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JULY 2022

Zelensky Administration Drastically Increases Military Spending Despite Peace Rhetorics

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Zelensky Administration Drastically Increases Military Spending Despite Peace Rhetorics

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The Ukrainian Parliament presented its Draft National Budget for 2020. It includes more than UAH 245 billion (about $ 9.9 billion) for security and defense. The almost two times increase of the country’s military budget was announced at a briefing by Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, UNN reported.

“We plan to allocate 245.8 billion for various branches, involved in security and defense,” she said. At the same time, the minister clarified that not all of this figure will be distributed to specific managers.

“These are the funds that should be redistributed by the National Security and Defense Council,” Markarova added.

“We are increasing the cost of labor and cash security,” the minister said. “An increase in security and defense is one of the biggest priorities.”

On September 15, the country’s Cabinet of Ministers introduced draft Law No. 2000 “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2020” into the Verkhovna Rada. On the parliament’s website, its text or supporting documents have not yet been published.

UNIAN noted that the project is built on the current macro forecast with an exchange rate of 28.2 UAH per dollar and provides for revenues in the amount of 1.170 trillion UAH, expenses – 1.170 trillion UAH.

The draft budget of Ukraine for 2019 provided for about 101.4 billion UAH for the needs of the Ministry of Defense. The Cabinet of Ministers proposed directing 657 million UAH to the leadership and military management of the country’s armed forces.

On September 25th, the Trump Administration is set to unfreeze $250 million in military aid to Ukraine.

As Politico noted, the amount was frozen as US President Donald Trump requested an analysis on whether the allocation of aid was in line with US national interests. The money is intended for the purchase of military equipment and weapons, as well as for the provision of services that will improve the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian embassy in the United States said.

At the same time, Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources, reported that the Ukrainian government plans on requesting another loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This time worth $5 billion.

Zelensky Administration Drastically Increases Military Spending Despite Peace Rhetorics


The increase in defense is clearly aimed at ramping up preparations for an agressive war. This goes directly in contrast with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s claims that Ukraine currently wishes for normalization of the situation in Eastern Ukraine.

If peace was the aim, why would so much investment be needed in defense, especially when the country clearly has no funds, judging by the rumors of yet another IMF loan?

Recent overviews and reports, furthermore show that despite the 35 for 35 prisoner swap, which was a “tectonic shift” and the “harvest ceasefire,” very little is being achieved towards peace.

The situation in eastern Ukraine remains dire, with continuous shelling and aggression, which is mostly initiated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Furthermore, the announced “disarmament” of the Nazi-infested “volunteer battalions” left them with half their weapons in place, and it became apparent that they weren’t withdrawn from the frontline as it was suggested earlier.


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Ukraine is a failed state and NATO and America are making it worse by militarizing an unstable artificial country that has never existed as an independent country. It is also one of the poorest states in eastern Europe and now victim of NATO delusional plans of destabilizing the Russian Federation by turning it into a terrorist base.

DukeofAnarchy .

Well, Russia should take decisive action to solve the problem, which won’t just go away of its own accord.

And in fact since all of this was eminently predictable, Putin is responsible for allowing the Americans to go through with a regime-change operation right on Russia’s doorstep (really, INSIDE what is rightfully Russia).

Zionism = EVIL

Putin needs more focus and has floundering policies. Ukraine is historical Russian land and the vast majority of the population would like reunification with motherland and Putin should support the Don Bas freedom fighters fully. Ukraine is becoming a cancer like Zionism.

Toronto Tonto

It cost money to kill off the invading Russians you know eh .

Zionism = EVIL

Are you ever going to learn English dumbass? IT COSTS MONEY…..moron, Uki Jew shithead :) eh, eh…ho, ho, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Zionism = EVIL

The Jew filthy parasites are ripping off whatever is left of Ukraine shithole. It is time it is reunified with mother Russia.


Those who want peace, better prepare for war. Maybe Ukraine has taken this ancient proverb to heart.


War with whom and what for? NO SANE person wants to live through the war.


Prepare for any war, to not be surprised. If one does not want to be attacked as a surprise, a country should have a credible defense ready. I am not talking about preemptive strikes, I talk about having prepared a good defense.

