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Zelensky Follows “Poroshenko Formula” In Minsk Negotiations On Conflict In Eastern Ukraine


Zelensky Follows "Poroshenko Formula" In Minsk Negotiations On Conflict In Eastern Ukraine

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A meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group on the Minsk agreement was held on September 17th. It completely fell through, mostly since Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government sabotaged the negotiations like its predecessors.

The meeting was important since it would decide whether Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin would meet. The condition for such a meeting was set by Moscow: sign the “Steinmeier formula” – an algorithm of actions according to which the Donbass is given special status immediately after the local elections.

A photograph of an alleged document containing the Steinmeier formula was released online by Kommersant.

Zelensky Follows "Poroshenko Formula" In Minsk Negotiations On Conflict In Eastern Ukraine

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According to the text, the law on special status “enters into force at 20:00 local time on the day of voting in special elections in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are appointed and held in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and the special law of Ukraine governing special local elections in the above areas. “

Even in the wording, which did not become a document, it is noted that the law on special status will be valid on a temporary basis until the day the OSCE observer mission publishes its final election report. When and if the OSCE recognizes the elections as meeting all standards, the law will begin to operate on an ongoing basis.

However, Kiev had made it clear that it did not agree to the formula. And before the election, Ukraine first demands the control of the border between Russia and People’s Republics. This is known as the “Poroshenko formula” – fundamentally unacceptable for Russia, since it means the voluntary surrender of the “republics.”

As a result, today the signing of the “Steinmeier formula” naturally failed. Consequently, the likelihood of a meeting of the “Norman Four” in the foreseeable future has sharply decreased.

Russian Political Scientist Aleksey Chesnakov, who is an aide to Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov ,announced that the Steinmeier formula was rejected by Ukraine.

This went completely opposite to what the Ukrainian side agreed to on September 2nd, when representatives of Kiev and Moscow met in Berlin. According to him, the Russian side was questioning whether Ukraine even knew how to negotiate.

Chesnakov hints that the decision of Ukraine was agreed in advance with the American side and concerned the nuances of the peacekeeping mission.

“Ukraine can return to the issue of peacekeepers again and again as much as desired. However, it is counterproductive: a) it contradicts the Minsk agreements; b) there is no political decision of the Security Council or the relevant UN resources for this,” Chesnakov said.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Priestayko initially stated that Ukraine agreed on the Steinmeier formula as early as September 2nd, with Leonid Kuchma, a Ukrainian negotiator who denied such consent at a press conference in Minsk.

The Russian Envoy to the Ukraine contact group, Boris Gryzlov, said that Kiev had disrupted the agreement:

“Kiev at the meeting of the contact group refused to sign the Steinmeier formula” and agree on the procedure for securing the special status of Donbass,” he said.

According to Gryzlov, the decision jeopardized the Normandy Four summit, disrupting the implementation of previous agreements, and “Kiev is losing the opportunity to improve the situation in the Donbass that was created after the election of Zelensky and the new Rada.”

On the Ukrainian side, an official statement appeared, following the complete failure of the negotiations.

It generally confirmed what was said by Moscow. Having even made an encouraging remark: “the Ukrainian side has no fundamental objections to the essence of the so-called Steinmeier formula on local elections.”

But Kiev gave six conditions in order to agree to it:

  1. Complete ceasefire in the Donbass;
  2. Ensuring effective monitoring of the OSCE SMM throughout Ukraine – that is in Eastern Ukraine, in the DPR and LPR;
  3. Withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine of armed groups of foreign troops and military equipment;
  4. Withdrawal of forces and assets along the entire line of contact;
  5. Ensuring the work of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, Ukrainian political parties, the media and foreign observers;
  6. The establishment of control over a section of the Ukrainian-Russian border beyond the control of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side also confirmed its readiness for the separation of forces and assets in the area of Zolotoy and Petrovsky. Kiev accused Russia of blocking the determination of a possible date of separation, shifting the blame on Moscow.

This is an important statement, which hints that the withdrawal of troops is likely to fail too.

Ukraine returned to the rhetoric of Petro Poroshenko setting the Russian Federation and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics deliberately unacceptable conditions – “surrender the territory, and only then there will be elections.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Priestayko furthermore said that Ukraine has the option of cancelling its responsibilities under the Minsk agreement. He said that if they do not work, Kiev will insist on the introduction of peacekeepers.

That is unlikely to happen, since the notion of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass is blocked by Russian at the UN, but it also indicates that Ukraine will block Minsk-2.

Under these conditions, further escalation of violence in the Donbass after the failure of the negotiations is not excluded. And these threats have already been announced by the OSCE.

It remains to be seen how France and Germany will react to Zelensky’s turn in the direction of actually refusing to fulfill the political part of the Minsk agreements.




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  • AM Hants

    Steinmeier, who was one of the witnesses, for the EU, on the day that Yanukovich stepped down and signed an agreement, that he would bring forward the elections, due later in the year, revert to the old 2004 Constitution and all he wanted, was a peaceful transition. In return, the agreement was witnessed, Yanukovich left the building and then Russia saved him and his family from an assassination attempt.

    Move forward, Porkie is elected, following the violent coup d’etat and states it would only take him a couple of weeks to get Eastern Ukraine back in line. That was May 2014. Porkie is gone, but, still making trouble. His good friend, the oligarch Kolomoisky, together with Soros, went hunting for a replacement and found the Comedian, turned politician. Perfect, for business as usual. With Kolomoisky and Soros as his mentors, no wonder he is following the work of Poroshenko.


