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Zelensky Has Some Lessons To Learn About ‘Western Promises’ As War With Russia Might Seem Imminent

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Zelensky Has Some Lessons To Learn About 'Western Promises' As War With Russia Might Seem Imminent

Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky on set in Kiev, Ukraine, during filming of “Servant of the People” on Feb. 6. (Efrem Lukatsky/AP)

Although its defence of Ukraine cannot be ruled out, it seems the West is not willing to put his money where its mouth is…

Written by Johanna Ross, journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The conflict in Eastern Ukraine which began with a western-backed nationalist coup back in 2014 has been raging for 7 years now. Tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions of Ukrainians displaced, with Russia rehoming over 400,000 refugees in recent years. There are signs the conflict is coming to a head now however with Ukraine refusing to adhere to its commitments under the Minsk agreements and ramping up its military activity in the region, supported by the US and UK, who have as many as 10,000 training staff in Ukraine, according to Russia.

Russia on the other hand has chosen this moment to demand that the West provide it with security guarantees, having presented a set of demands to the US and its allies on 17th December, which it made public. It’s been debated exactly why Putin decided on this moment to act in this way with some analysts pointing out that the timing is significant. Not only is Russia in a strong position militarily with the development of Zircon and other high-tech weapons (some of which have not been disclosed) but it has the key advantage of being Europe’s key gas supplier, which gives it considerable political leverage.

Having said that, it is highly unlikely, as political scientist Fyodor Lukyanov has pointed out, that Russia in fact expects the US to adhere to any of its demands. Nonetheless, it is a last-ditch attempt at peace by the Russian administration, before Putin puts his plan of action in place, which may involve countering the mounting Ukrainian aggression against ethnic Russian-speakers in the Donbas region early next year. The President is obviously at the end of his tether with the West; all trust has been lost after years of hypocritical and duplicitous conduct from his western ‘partners’.

It’s also time for some home truths and for both Russia and Ukraine to accept some realities. Ukraine’s adopted mother, the US, is now very much in control, and is likely to remain so for some time. And she has done a very effective job at fomenting anti-Russian sentiment in the country by educating a whole generation of youngsters to hate Russia.

Equally, it is time for Ukraine to accept that it has lost a part of its territory, and maybe for good. The Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic are very much in Russia’s sphere of influence and there’s no going back to Kiev control. And Kiev has to accept that Crimea is also firmly Russian territory and any ideas of returning it to Ukraine are a pipe dream, despite what the ‘international community’ may have to say about it.

It’s therefore likely that if Putin’s security demands are not met, there are a range of measures Russia could take, which analyst Patrick Armstrong has laid out here. Obviously the main move would be to secure the LNR and DNR and absorb them into Russia but Putin may also take further defensive measures against Nato such as stationing nuclear weapons in Belarus, which has already been hinted at by President Lukashenko. These actions of course are likely to attract counter measures from the West, although it’s worth noting that western politicians have been sending mixed messages about the extent to which they are prepared to go to war with Russia. Most analysts have interpreted US President Joe Biden’s warning of sanctions on Russia in his last face-to-face with Putin as meaning war is off the table, but it should be noted that Biden was of course only speaking for US actions, not

Nato. Earlier this month US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that Nato had an ‘unwavering commitment…to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, its independence.’ Whether this is purely rhetoric or a genuine expression of support for Ukraine remains to be seen.

UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace’s comments that Britain would be ‘highly unlikely’ to send troops to Ukraine should also be treated with caution. Firstly, the comment doesn’t rule out other military support to Ukraine, which the British army is currently providing at this very moment, and it contradicts what Mr Wallace has said previously about using defence capabilities against Russia if it were to invade Ukraine.

Russia is indeed in a strong position at the moment, and economic sanctions not military intervention are more likely to be implemented in the case of a Russian invasion (as happened after Russia reabsorbed Crimea after a referendum in 2014). But we cannot rule out the possibility that the West would increase its support to Ukraine if required; if not overtly, then covertly. For despite the rhetoric dissuading us that they would get involved, reports from the ground tell otherwise. Russia’s Defence Minister Shoigu said a few days ago that Moscow believes there are more than 120 employees of American PMCs operating in the region, where they are working with Ukrainian special forces. It was reported that containers with “unidentified chemical components” were delivered to the cities of Avdeevka and Krasny Liman recently in Donbass in order to stage provocations. With such ‘assistance’ being given to Ukrainian forces it seems irrelevant whether the country is in Nato or not.