In this day and age, when a new weapon system could take up to two decades to develop, one can not wait with defense preparations till the moment a threat is visible. At that time, one is at least five to ten years too late.

A weak country, having agressive neighbours, invites attack from them.


Nah, I bet at least 75% of the money goes to the politician’s pockets.

Toronto Tonto

Your thinking about Russia .

Zionism = EVIL

ENGLISH please moron! YOU ARE not YOUR.

AM Hants

You should see how much they receive from sponsorship.

Check out any Senators name, over on Open Secret website, and you will see the $millions, the corrupt politicians manage to pull in from their sponsors.

AM Hants

Considering who his mentors are, like Kolomoisky and Soros, it is no surprise. What is surprising, is why has Trump, released the $250 million, to Ukraine, for war, together with a bonus of $140 million? When the people of San Francisco have a human faeces problem, out on the streets.

Meanwhile, has the US replaced the US Ambassador and why are they laughing at Herr Volker, over in Nazi controlled Ukraine?

Ukrainian Journalist Mocked Kurt Volker’s Statement About Crimea Leaving Russia In The Future… https://www.stalkerzone.org/ukrainian-journalist-mocked-kurt-volkers-statement-about-crimea-leaving-russia-in-the-future/

Ukrainian Expert: Gazprom Is Ready to Disconnect Ukraine From Gas… https://www.stalkerzone.org/ukrainian-expert-gazprom-is-ready-to-disconnect-ukraine-from-gas/

Ralph London

AM, maybe it’s a bribe to get dirt on poroshitko?

AM Hants

Yep, and not just Porkie, but, also Trump needs dirt on Biden, who is closely connected to Kolomoisky, in time for the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

AM Hants

Young Banderists Are Taught to Hang “Traitors”… https://www.stalkerzone.org/young-banderists-are-taught-to-hang-traitors/

interesting, how they focus on the training of the young children, in the same way that Adolf and his team, worked on the children of Germany, back in the 30s.

Toronto Tonto

Like the training camps we see in Russia all the time .

Tommy Jensen

Unfortunately they all focus on political brainwashing our children in the early years.

In West they deliberately dumb down children in math, gramma and physics in favour of clima, green, gender, globalist, anti-family, m.m. with soft value campagns.

AM Hants

It is so noticable. Over in the UK, we have schools freaking out, with regards not catering for transgender kids, including those who have not even reached puberty, and the lack of ‘trans’ cloakroom facilities in mainstream schools. Whilst the teachers, have never studied Maths or Science and have no interest in the subject.

No wonder the US, EU and Japan make up 80% world debt, whilst only occupying 20% of the planet. Whilst the emerging economies own 20% world debt, whilst occupying 80% of the planet.


Like the youth movements in communist countries

AM Hants

Which leads us to the EU and funny how so many of the old Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union members, ran over to the Soviet EU, with their begging bowls and ‘professional victim’ status, whinging about life in the Soviet Union, ignoring that the EU was and is run on exactly the same ideology. Funny that?

Tommy Jensen

Per our American advise for the sake of peace in Europe and Russia. If Ukraine double the military spending they can achieve mutual destruction on par with Russia.

Low distance nukes imported from America will enable Ukraine to defend itself and threaten Russia to give Ukraine gas to half the price of Europe and maintain peace…………………….LOL.

cechas vodobenikov

now Belarus has closed their border w Ukraine; whenever the US meddles conditions decline….perhaps the US should address problems in Gary, ID, illiteracy in amerika and the soullessness that grips their corrupt society, evidenced by their world leading consumption of hallucinogens, marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin. It is no accident that 80+% of the legal psychotropics and 66% of the antidepressants consumed in the entire world have been consumed by Americans in the past decade

AM Hants

What is going on with Trump, Bolton and Ukraine? One minute, Trump refuses to hand over US tax payers money, and give Ukraine $250 million and then the next day, following Victor Punchuk’s ‘Yalta, but, not in Crimea’ freebie, he is not only handing over $250 million, but, with an added bonus of $140 million, provided by the US tax payer. Whilst San Francisco finds itself the human faeces capital of the world. Poor San Francisco, if only they had the funds to clean up the ‘faecal infested streets’.

