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Zelensky Claims Foreign Ministry Tried To Prevent His First Phone Call With Putin

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Zelensky Claims Foreign Ministry Tried To Prevent His First Phone Call With Putin

Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told 1+1 TV channel that the country’s foreign ministry had tried to prevent his first phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The Foreign Ministry really didn’t want <…> The top officials of my predecessor really didn’t want to allow my conversations with the President of Russia. For them, this was  a political issue, for me – a human one. For them, God forbid, the sailors should not return through a conversation between Zelensky and Putin. I don’t want to say my attitude for this,” Zelensky told a “Ukrainian President’s 100 days” show on 1+1 TV Channel.

“The second conversation took place after our men were killed in Donbas. During the first conversation, we agreed on a ceasefire. The second conversation was an emergency. I said, ‘We agreed on a cease-fire, but this doesn’t happen.’ There was an exchange of information about more precise steps to return our men, and it’s not just the sailors.”

According to Zelensky, the third convestation will be a personal meeting between hum and Putin “in the Normandy format.”

It should be noted that despite public ‘peacemaking’ rhetoric of Zelensky, since the start of his presidency, the situation in eastern Ukraine has barely de-escalated. A part of the responsibility for this situation in fact could be taken by members of the team of Petro Poroshenko that were remaining in the government until the most recent time and a fromation of the new cabinet. Under instructions from the Washington establishment these persons worked to damage interests of Ukraine as the state and undermine any chances of de-escalation in the Ukrainian-Russian relations.

An interesting fact is that a notable part of Poroshenko’s influence group is people from the most western parts of Ukraine. They indentify themselves with this particular region that had never been a part of Ukraine until 1939. The so-called Holodomor (a famine in territories of the USSR in 1932-33) is among the cornerstones of their hystorical myth. The irony is that during the very same period the western part of the current territory of Ukraine was controlled by Poland. Later, during the World War 2, they actively cooperated with forces of the Nazi Germany. After the 2014 coup, the agressive minority of politicians, criminals and radicals from this particular area seized power in the state and started a de-facto terror against representatives of other identities and people with other political views.

The decisive victory in the Parliament election and the formation of the new government give Zelensky a chance to promote a more sound policy and defend the real interests of Ukraine instead of the interests of foreign masterminds. This includes the de-escaltion of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and a contructive dialogue with Russia. Nonetheless, the ability of Zelensky to make the steps needed to do so remains the big question.


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It’s logical for the conflict to flare up some more at first while the ones wanting the conflict to continue still hang on to their power. It will take some time to pull those people from their positions of authority. Hopefully the other side is smart enough to understand this.


It sounds like he is trying to get this settled down and maybe even settled peacefully. I hope this is real and I wish the new President of Ukraine all the luck in the world with this endeavor.

AM Hants

Check out who his mentors are?

Trump, is not happy with him, owing to Ukraine’s work in ‘Trump Dossier’ and gave him the choice to turn his back on his mentor Kolomoisky, and deliver the dirt on Biden. Remember, how well Biden and family did out of Ukraine, with the help of Kolomoisky, together with the step-son of John Kerry. Burisma Holdings, so comes to mind, together with Biden threatening the Prosecutor, who wanted to go after Kolomoisky. The person who was persona non-grata in the US, will he made friends with Biden and ended up the best friend of the Dems.

Biden, who is running for 2020 Presidential Campaign, just like Trump is.

Europe has given up on the begging, demanding and seriously needy Ukraine.

So who do they desperately need, if the oligarchs wish to be kept in the style they have grown accustomed to? As they wake up to the fact, they lost and they need Russia more than Russia needs Ukraine.


I agree with your assessment on this AM. Without Russia and Ukraine settling this, as the sanctions were supposed to pressure and guide and did not, Ukraine stays in the economic toilet.


What’s sad is that Ukrainians got played yet again by the EU. Russia offered Ukraine a much better deal than the EU and then the Maidan coup happened. They all believed they were trading tyranny for democracy but didn’t realize that the EU had other plans for it.

AM Hants

The EU, always takes and never gives.

AM Hants

Gas runs out in December. Trump has said he will not give Ukraine the promised $250 million.

Where is there left to go, for a professional victim, with their begging basket, when the world gets bored of them?

Love this video, courtesy of ‘stupid is as stupid does’. Written back in 1965, yet, so apt in 2019. The words are so apt.

If I were the devil | remastered audio | Paul Harvey… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=108&v=4LWPcEo2gV0

AM Hants

Do the people of Crimea ever regret their decision to go home to Russia? What do you think? Ukraine or Russia? Let’s see.

Was There Ever Really Any Doubt? 5 Years Later and Crimea is a Runaway Success!… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=458&v=VxRoiGFhzg8

Crimea a Runaway Success Since Voting to Join Russia 5 Years Ago (Russian TV News)… https://russia-insider.com/en/crimea-runaway-success-voting-join-russia-5-years-ago-russian-tv-news/ri27524


Of course not, even though crimeans were part of Ukraine, the vast, vast majority were native Russians. And Crimea is very autonomous which means that it doesn’t matter for them wether they are part of Russia or Ukraine, they will still enjoy a wealthy living standard. Putin has also received massive amount of criticism by russians in general due to alot of investment in Crimea. Since it voted to join Russia, Putin has invested over 10 billion dollars in Crimea, with 5 billion going to infrastructure. Many argue that these money should be invested in mainland instead of the island.

AM Hants

He is also investing a lot into the infrastructure of Russia, as proven during the World Cup.

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