless These Evil satanic beings are wiped out…
    but due to their alliance with the british Crown, and the Evil lies concearning the fabricated bs Story of the Holocaust, their power in the financial world and in organized crime, and in media….. this aint gonna happen…..Folks on our planet are uneducated(on Purpose), degenerately stupid which Comes from the Zero education and hence watch enless brainwashing worthless Sitcoms and movies(made from These Evil beings) , take loads and loads of drugs that are advertized in their Sitcoms and movies……

  • AM Hants

    Al Jazeera pulls video that links Zionism with Nazism & calls Israel ‘biggest winner’ of Holocaust… https://www.rt.com/news/459735-holocaust-al-jazeera-israel-video/

    Reminds me of Ukraine and the comedian’s sponsors.

    George So ros, who happily brags about being born a Hungarian, of Jewish faith and his pleasure, when he was 14, back in 1944, when 16 year olds were joining the Frontline. When he would watch his friends and peers, board the death trains, then go round to their homes, to loot them of all treasures. When he worked as a Nazi Collaborator. The same George So ros, who funded the Ukraine Colour Revolution, which has left those wearing the swastika emblem, out on the streets, believing they are following Adolf’s footsteps.

    Then you have Igor Kolomoisky, who heavily sponsored the comedian. The same Igor Kolomoisky, who just happened to be Head of the European Jewish Community, in Ukraine and who also funded the Nazi Azov Battalion.

    Who else were behind the Maidan, and born into the Zionist faith? Besides Victoria Nuland?

    Funny, how the Simon Wesonthal Centre, is more than happy to support the Nazis over in Ukraine.

    How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis
    Rep. John Conyers wanted to block U.S. funding to neo-Nazis in Ukraine. But the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center refused to help…. https://portside.org/2014-11-20/how-israel-lobby-protected-ukrainian-neo-nazis

    Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine… https://electronicintifada.net/content/israel-arming-neo-nazis-ukraine/24876

    • Jens Holm

      Hard to see any succes for You as a better alternative. More like You invent quaqmires, which already was invented in the stoneage and long time before that.

      How is Your version about the future apart from Not NUTs pisssssing peanuts. Most Russia today is Datcha Economy. Even pension is reduced to hardly nothing.

      • AM Hants

        Sorry can you translate that?

        I am aware that English is not your first language and respect that you try to communicate, but, I have no idea what you are going on about.

        Pisssssssssing Peanuts????
        Which stoneage quagmires have I presented?

        Who created the Nazi party?
        Who created the Bolsheviks?

        Fabian Society, back in the 19th century, so comes to mind, when they were looking into implementing WWI, WWII and WWIII.

        WW1 – League of Nations
        WWII – United Nations
        WWIII – Full Spectrum Domination/New World Order

        Why are so many AshkeNAZI and Khazarians, so loyal to the ideology of the Nazi Party and so supportive of it?

        AshkeNAZI and Khazarians were over 2000 years ago, Nomadic Turkic Tribes, who taught themselves Hebrew and adopted Christianity, Judaism and Islam. If you remember, Judea was an outpost of the Roman Empire.

        Galipoli War, which led to the Balfour Declaration, which led to the creation of Israel, back in 1948. Around 1910 – 1917, there were so many wars, so many revolutions and so many things that worked with each other, to lay the foundations of World War 1 and the carve up of the planet.

        Remember the Ottoman Empire fell and so did the Austro-Hungarian Empire, following the end of WWI. Then you had the Bolsheviks, who overthrew the Russian Empire, back in 1917, which pulled Russia out of WW1. Look how the three Empires were carved up and who originally came up with the plan?

        Then you had the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, with the same ideology as the Bolsheviks. Didn’t Hitler, whose ancesters have Rothschild DNA, lead the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party in the 20s, based on exactly the same ideology as the Bolshevik Communists, but, using race instead of class. Where does the far right end and the far left begin?

        Who created the Nazi Party and what were the aims of WWII? How was it meant to end, if only the Georgian Stalin, had stayed on course?

  • Ambricourt

    President-elect Zelensky is learning how to strengthen Ukraine’s bonds with Imperial America.

  • Rob

    Zelensky wish you good luck.

    • Sinbad2

      More importantly the US won’t allow Pakistan to have gas and electricity.

      • Jens Holm

        So far its the best excuse for today.

      • Rob

        This is true.

  • Nassim7

    Much more likely “the Ukraine” will break up into its natural components. The Romanians would get a bit. The Hungarians would get a bit. The Poles would get a bigger bit. The Russians would the biggest bit of all. The Galicians would not have access to the sea and will be surrounded by unsympathetic neighbours.

