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Zelensky Opens The Way For Foreign Troops To Be Permanently And Legally Based In Ukraine

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Zelensky Opens The Way For Foreign Troops To Be Permanently And Legally Based In Ukraine

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NATO and Ukraine aim to influence upcoming Putin-Biden meeting.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Unicameral Parliament) adopted a law that allows foreign forces on its territory to participate in multinational exercises in 2022. The decision was made at a meeting on Tuesday and was supported by 318 parliamentarians (out of the 423 seats that are occupied), far surpassing the required minimum of 226 votes.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked the Rada to approve his decision on allowing foreign forces on Ukrainian territory to participate in military exercises in 2022. In particular, these are for the United Efforts multinational exercises, the Ukrainian-American Rapid Trident exercises, the Ukrainian-British Cossack Mace, the multinational Light Avalanche, the Ukrainian-Polish Silver Saber, the Ukrainian-American Sea Breeze, the Ukrainian-Romanian Riverine, the multinational Maple Arch exercise and the Viking multinational exercise.

According to Ukrainian legislation, the functioning of any military formation is not provided for by law and is therefore prohibited on the country’s territory. Also, the deployment of foreign military bases is not allowed in Ukraine, therefore, foreign troops are only allowed each time into the country by a special law.

The Ukrainian law change comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin held his 17th annual major press conference this week, where he highlighted that it is not Russia building military bases or placing missiles on the US’ border, but rather it is the US with their missiles that are “coming to our home, they’re on the doorstep of our home.” Putin also highlighted that NATO broke their 1990’s promise of not expanding the bloc eastwards towards Russia’s borders.

Even if Ukraine is not a NATO member, Kiev is certainly desperate to be accepted into the NATO Membership Action Plan and loyally enacts Washington’s interests in Eastern Europe. With this, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second CIS Department said that in 2021, seven joint military maneuvers between Kiev and NATO members took place on Ukrainian territory. Nine maneuvers will be carried out in 2022 and the number of military personnel participating in them will almost double compared to 2021 – to 64,000. The number of aircraft and helicopters will more than triple – to 361, and warships almost 4 times – to 256.

“The scale, territorial scope and duration of joint exercises between Ukraine and NATO countries are increasing… All exercises are linked by a single concept and have an anti-Russian orientation,” highlighted the Second CIS Department.

On Thursday, a senior US official felt the need to reiterate that the Biden administration would issue “massive sanctions” on Russia if it were to invaded Ukraine, something that Moscow continually repeats that it has no plans of doing. However, even more provocatively, the official stressed the increase in defensive aid to Kiev and NATO allies in central and Eastern Europe. “We and our allies are prepared to impose severe damage to Russia’s economy, and bring about exactly what it says it does not want: more NATO capabilities, not less, and closer [geographically] to Russia, not further away.”

Effectively, the US announced that it has no plans on scaling back escalations with Russia in Eastern Europe, and rather plans to continue provocations and tensions by promising more pressure on the borders of the Eurasian Giant.

Germany’s Welt newspaper quoted an unnamed senior NATO source as saying that NATO has strengthened its Response Force’s combat readiness because of Russia’s supposed actions.

“Before the Russian military increased near the border with Ukraine, NATO responded with the first concrete military measure and increased readiness for 40,000 rapid response forces,” the source said.

In this way, Putin’s claim that it is NATO encroaching on the borders of Russia and not vice versa is shamelessly not even denied by the Biden administration and NATO, but rather is highlighted with a sense of pride. The increase in combat readiness of NATO rapid response forces and Ukraine welcoming foreign troops on its territory near Russia’s borders is part of the ongoing hybrid war against Moscow.

NATO is attempting to pressure Moscow before the upcoming scheduled Putin-Biden meeting in an attempt to influence the negotiation process between the two leaders. It is also likely that Biden will weaponize this Ukrainian law change to place more US troops right on the border with Russia to continue its campaign of pressure that aims to limit Russian influence and compete for its traditional sphere of influence.


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At this point, Ukraine is begging Russia to wipe it off the map

Lance Ripplinger

Yeah, the idiots in Kiev seem to have a death wish.

Peppe il Sicario

People who wear the kippah are suicidal to begin with.

Liberal guy

The zio slaves are just following their orders


I think the only way to handle this type of situation is by undermining their ability for Ukraine to actually get anything constructive done. Bomb any military infrastructure that is used for bring troops and weapons into the country. Subversively take out any officials that continue to be a tool for the US.

