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Zelenskiy Arrived In Donbass Amid Growing Military Escalation

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Zelenskiy Arrived In Donbass Amid Growing Military Escalation

Zelenskiy came to Donbass. Source: www.president.gov.ua

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy arrived in Donbass after the aggravation of the situation on the contact line between Ukraine and the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. This was reported by the press service of the president’s office.

“The President will visit the frontline positions, where the regime of comprehensive and permanent ceasefire has been systematically violated recently, and where Ukrainian defenders have been killed and wounded as a result of enemy shelling. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is going to Donbas as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to communicate with the military and support the fighting spirit of the defenders. The President will meet with Ukrainian servicemen on the frontline.” – the statement reads.

As the situation in Eastern Ukraine is constantly worsening, President Zelensliy uses his chance to create an image of a bellicose leader. It is a necessary measure to save his reputation amid the war approaching, as he lost a big part of his support after forgetting his promises to stop war in Ukraine. Today, he has to show his people, he deserves to be followed and fought for.

Zelenskiy Arrived In Donbass Amid Growing Military Escalation

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Despite the on-going violations of the ceasefire agreements, there are deaths reported on a daily basis in Donbass.

On April 8, one DPR soldier was killed in shelling of Donetsk suburb with 120 mm mortars, according to DPR army statement.

On April 6, one teenager was reportedly killed, and one was wounded as a result of a mine explosion in the village of Slavianoserbske, LPR.

The same day, on April 6, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced the deaths of two Ukrainian soldiers.

The DPR Police Department reported a clash with the Ukrainian reconnaissance group near the village of Shumy, in Horlivka suburbs. A body of UAF soldier was found on the spot.

On April 3, death of a child was reported in the DPR. He was shot dead by a drone with an improvised explosive devise.

On March 26, four Ukrainian soldiers were killed as a result of shelling near the town of Shumi.

Despite a growing number of such reports from the Donbass region, all global media, Kiev’s European, American partners and even NATO leaders reacted only to deaths of Ukrainian soldiers, ignoring all other victims.


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Haha… All the way to Kiev!!!
Ze better fly to Brussel soon!
No land & wickedness will be spared in UkroNAZIstan this time!

Jihadi Colin

It’s a situation of Zelensky’s own making. He’s trying to curry favour with the Nazis by being more anti Russian than they. At this point he’s painted himself into a corner. He can’t reduce tensions and withdraw troops without being Maidaned and maybe lynched by the Nazis. He can’t attack without being destroyed if Russia intervenes. His only hope is to get NATOstani troops into Ukranazistan to serve as human shields against a Russian intervention.

Assad must stay

i really hope he gets blown away if there is a war lol

Lone Ranger

Russia will take out all the HQs in Ukropisstan before that happens.
It will make Desert Storm look like a walk in the park.

Assad must stay

i hope he still gets blown away LOL

Putin Apologist

Russell Bentley, a Texan, reports from the Donbass on the coming war.


Jihadi Colin

Yes, Russell Bonner Bentley is someone I hold in extremely high regard, even though he dislikes me.

Unlike the Faker, whom I despise as a cowardly hypocrite.

Al Balog

Hehe, Russell’s always been cool with me 😁. I’ve known him for years.


I hear the Ukropnazis will be taking it in the donbASS real hard in the coming weeks!!!

Jens Holm

Try a hospital…

Raptar Driver

More like in the ass.

AM Hants

NATO has never ever won a single war and are not that great. Watch them get their backside kicked by Russia. Good luck and about time NATO found out how bad they are. Stilettoes, rainbows and that is before the surgery. Where have all the NATO balls gone?


They did win the 19 to 1 contest with little Serbia.

AM Hants

Is that the one where the US Patriot missile took down one of the US jets, in error? Gotta love the Patriot, never quite gets it right, or perhaps it does.

Jens Holm

Very good version. One mistakes makes all the rest go away.

Parashute a doctor and no corona eh.

Raptar Driver

Did they though?
Militarily NATO was defeated by Serbia.

Jens Holm

Your banana TV told You :) comment image

cechas vodobenikov

jens uses banana with lube —exboyfriend confiscated dildo


U talkin´´bout Stutterin´ Stoltie my hero?

Raptar Driver

What about your ministry of propaganda? It said there was a genocide against Albanians?
It said lots of things that were completely untrue.

Jens Holm

Nato was made for defence

AM Hants

When working in a bi-polar relationship with the Warsaw Pact? What happened next and why wasn’t NATO dismantled when they took down the Warsaw Pact? Remember, what NATO stands for and why it was set-up? Well, officially.