    • Sinbad2

      That’s what would happen in a just world.

      • Jens Holm

        Yes, sometimes. But things do change during time. FX Poland was gone and USSR are not DDR all inclusive.

        I see several countries, which for much better reasons should be divided where parts for good reasons should join other countries as well as have some from others.

        We should wrk harder for the evil ones dont come as big as we sometimes see it. Tempting to analyse “Lord of the Rings”. Why and how became the evil winners that big.

        Another one, which we were reading in Highschool was “General Napoleon”. Obvios the passive ones were the loosers, which I see well for Syria having 10 millions not in their homes as well as fire in Idlib.

    • Jens Holm

      I dont see that at all. Many countries have very different areas inside them and dont split up.

      You take the myth about Galizia need acces to the sea. The world is not like that anymore. Its much more important its close to EU and by that – if they are able to – can connect the poor parts of Poland as well as Galizia to EU.

      Galizians are sourrounded by unsympathetic neighbors because they as Ukrainians remain a zero devellopment zone sendig poor laubor to fx Poland, where Poles send their poor Laubors to us.

      But we see changes for that. Poles improve some and now need their own as well as Ukrianians.

      I take out Bellarussia in that. Most likely they will collapase themselves and maybe join Russia.

      The Roumanians will get nothing as long as Russia dont collapse one more time.

      Thats my private version of it. But itsalso very strange Ukraine remain misguided as it is now and they dont clean it themselves.

      • Bob

        ‘Many countries have very different areas inside them and dont split up.’ (sic)

        Way too funny. Your user account has repeatedly declared that complex multi-ethnic and multi-religious states in middle east should be broken up – ie in particular Syria. So, advocating the active break up Syria along its social and geographic fault lines suits your particular agenda – however, clearly the break up Ukraine along its social and geographic fault lines does not. This is all rather telling.

        • Jens Holm

          Thats right. I have proposed several solutions, which might be better for Syria. But I also go back in history for Syria and have other ways to solve a lot.

          To me Syria is and was the northern part of the old landscape of Syria in the Ottomans added a coastline land(Latakia and Tartu) as well as half of the 2 provinces of Aleppo and Raqqa(Ragga today even are in Iraq as well).

          So actually I would like to go back to how it was. The beast ilustrative maps fort that are from 1856.

          But the reasons REASONS for it is, they are not able or willingly to make a state structure. People there seemes to only think in Emirat seize structure having some good or bad Emir/Dictators. Smaller areas makes the Emir/Dictator structure can see all corners and act in them with governess.

          If needed people can move themselves to other Emirats, where they fit in better. The Emirs still can make practical solutions for all. Thats mainly structures such as motorways, railroads, main airports, Universities, Regional TV news and internet.

          But of course they now also can devellop big differences. If You go to the the SDFs, they wish for an advanced state. A very important visible is much higher tax but also better schools, better education, better local hospitals and much better pension. People living there in one hand gets more independant according to family structure BUT the price is higher tax mainly paid back to own children, if they too becomes ill. And the parents always will get enough for a minimum life. Of course many of the old ones has some money saved by themselves, and its normal procedure their parents help them at least some.

          The other solution is local rule all over by local parlaments as in SDFs and affiliated, which with good results could be used all over Syria and is done fx here in Denmark.

          We put out about half of the power and tax into local parlaments deciding most of the local matters themselves. Those are elected as the ones in Damaskus/Copenhagen but dont have the upper jobs for the state, but the ones they see just in front of them. Because they are locals, we know them, and if they are no good or very bad, we can remove them asking none in the Capitols. We also control incomming money better and find the sinners as well as the whoe country dont go broke if one part is bad.

          If You like war, You can compare it as some having 3 canons for artillery in stead of 1 tank. If You loose one canon, You still have 2 even they are not protected by steel.

          But the magic is in the local Governess. The lawas are made by the parlament in Damaskus and all can be local elected. By that You will get influence by being heard in the locaql parlaments as well as we see its not arabs against the rest or something like that.

          Its very visible in Syria arabs are on all sides in Your conflict. By that You also can get more then one arab party as well as Kurds also are more then one group. In the SDF version it is told that even the smallest groups pr definition has 1 seat in the local parlament.

          So You get local influence dependent on how any You are in % in political-non etnical parties BUT are protected by the Constitution by rights. Some 51% cant do anything to the 49% taking away right from any groups as seen in fx Turey for Kurds or Hafez against Kurds. NO WAY.

