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Zelensky Claims Foreign Ministry Tried To Prevent His First Phone Call With Putin


Zelensky Claims Foreign Ministry Tried To Prevent His First Phone Call With Putin

Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told 1+1 TV channel that the country’s foreign ministry had tried to prevent his first phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The Foreign Ministry really didn’t want <…> The top officials of my predecessor really didn’t want to allow my conversations with the President of Russia. For them, this was  a political issue, for me – a human one. For them, God forbid, the sailors should not return through a conversation between Zelensky and Putin. I don’t want to say my attitude for this,” Zelensky told a “Ukrainian President’s 100 days” show on 1+1 TV Channel.

“The second conversation took place after our men were killed in Donbas. During the first conversation, we agreed on a ceasefire. The second conversation was an emergency. I said, ‘We agreed on a cease-fire, but this doesn’t happen.’ There was an exchange of information about more precise steps to return our men, and it’s not just the sailors.”

According to Zelensky, the third convestation will be a personal meeting between hum and Putin “in the Normandy format.”

It should be noted that despite public ‘peacemaking’ rhetoric of Zelensky, since the start of his presidency, the situation in eastern Ukraine has barely de-escalated. A part of the responsibility for this situation in fact could be taken by members of the team of Petro Poroshenko that were remaining in the government until the most recent time and a fromation of the new cabinet. Under instructions from the Washington establishment these persons worked to damage interests of Ukraine as the state and undermine any chances of de-escalation in the Ukrainian-Russian relations.

An interesting fact is that a notable part of Poroshenko’s influence group is people from the most western parts of Ukraine. They indentify themselves with this particular region that had never been a part of Ukraine until 1939. The so-called Holodomor (a famine in territories of the USSR in 1932-33) is among the cornerstones of their hystorical myth. The irony is that during the very same period the western part of the current territory of Ukraine was controlled by Poland. Later, during the World War 2, they actively cooperated with forces of the Nazi Germany. After the 2014 coup, the agressive minority of politicians, criminals and radicals from this particular area seized power in the state and started a de-facto terror against representatives of other identities and people with other political views.

The decisive victory in the Parliament election and the formation of the new government give Zelensky a chance to promote a more sound policy and defend the real interests of Ukraine instead of the interests of foreign masterminds. This includes the de-escaltion of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and a contructive dialogue with Russia. Nonetheless, the ability of Zelensky to make the steps needed to do so remains the big question.




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