So what is going on and yes, Bolton has gone, but, which clone will replace him?

Over on Fort Russ, they have published an interesting video, from the Russian Media. I must admit, I did think it would not be to my liking, purely owing to the title, and not having positive vibes, with regards Trump keeping Ukraine sweet, owing to their involvement in the Steele Dossier and keeping him out of the White House, and wanting Clinton in.

MAJOR: The REAL Reason Behind Bolton’s Dismissal Revealed (VIDEO)… https://www.fort-russ.com/2019/09/major-the-real-reason-behind-boltons-dismissal-revealed-video/

Remember, the Comedian turned President and his relationship with Kolomoisky. Would he trade Kolomoisky and Kolomoisky’s good friend Biden, to keep Trump happy? Going back in time, when Kolomoisky provided Boy Biden, with a job in the Ukraine Energy Industry, when he got slung out of the Marines. Do believe it was owing to his liking, for some chemical that resembled snow. Plus, Kolomoisky, ‘persona non grata’ from the US, at the time, also provided a similar position for John Kerry’s step-son and financial mentor. Suddenly finding himself to be a true friend of the US and no longer with issues surrounding his Visa and Passport. So would the Comedian trade Kolomoisky to keep Trump happy?

Watching the video, and found myself laughing, owing to how the US have tried to influence events in the world, but, how none of it went according to plan. Together, with watching Bolton and Volodymyr Zelensky. Now where was Bolton entertaining him, was it over in Washington DC, or at the Victor Punchuk ‘Yalta, but, not in Crimea’ event? Where Trump promised to unleash the funds the US tax payer provided was holding? There again, didn’t Bolton turn up in Ukraine, after Trump’s good friend Rudy Giuliani, turned down the gig? Wasn’t that owing to Ukraine’s involvement in ‘Ukraingate’ or should that be ‘Russiagate’?

Trump is desperate to get the dirt on Biden and there is plenty, so is Rudy Giuliani, who no doubt took the DNC work on ‘Russiagate’ personally. Not just the job Kolomoisky provided Boy Biden, but, also how Biden tried to go after the Ukraine Prosecutor, who was going after Kolomoisky, the boss of Boy Biden. Bolton, the PNAC head of the snake, and funnily enough, isn’t he linked into Robert Keagan, who is married to Victoria Nuland, who just happened to turn up in Ukraine, during the Maidan, handing out the cookies? Funny how PNAC on the right, is heavily aligned to Soros and his Open Society Foundation, which comes from the left.

With regards the Septuagenarians, who wish to become the US President, in 2020, what is that generation famous for, besides being born around the time WWII started?

Hide Behind

250 millions in USD of US taxpayers money will be given to its Military Industrial Complex to build and supply Ukraine’s military. No one knows how much of the 250 millions will actually be spent on military and not end up in pockets of thourughly corrupt regimes bank accounts. In US and NATO eyes Russia is true enemy and must be stopped at any cost, this is but a proxies war, a new addition to threats against Russia. While $250 millions sounds like a lot one must remember just how costly US military equipment is, the highest cost in world compared to equivalent munitions of other nations. Russia can give the two breakaway Ukraine Republics 50 millions in anti armor and drone aircraft to more than match Ukraine’s new military toys. US leadership is right on brink of failure, leaving it but one recourse to break its economic doldrums and coming social breakdown, it needs a war. US populace would unflinchingly support a real good sized war as long as no real heavy nukes are involved, smaller tactical nukes are OK, as domestic economy would seem to improve and a couple million brain dead and indoctrinated youths would volunteer, and the current military pay scales already above that of 40+millions of American working poor, many an older guy would be willing to kill for a decent paycheck. Somebody, most likely Iran or Venezuela is soon gonna be in a world of hurt. Loss of Saudi oil is only an excuse as US is now worlds largest exporter of gas and oil, so that disruption to Saudi fields drive up value of US/Canada exports. An uptick in Ukraine’s military actions is but a sideshow, hiding real intent of destroying Iran for Israel and takeover of Venezuela, Israel would love to see Saudis kicked to knees as well. As Trump once stated we should just take ME and Venezuelan oil, and not one raised voice of dissent in US was heard.

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