          That of course are for all citicens. You all are equal and the sekular laws anytime are under those. REligion and conflicts around that by that is reduced and not only that. FX educating all is a must. You are not allowed to raise girl to remain in kitchen making children. THey decide themselves. The stupid hieraki amog boys and men has to be removed and reduces as well. You never should be allowed to be winners just being big in the mouth or first born. NEVER.

          Respect and honor is for, what You actually do as when most have the faith they come to heaven given a + for good things and minus for bad ones.

          You also should be rewarded in the same way. I have seen woemn here working hard after education rewarded by some flowers only in the family business and men getting at least good used cars for getting less. I have hear muslim boys and men also can change things by smir to the old ones and female only are waiters fro free for them. Its heard from many muslim families never comming back to vist old relatives in fx Turkey.

    • JustPassingThrough

      it’s been done before. :-)

    • Toronto Tonto

      But the problem is Russia itself will be broken into a bunch of rouge states first .

      • Mike

        Go fuck yourself, only thing worse then a Canadian fag, is a dirty worthless Ukrainian Canadian fag.

        • Toronto Tonto

          You forgot the lowest YOU Russian putin azz likker .

          • Arnter

            Just die and suck Banderas rectum in hell ukrobitch

      • Arnter

        Trolling Turd your maidanazi ukraine is already a broken rogue state shitole, dying like your rotten brain…

  • JustPassingThrough

    scenarios 2 through 4 would make barely suitable plots for the next u.s. dept of defence propaganda blockbuster with captain(ess) marvel playing the lead role. Utter BS.

  • HardHawk

    The americans and stooges accusing the Iranian guards that they have lunched missiles against their embassy in Iraq.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Time to bulldoze whats left of Crimea after the Russians ruined it and give it back to Ukraine .
    Russia is a thief and invader .

    • LS

      You live in a petty leftist dictatorship that is on schedule to be divided up between the Muslims and the Chinese. Close your mouth.

    • CassandraSays

      Did you ever look into what Tonto means?

  • IMHO

    Degenerate democracy and the ethnicity card as well. Gotta love American style politics.

  • You can call me Al

    Oh just fuck off.

    • Jens Holm

      How much did You pay?

  • AM Hants

    Seriously enjoying most of the comments on this article. Informative and interesting, minus the ‘pay to post’ disinformation agents.

  • Anrma

    So called Crimean Tatars are not indigenous population of Crimea, they are islamized Mongol conquerors. Their khanate was the most vile, sick abomination in European history. It was not a country – it was a bandit organization based on slavery and terror. Something like ISIS, but lasted for centuries, plundered Europe all the way to Vienna. Pity that Russian didn’t throw them all into the sea. and pity they didn’t send them all to hell in WW2 when they massively supported nazis conquerors. Americans imprisoned the entire japanese population in America for reason whatsoever. People of Ukraine always hated Tatars, but today these maidanazi degenerates and jewish clowns crying for poor little Tartars. But not crying for millions of Slavs and other christians slaughtered, raped, enslaved by Tatars for 400 years. Scum of the Earth.


  • LS

    Gay, unmanly shit from this Zelensky creature. Is he Jewish?

  • AM Hants

    I do like the wise words of Sheikh Imran Hosein

    Justice, Christian Russia and Crimean Tatar Muslims by Sheikh Imran Hosein…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WhCkrnmdUU

    What did the Georgian Stalin, leader of the Bolsheviks, ever do for the Tatars?
    What did Krushchev, the Ukrainian leader of the Bolshevik Communist Party, ever do for the Tatars?
    What did Ukraine do for the Tatars, back in 1991, when the Soviet Union fell?

    What did Russia do for the Tatars, straight away, back in 2014, when the people of Crimea voted to return home to Russia. Even the UK Prime Minsiter’s Paper’s, of 1994, which were recently released, stated, that Ukraine would lose Crimea, owing to their refusal to invest in the economy or have any interest in the people of Crimea.

    Russia, rehabilitated the Tatars, making Tatar, one of three official languages in Crimea. Ironically, Poroshenko, just passed a law, making Ukrainian the only language that can be used in Ukraine, which not only forbids Russian, but, also Tatar, Hungarian or any other language, being used in Ukraine.
    Not only did the Tatars and all people of Ukraine find themselves having a substantial increase in their finances, owing to going home to Russia, and the rise in living standards, they also allowed the Tatars to run for Government, together with purchasing their own homes.

    Now, remind me what did Ukraine do and why does the Comedian believe the Tatars would be stupid enough to wish for the same as the people in Donetsk, courtesy of how they are perceived in Kiev?

    What kick started the Crimean Referendum? Was it not the Korsun Massacre?