    What is interesting, is the fact that the Russian gas runs out in December 2019 and allegedly Naftogaz is looking for a new owner. Didn’t Soros and the Rothschilds purchase Naftogaz, but, on condition, it held onto the Russian gas, in the transit pipelines?

    Gas Transit Through Ukraine – Result: Checkmate in a Month… https://www.stalkerzone.org/gas-transit-through-ukraine-result-checkmate-in-a-month/


    Trump is also sick of Ukraine, no doubt, owing to their involvement trying to get Hilary into the White House, whilst Russia took the blame. The Comedian, with Soros and Kolomoisky as mentor, has no desire to hand over the dirt on Biden, who is running in the 2020 Presidential Campaign, to Trump.

    Did Trump-Biden-Ukraine Drama Just Implode? WaPo Reports No “Quid Pro Quo” Offered During Phone Call… https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/did-trump-biden-ukraine-drama-just-implode-wapo-reports-no-quid-pro-quo-offered-during

    Trump Considers US Policy in Ukraine ‘Pointless, Aggravating Russians’ – Reports… https://sputniknews.com/world/201909211076856750-trump-considers-us-policy-in-ukraine-pointless-aggravating-russians—reports/


    Now what did Biden do and how much did he get out of Ukraine? Remember, Kolomoisky, the oligarch, who is the Comedian’s mentor, was ‘persona non grata’ over in the US, well until he gave Biden’s boy, ‘Snowy Hunter’ and John Kerry’s step-son positions in his energy company. Kolomoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Community, who went on to create the Nazi ‘Azove’ Battalion. Why did Joe Biden, brag in his auto-biography, that if Ukraine did not take out the Prosecutor, after Biden, then he would refuse to hand over US funding?

    Zelensky’s Catastrophe: The US Will Punish Ukraine Anyway… https://www.stalkerzone.org/zelenskys-catastrophe-the-us-will-punish-ukraine-anyway/

    What is interesting, when Bolton was working for Trump, he attended the Victor Punchuk (remember Punchuk and his $25 million+ donations to the Clinton Foundation) and it was alleged that Ukraine would be getting the $250 million, Trump had withdrawn, together with $140 million bonus.

    Now the media are reporting that Trump is bored with Ukraine, Bolton is gone and are they or are they not, still going to get the $250 million?

    Zelenskiy Thanks Trump For Releasing $250 Million In Military Aid For Ukraine… https://www.eurasiareview.com/14092019-zelenskiy-thanks-trump-for-releasing-250-million-in-military-aid-for-ukraine/

    • Ralph London

      AM, ‘Porkie is gone, but, still making trouble. His good friend, the oligarch Kolomoisky’ – I wouldn’t call them friends but rivals; poroshitko took away kolomoisky’s Privat Bank from him, under zelensky, he’s trying to get it back.

    • S Melanson

      Good information, would like if more people commented like this. Hmmm, I recall a SF article a while back speculating Zelensky may bring real change… pause to allow the laughter to subside.

      Sure, Zelensky will bring change, Not – likelihood of that the same a Patriot System would take out it’s target- 0.00%.

      Let us not forget when a US State Department official correctly predicted Porko would be leader of Ukraine, a miracle, the powers of seeing into the future… oh, and too bad the conversation was recorded and leaked, she did not want the world to know her amazing psychic powers.

      • AM Hants

        I wonder if Ukraine could go back in time, if they would have gone ahead with The Maidan and the violent coup d’etat?

        • S Melanson

          The coup would have been attempted but if the general population knew what the US plans were post-coup – failed state and enslavement, the ploy to divide and conquer, us versus them between Russian speaking Ukrainians and Non-Russian Ukrainians would have been seen for what it was I would think. So the Coup would likely proceed but success would be in doubt.

          What I do not understand is how a $5,000,000,000 CIA destabilization operation in Ukraine (Russia’s backyard) caught Russia off guard and left scrambling to salvage Crimea.

          • AM Hants

            With regards Crimea, what I found incredulous, was the fact, with no blood loss, it was all sorted within 3 weeks. Before the EU could manage to hold an emergency meeting. So do believe it left the NATO member states, behind the coup d’etat off guard, more than Russia.

  • AM Hants

    The Poroshenko Formula, which followed the Soros/Open Society/NED Formula:

    Protest Technology That Aims to Sweep Away Any “Regime”… https://www.stalkerzone.org/protest-technology-that-aims-to-sweep-away-any-regime/

  • AM Hants

    Is Trump ever consistent?

    One day he refuses to hand over $250 million to Ukraine.
    The next he not only hands over the $250 million, but, gives them an $140 million bonus.

    Then he remembers Biden is also going for the Presidential Campaign, and so demands that Ukraine gives him some dirt, or he will not give them any money.

    Now, he is wanting Europe to lend a hand, bailing Ukraine out.

    Why doesn’t he just remove his CIA mob and military advisers from Ukraine and keep his sticky beak out of it all. How many dead, over in Ukraine, since the US and friends sent the cooke monsters to Kiev?

    Or has Israel been on the phone?

    Trump Thinks Europe Must Allocate Even More Funds for Ukraine… https://www.stalkerzone.org/trump-thinks-europe-must-allocate-even-more-funds-for-ukraine/