So, once out of the bi-polar relationship, NATO went rogue and is now a uni-polar, offensive organisation, run by idiots.

CIA launched 1947, same year as Israel. Just a couple of years, before the set-up of what led to NATO.
First exercise of the CIA, was to rescue the Bolshevik and Nanzi Elite in Europe and provide them safe passage, across the Atlantic Ocean.
CIA Director loses his job and in 1961 sets up the Atlantic Council, the ‘NATO Think Tank’ run by those who were given safe passage under the guise of ‘Operation Paperclip’. What could go wrong?


Brief history of NATO, from their own website.

‘…Accordingly, after much discussion and debate, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed on 4 April, 1949. In the Treaty’s renowned Article 5, the new Allies agreed “an armed attack against one or more of them… shall be considered an attack against them all” and that following such an attack, each Ally would take “such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force” in response. Significantly, Articles 2 and 3 of the Treaty had important purposes not immediately germane to the threat of attack. Article 3 laid the foundation for cooperation in military preparedness between the Allies, and Article 2 allowed them some leeway to engage in non-military cooperation.

While the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty had created Allies, it had not created a military structure that could effectively coordinate their actions. This changed when growing worries about Soviet intentions culminated in the Soviet detonation of an atomic bomb in 1949 and in the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950. The effect upon the Alliance was dramatic. NATO soon gained a consolidated command structure with a military Headquarters based in the Parisian suburb of Rocquencourt, near Versailles. This was Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, or SHAPE, with US General Dwight D. Eisenhower as the first Supreme Allied Commander Europe, or SACEUR. Soon afterward, the Allies established a permanent civilian secretariat in Paris, and named NATO’s first Secretary General, Lord Ismay of the United Kingdom.

With the benefit of aid and a security umbrella, political stability was gradually restored to Western Europe and the post-war economic miracle began. New Allies joined the Alliance: Greece and Turkey in 1952, and West Germany in 1955. European political integration took its first hesitant steps. In reaction to West Germany’s NATO accession, the Soviet Union and its Eastern European client states formed the Warsaw Pact in 1955. Europe settled into an uneasy stand-off, symbolised by the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961…’


Ironic, Allen Dulles sets up the Atlantic Council, back in 1961, when they were constructing the first Berlin Wall. What happened next?

Jens Holm

Very impressing You are able to forget USSR had big military forces west of Berlin

AM Hants

Guess you missed me mentioning the Warsaw Pact. Now remind me who did they represent, in the bi-polar relationship? Or hasn’t your local kinder-garden reached that part of the history syllabus?

cechas vodobenikov

NATO created by USA to create homosexual colonies, like Denmark, Latvia, etc…jens becoming more deluded and stupid each day….USA NATO fascists bombed Yugoslavia/and Serbia—after they invaded Copenhagen….LOL

Ashok Varma

US like Rome in its last days is an insanely destructive losing empire and determined to fan global wars. The sooner the US goes down, the better for the world.

US sending warships to Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions.

Jens Holm

I would like that. Soon You will blame the Cjhinese for all the bad in the whole world instead of the Westerns and Jews – Hip Hip.

Jihadi Colin

“On March 26, four Ukrainian soldiers were killed as a result of shelling near the town of Shumi.”

Weren’t they blown up by one of their own mines?

Assad must stay

i hope zelensky gets blown away if there is war ahhahahahaha

Lone Ranger

Bye bye Ukropisstan…

Assad must stay

i wont miss them at all hahahahahahah

Fair treatment

Russia entered Ukrainian territory. So yeah they will pay soon for their stupidity and Russian president he is a really bad person. Better Belarus people mind their own busines and make sure they Don’t get involve in this conflict, if they take the side of Russia they are are going to be destroyed by follow up consequences.
So yeah Putin is a very dangerous person and a filthy Comunist.

Doom Sternz

By fair treatment you do not mean the people of the Donbass right? What you mean is ethnic cleansing and genocide of the ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

Here is what the average Ukrainian does not understand……Without the DNR/LPR they would be sent into a war against Russia by Obama/Biden. A war they cannot win, with millions of victims. Obama/Biden wants the Russian World to wage war against themselves.

In the Donbass they are fighting for the Russian World which includes Ukraine. Once you see this geo-political perspective you will understand Putin’s position better. Crimea was strategic and historically Russian, it had to be returned to Russia no matter what the cost. However the DPR/LPR cannot be annexed because again Obama/Biden will send Ukraine into a war within the Russian World. The Donbass is a buffer against that war in the Russian world, Putin is doing everything he can to ensure a war in the Russian World does not occur.

