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Zelensky Gets Tough With Defense Minister Over Attempts To Sabotage ‘Indefinite Ceasefire’ In Eastern Ukraine

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have intensified artillery and mortar shelling on settlements and towns of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugans People’s Repubic (LPR) ahead of the announced ‘indefinite ceasefire’ in the region.

The ceasefire was recently agreed by participants (the Kiev government, the DPR, LPR) of the Contact Group on the situation in eastern Ukraine. It’s set to start on July 21.

According to the DPR Defense Forces, during the last week, the UAF violated the ceasefire regime over 110 times damaging 30 infrastructure objects, including 2 infant schools and 9 electrical substations. The UAF uses a variety of weapons, including those banned by the Minks agreements (such weapons were set to be withdrawn from the contact line a long time ago).

There are two explanations of this situation:

  1. An emotional anger of UAF junior and middle command personnel. In this event, UAF forces want to deliver as much damage as they can until the start of the ceasefire. This is possible, but unlikely.
  2. Some powers attempt to undermine a conflict settlement process in eastern Ukraine. Intentional actions of this kind are hardly possible without some kind of involvement (or a connivance) of Ukraine’s Defense Minister.

The collapse of the settlement process pay into the hands of former President Petro Poroshenko, Poroshenko-linked oligarchs, and radicals supporting them. They are highly likely involved in this effort through the existing influence of Poroshenko’s circle on the acting government.

The video below demonstrates a conflict between President Volodymyr Zelensky and Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak on July 19. It shows how irritated Zelensky leavs a car and then pushes (moves) away the defense minister when he attempts to step closer to the President.

The incident happened during the presentation of a new variant of accommodation modules for UAF personnel deployed in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. It likely happened because of the ongoing attempt to sabotage the new ceasefire effort.


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AM Hants

Not doubt he told the Defence Minister, he would be more amiable after the elections. He is desperate to try and show Eastern Ukraine he can be trusted, despite having Kolomoisky and Soros to mentor him. Watch him change his tune, following the elections and the success/failure of his candidates.


Nice one Zelensky… Keep up, go and fight all those dirty bastards. Because if Russia wants to invade, INVADES and makes anything in front carpet.


Took only 12 years to invade the great Chechnya


Crimea was easy, don’t you think!


Yes, because the Ukrainian ranks from Crimea defected to Russia and the soldiers received order to not resist. But that will not happen every time.

Gary Sellars

Ukr soldiers stationed in Crimea refused to take orders from the Neo-Nazis in Kiev.

Once the Banderite filth and their fellow travellers are defeated in the elections, you’ll see how the rank-and-file Ukr trooper doesn’t want this war to continue.

Jon Robinson

There are no neo nazis in Kiev, more Russian lies claiming they are all facists, same crap they have been saying since they invaded and stole the crimea

Gary Sellars


You are funny. Now go away, silly little Ukropi goblin with a fake name…

Crimea is RUSSIAN!!! Now and forever!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL!!!!!!

Jon Robinson

Crimea is Ukrainian, its only in Russian hands becuase they invaded and stole it

Gary Sellars

Be silent Ukro-maggot. Return to the trenches and service your fellow Lvov-homeguard goose-steppers. Big Boris is waiting for his BJ.

Jon Robinson

LOL typical Russian troll, post some pro Kremlin garbage, get called out on it then just resort to insults. Russia illegally annexed the Crimea and it started the uprising in Eastern Ukraine becuase it doesnt like the idea that Ukraine would rather turn to the EU and NATO rather than be controlled by Corrupt Russia

Gary Sellars

Ex-Brit Aussie for what its worth, but you’re too stupid to get it…

How the fuck was Russia “controlling” Ukraine??? By trading with them and giving them discounts on gas?

Crimea is Russian, now and forever. Get used to it loser, cuz it aint EVER gonna change :-)

Jon Robinson

The same way it has Belarus under its control, LOL Crimea is Ukrainian and only under Russian control becuase of military force

Gary Sellars

US is still in Af-Pak after 18 years and are still no closer to winning…..

Russia had the excuse of national collapse and grinding socio-economic chaos in the 90s. Whats is Uh’murikkas excuse???? ;-D

Pave Way IV

It would have been much more entertaining if Zelensky would have suddenly judo-chopped Poltorak in the f’king neck and dropped that dumb lunk like a sack of potatoes. I would have paid good money to see that, and Zelensky is an entertainer, right?

liana sammartino

why doesn’t Zelensky dismiss him?

Gary Sellars

…cuz the Eurotrash and his CIA handlers would.. disapprove… of that.

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