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Zelensky And His Party All But Entirely Fail In Local Ukrainian Elections

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Zelensky And His Party All But Entirely Fail In Local Ukrainian Elections

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On October 25th, local elections were held in Ukraine.

There are no official final data from the Central Election Commission yet, but the results of the exit polls already make it clear the main trends of this vote.

Below is an overview of what’s transpired:

  1. President Volodymyr Zelensky’s “Servant of the people” is on the losing end.

The exact scale of their problems will be clear after the final vote count, but it is already clear that everything is not very optimistic.

In the largest cities, Zelensky’s candidates for mayor did not even make it to the second round.

In Kiev, the representative of the “Opposition Platform” Alexander Popov got to the finish line with Klitschko, in Odessa – his fellow party member Nikolai Skorik. In Dnipro, the first and second places are shared by the nominees of local parties – Boris Filatov and Zagid Krasnov.

In Kharkov, incumbent mayor Gennady Kernes wins in the first round. And here the “servants” are in third place, and Alexander Feldman, a candidate from the HLS, took the second.

There are exceptions – mainly in central Ukraine, where in a number of regional centers “servants” have received good results. The Servant of the People in Uzhgorod also has a good indicator.

Indirectly, a record low turnout also speaks of the defeat of the ruling party – according to Opora’s estimates, it did not reach 36%. This speaks of the disappointment of voters – primarily in the party, which more than 70% of the population trusted a little over a year ago (then the turnout was 49%). Basically, it was her voters who did not come to vote.

  1. “Opposition Platform for Life” has strengthened in the southeast

For this party, the main competitors in its base regions were, firstly, the parties of mayors. Secondly, “Servants of the people”.

As a result of the campaign, it can be concluded that the Opposition Platform in the southeast ate the “servants”. It was more difficult with the parties of mayors and in many cities, they became leaders, but their result is worse than in the previous local elections. Almost nowhere did they get more than 50%. That is, they will not be able to control the City Council on their own.

  1. Poroshenko on the radical flank

“European Solidarity”, according to the latest data, shows a serious result in the West of the country and, in some places in the center, consolidating the position of the party number one on the pro-Maidan flank.

A year ago, Poroshenko seemed to be shot down. But Zelensky’s indecisive policy and his constant hesitation allowed the ex-president to regain his strength.

  1. Local parties

Local parties – they are also called “parties of mayors” – have shown good results. The only large cities where the national political force came out on top were Lvov (where Eurosolidarity wins), Nikolaev (where OPSZ is in the lead) and Krivoy Rog (Servant of the People is in first place there).

  1. New confrontation between the parties of ‘peace’ and ‘war’

In general, the main political trend of the season is clear – the country is returning to the confrontation between two polar forces – the party of war and the party of peace, represented now by “Eurosolidarity” and “Opposition platform”.

At the same time, it cannot be said that the prospects for the “third force”, which is now represented by the “Servant of the people”, are zero. Of course not. But in order to regain trust, the “servants” need to change and do quite a few things.

These results show the complete failure of Zelensky and his party, and the fact that the Ukrainian population is seeing that the hesitancy, and conflicting actions by their president and government show an unclear agenda that, likely, attempts to play by too many foreign fiddles.

Zelensky and his circle came to power in Ukraine under the slogans of promoting peace, taking down corruption and state-sponsored neo-Nazi radical militant groups. The political settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine was once again sabotaged. Nonetheless, this did not happen. Instead, the Zelensky administration continued promoting the Poroshenko-era policy of censorship, political persecutions (and even killings) and the oppression of ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking part of the population (the majority of Ukrainians). Neo-Nazi-styled radical militant groups continued existing and receiving funds and support from the government. The rights of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine were further limited (for example in the field of education). The ‘independent’ pseudo-church of Ukraine created with a direct assistance of then Poroshenko administration, the US State Department and the Patriarchate of Constantinople remained and received even more support from the government. Authorities and law enforcements ignore regular attacks on churches of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and the forceful seizure of church properties. The political opposition to the Zelensky administration (pro-globalist/neo-liberal) policy aimed at selling interests of Ukraine to foreign sponsor faces a fierce resistance of the Kiev regime. Therefore, there is little surprise that the popularity of Zelensky and his party have fallen dramatically.


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Potato Man

He is a clown…no, I’m not joking he is.

Prior to his political career, he obtained a degree in law and created a production company, Kvartal 95, which produces films, cartoons and TV comedy shows, including Servant of the People, in which Zelensky played the role of President of Ukraine. The series aired from 2015 to 2019.

Lone Ranger

Why is everybody surprised? a CIA run nazi oligarch candymaker named Porkyshitko was swapped for Zellersky a CIA run libtard stand up comedian.
Like in the U.S. you can only vote for clowns.


And in Russia only for swapping midgets.

Lone Ranger

Small but playful ?

johnny rotten

Honestly it is not in the land of madmen very different from western €urope, it is full of clowns in the service of banking and financial oligarchies, of course this guy is certified as a clown, but the other European politicians only lack certification, while in fact they are no less buffoons of the Ukrainian Jew.


What does it tell you about the lobotomized cattle voting for the bastards?

Concrete Mike

It tells me how effective western media operations were.

It tells critical thinking is approaching zero!

Assad must stay

ahhaahhahaha good he fails

Porc Halal

Jews were “successful” only as hollywood actors and communist tortures…

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