If indeed the West has no intention of fighting Russia on Ukraine’s behalf, then it must ask itself why it has been bolstering the country for the last few years, only to let it down at the last minute. Zelensky’s bolshy rhetoric and increased military provocations on the front line have presented an opponent whose confidence does not match its capability. It is widely accepted that were Russia to launch an operation into Donbas then Ukraine could do little to stop it. It seems Zelensky must learn the hard way when it comes to trusting western ‘promises’; a lesson Putin by now is well-versed in.

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The Objective

Russia’s aggressive imperial policy is what makes anti-Russian sentiments continue to grow around the world. It’s just another case of the aggressor claiming victim. Russia is fighting in many countries 1000s of kilometers away from the Russian border. how does these countries threaten Russia from such a great distance? NATO’s threat is understandable since it deploys really close to Russian borders. The Ukrainian threat is also understandable since it borders Russia directly. But what about CAR, Mali, Libya, Syria? There’s no logical explanation except that Russia has imperialistic designs for these countries. God willing, Russia will face its biggest defeat yet at the hands of Muslims over the coming years. If the entire Western world could not defeat less than 100 thousand Muslim worriors in Afghanistan, what makes the Russian heathens beleive they will do any better in Syria, Libya, Mali, etc? It’s going to be a long war, not the quick victory Putin envisioned back in 2015. Turkey just listed four demands Assad must meet for Turkey to withdraw from Syria. These include:
1) A constitution
2) Elections
3) Disarming Kurds
4) Fair representation in governance
The Russians and Assad aren’t going to meet even one of these requirements because they think a military victory is near. Idlib will be the cause of the end of Assad even if he is backed by Russia and Iran. DICTATORSHIP WILL NOT BE RE-IMPOSED IN SYRIA NO MATTER WHAT RUSSIA DOES.

The end

What a morron. Probably paid one. Lowest form of life on Earth, lesser even than Amoeba. Waste of time explaining why, this goyim is too deep to get out of his blunder.

jens holm

Russia always has wanted to have bases outside the black sea.

Pens Holm

Russia was always allied with Denmark, Brits always raped you. But you love to be raped, you enjoy being on your knees and sucking Biden’s butt you autistic masochist thrall with Stockholm syndrome (or Copenhagen in this case) . Speaking of Copenhagen, here is some fine arts for you to enjoy, pictures of British fleet bombarding Danish civilians, houses, churches…
C.A. Lorentzen – The Most Terrible Night
comment image

Eckersberg, The Church of Our Lady being bombarded
comment image

Copenhagen after the bombardment
comment image

Although I shouldn’t throw pearls before swine, go watch Mickey Mouse LGBTCNN cartoons

Last edited 23 days ago by Pens Holm
Chris Gr

No matter what you and Erdogan are saying but the ragheads will be pounded really hard in the future. Just wait.

The Objective

Okay, we are waiting. you aren’t just up against ragheads this time.

Chris Gr

I am afraid that I am.


please take your medication, you are spitting so many sh*t


The Objective is rather the stupid.


Turkey is meaningless. Erdo is done, so is his third-world county. US is in panic mode for years now. They have not won a single conflict in decades. They are crushed by their debt and no one takes them seriously anymore. Hence all that sanctioning and stealing of resources.
Russia’s military has gotten to mighty for the US. China has cornered them economically. They see the end coming and are clearly running out of ideas. The virus was a nice try but it backfired. China redesigned it to affect other races too. Now the US fears it even more.


The Retard ^…. Erdogan’s eunuch and internet jihadist spewing moronic NATO garbage propaganda about imaginary Russian ‘imperialism” and ‘dictatorship’ in Syria while worshipping Erdogan insanely aggressive imperialism and even more insane dictatorship. Now even ironic, just retarded

The Objective

Erdogan wants to re-establish Muslim glory. The Muslim world yearns for a strong leader to lead them out of the current state of oppression. If this leader comes with some Turkish nationalism, so be it. An Ottoman Caliphate is better than no Caliphate.