Ivan Freely

The last part is a much better option.

Lone Ranger

Bye bye Kiev chithole.
It wasn’t nice to know you.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Hahahhahahaha no it wasnt LOL


Time is running out. War is coming.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

I think so too, war is coming, hopefully russia will prevail


They are already there, Ukraine is full of NATO mercs, instructors, logistic and intelligence officers… Ukrainians are nothing but slaves in their “own” country.

jens holm

I agree. Its the Russians which really need those upgrades and free elections as well as debates about whats important or not.

And they have no chance if the dont educate themself.

Maybe the next step for their devellopment could be a refugee and emmigrant campo for us. We already use a lot of barbed wire to keep those people out. Even the Russians are leaving and many dies before time.


Why so? Russia is already a democracy, their people are free to go like in every other country and their weapons are fearsome to the US and NATO that countries buying them are sanctioned :-)
I can imagine why the west is so afraid of Russia and why the Ukrainian regime is in panic mode all the time. It is not the Russian army they fear. It is the cutoff from Russian energy resources they fear the most. That would be most devastating to them than every war they can imagine.


Status quo. Maintain lines of actual control. No war.

Ukraine gets to orient westward just like the other former Soviet states of Eastern Europe have done. Why is this the reality? Cheka? Stasi? Iron curtain? Berlin Wall? It’s no surprise.

Get real people, you poisoned the well. Your best course forward is to play your strong suit: export natural resources. Trade with your European neighbors. Enjoy peace and prosperity.

The future is bright if Russia decides to join its European neighbors in trade and commerce. War provides no positive net outcome for anyone.

All you guys rooting for war are delusional. Do you have children or grandchildren or great grandchildren? What’s in it for them?

Let freedom ring. Let commerce grow. Individuals have value. We are not ants or bees. We are human beings, made in the image of God, and we will not be enslaved.


Let me say: JOHN for president. But not shure if the US deepstate will agree with your splendid idea.

Peppe il Sicario

The Divine Curse on humanity is this: If you ever let the demonic kippah wearing slimes take control of your country, then you will be destroyed.

jens holm

They had for many years. We see the results. The closer You are to the real Russia, the more they are in trouble.

Sure, You wont them find their own way and choose whats best for them decided by them. Thata why we makw them some support. You made them. We did not.

As member of EU I and we try to help those collapsed into real improvements in livingstandards. For Denmark we want Our usual partner and sometimes enemies like Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania and more or less Findland back.

Its exact the same for all the other collapses forced into Tzarisme as well as Bolsjevisme.

Peppe il Sicario

The Chosenites not too much behind the scenes anymore are planning to destroy Europe + United States on one side and Russia on the other so they can become the dominant military and financial power in the Western world. This is Zionist ideology 101.

jens holm

That might be true, but I dont think so.

Thew Chinese also make the cake to share bigger. And whatever the Chinese are or not they dont deserve what we have seen by Chairman Mao and others.

China as well as we has every right to be inside each other. Thats what Western Economics are and and also very succelfull. The Chinese will use their version. We will ude Ours. Bot has limitations but we becomes dependent. By that we also are companions and if one economy suffer , most of the rest will suffer to.


You print fiat like never before to keep your failed economy going and that you call successful ? Boy, you clearly are a fool :-) Start a business and do like that, you will be bankrupt in a second.
Look at wirecard? They even had to lie about their revenue to keep going but in the end they drowned in debt like every other doomed to fail company. And there are many more like those out there.

jens holm

Why are You not able to look up, what Zionisme is. Its some of the Jews version of Nationalisme and rights for them only in Palestine.

It has nothing to do with this unless all Chinese are Zionists.

Lone Ranger

Lay off the LSD Jens.
Its bad for you…


He’s just trying to smear south front, paid to be stupid, at it for years.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

I really cant wait and hope to see zelensky blown away if a war breaks out


if the US likes to play, do it, give Zircon Missiles to Syria and rebels in Iraq, turn Syria and Iraq into a death trap for US and NATO troops, give GPS coordinates of all NATO troops in the middle east to American hostil forces in real-time…so that every missile, every drone every grenade can strike them with maximum casualties …..turn the pressure higher for the US in the middle east, this game can be played twice, striking asymmetrically


Since when Maidanterrorists care about legality?

Liberal guy

They r just following their orders

Liberal guy

The zios are fighting a war that has been already lost

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