The Truth

Oh so “Muslim glory” is not imperialism? It’s not Muslim glory, it’s Turkish glory. Ottomans first conquered other turkish states, then they conquered Mamluks, Arabs, then they waged bloody wars against Persia. They are as much “Muslim glory” as much as France under Bourbon dynasty for example or Austria under Habsburgs was “Christian glory”. Not at all. Turkish imperialism masquerading as jihad or whatever nonsense for indoctrinated fools. They are abusing religion and religious fanaticism for their own expansion. Arabs fought against brutal Turkish occupation, if you are indeed from North Africa and you support Turkey instead of your country, then you are nothing but a traitor of your own people.


Well you really have swallowed the propaganda pill, the most uneducated piece of disinformation and brainwashing I’ve witnessed in a long time. If you’re not on drugs, I recommend that you take a long rest and maybe seek medical assistance.

Peter Jennings

What did western involvement in Ukraine do for Ukraine?

It lost them the Donbass and Crimea. Stupid must be smarting after that one.

Last edited 23 days ago by Peter Jennings
jens holm

Today Ukraine is not Russia.

the oracle

Ukraine is not Israel. a hole

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The only conclusion that can be drawn from what the U.S. is doing with Ukraine is for it to damage German industry as a competitor towards U.S. industry by forcing Brussels/Berlin to reject being a energy hub for Russian supplied product through blanket U.S. imposed sanctions and the subsequent follow-my-leader political herding of the Vassal States of Europe. (VSE)

Last edited 23 days ago by Dick Von Dast'Ard
jens holm

The Western Economics are not like that. Its much more complicated. Making it into “Germany” is highly incorrect too. You have to say EU + Brittain, which are same seize as USA.

USA by this are harming themself too. EU has sanctions agains USA. Many countries and parts of EU countries has + in trade with USA. So when they harm us, they harm themself too.

My hopes from windpower Denmark is, that EU as planned gets lesser and leser dependent og fosills. We as the only ones has pland for it. They are delayed, but that minus gas can make the changes to become faster.

We has to adjust. It should be possible in Our kind of states. We do feel oil is expensive but compensate for it.

the oracle

Yes Zio Economics are like that.

It is the rule of the the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship which has conquered what use to be the West.

jens holm

It started long time before that and the devatsting breakdown was in 1991.

lRussia dont understand we want Ukraine to decide themself, even they are a malfunction. It seemes the writer dont understand those Ukrainiens see thoseterritories as occupied and theirs.

It seemes Putin has to learn the hard way too. Thats the only thing they understand.


We want Ukraine to decide themselves,and who the hell are we? they didn’t get chance to decide there was a agreement signed on the 21st of february 2014 between the Maidan leaders and Yanukovych to set a plan for the future end the violence form a government of National unity with elections later in the year,the day after that deal was signed the fascist led coup took place,some people didn’t want that deal to go through,we know who they are.


Ukraine did decide it. The west just decided after that to overthrow that government and install their own puppets. How did you miss that? Boy, you so off these days again.

CIA bot

Who the fook are “we”? You don’t decide about anything, slimy little yankee thrall. You are nothing. Worthless worm.

But the real question is: If Ukrainians have the right to be independent from Russia, why Russians don’t have the same right to be independent from Ukraine? go ask your yankee masters after you finish sucking their a-holes.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

When the war breaks out i really hope this zelensky clown is the first to get blown away


If he makes one wrong move his own fascists will blow him away.


I’m tired of this narrative how Zelenclownsky&co are naïve or even worse how the West is naïve. The truth is: Maidan-degenerates are nothing but obedient puppets, dogs/b*tches of the evil Angloatlantic empire, and the Empire’s priority right now is to destroy Russia. They expected this to be complete in early 2000s but instead Russia miraculously recovered. Still, Russia is far from being equal. Perhaps with enough time, but they’ll never give Russia enough time. Full scale (undeclared) war against Russia is going on for years now, it will only intensify until Russia falls . Then they’ll focus on China. The rest of the world is already under control, a few small countries are not a problem. Absolute global hegemony and tyranny masquerading as ‘arsenal of democracy’ and ‘champions of human rights’…

So again, Zelensky is irrelevant, just another clown. He is there to obey and serve (and to get rich personally). He doesn’t care how many Ukrainians die, just more human blood to be sacrificed on Satanic Altair of Washington demons. If they order him to kill 1 million Ukrainians himself, he will do it. Million bucks for million lives, great business for him. Same with all other American vassals. They are not naïve. They are sick and incredibly evil just like their masters.

Liberal guy

Perhaps u r overestimating the zios they are far less powerful that what u have said

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