Stop the Genocide of the Donbass people. Recognise the will of the Donbass people and allow them to live in peace and be free of the fascist neo-Nazi’s in Kiev.


“a very dangerous person and a filthy Comunist.”

Are you even for real with that unbelievable archetype of yours lol. In 2021, you can’t be serious with that cheap Cold War line. What is it going to be next ? “better dead than red” ? Let us have a look at what we’re talking about : Putin the Conservative Orthodox billionaire and his billionaire oligarch friends making billions through financial super-capitalism and oil trade, and killing people’s pension are the very first way that comes to his mind whenever he feels like budget cuts are somehow necessary. Is there anything in that picture that still looks like a commie profile to you ?

If anything he hated the old regime in many respects, and has even explicited his views on air in that regard a couple years back, namely about Lenin and the old institutions. The only Soviet symbol he still occasionally exploits to keep fanning the nationalistic fiber of ordinary Russian during yearly celebrations of the Great War would be Stalin, and no one else. No other historical figure among the many possible candidates in Soviet history. And it was not for his socialist policies inside Russia, but rather his assertiveness outside of Russia’s border, the staunch authoritarian ways that kept him into power killing anything or anyone that stood in his way, and also of course his audaciousness towards the West after WWII at the dawn of the Cold War. Supporting those concepts and realities and being an outright “Communist” are two completely different things, the two are universes apart, wake the fuck up man, you’re 30 years late in the cliché…

John Wallace

Do you think he is capable of reading that , let alone understand it.. Well said ..


Lol thx John xD Well tbh I thought it doesn’t hurt trying I guess. It was merely an epidermic reaction to an overdose of kindergarten trollish horse shyte piled up in one and a single paragraph I suppose. Those things are hard to ignore at times :-)

Jihadi Colin

I wish I could upvote your comment more than once. It deserves 1234567890 /s.


Thanks a lot for the accolade Colin,glad to see I’m that alone anymore in that kind of views !

cechas vodobenikov

false—Putin not billionaire—owns only 2 properties…u watch too much Hollywood


Sure thing mate,sure thing. The whole of the above points I made are indisputable proof that I’m a US propaganda agent. Hollywood is renowned at stating that Putin is the opposite of a commie, has no real respect for Soviet figures other than Stalin,is a conservative God-loving Orthodox that disliked the old regime for its secularism, and that he is a neoliberal slashing pensions to get public funds, and most importantly,that he is a welcome counterweight against America’s supremacy despite this by making Russia a geopolitical giant again standing up for itself and smaller countries that would otherwise be wiped out by the US military machine.

Sure I got all of that on CNN ,Fox and the New York Times. Whatever your solid one-liner says,very convincing. Continue drinking the kool-aid about Putin being so socially humble. He doens’t even hide his massively growing fortune and makes it a pride now, but you do it for him for free.
I hope he notices you.

John Wallace

Are you the new Troll. Why do they pick the school dropouts to be trolls. Is that because they are too stupid to do anything else.. Have you read your comment .. no really … 12 year old kids can do better than that.. We already know Putin is a bad bad boy , Every time I see him he is clean shaven , washed and well dressed so I don’t think you can say : filthy com … ummm what ever a Counist is. Could say he is a rather clean Communist although some may say he isn’t Communist at all..To be truthfull I would have to say your comment isn’t “fair” at all.. Try harder next time..

Jihadi Colin

Putin literally is more capitalist than most EU politicians. Try again.

cechas vodobenikov

fool toddler suffering child abuse by CIA dildo now in BLM ghetto seeking new LGBT identity


comment image

US dictated the servant obeys 🥳😂🥳 when a pic says everything 😆



Dick Von Dast'Ard

It’s like a middle order minion issuing orders to a lowly order minion.
Perhaps Stoltenberg is writing his signature into the book of condolences for the Ukrainian state?


What a country of idiot! They cannot see the US in supporting them in order to build new wonderful hospitals or cities or industries to make Ukraine rich. The US will just fight Russia till the last Ukrainian servant. Just Ukrainians cannot see that.


Ze: ties, yum yum!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Just need an Evergreen to block the Bosphorous now.

catalin zt

This capitalist Fascist decadent World ruled by the anglo-jewish SCUM together with their Reptilian “friends” is an total mess!!! UkroNazis ruled by Jewish Cabals and anglo-saxon paedophiles and muslim jihadi monkeys ruled by the very same are creating too much trouble! Time for The Nations to raise up against this Reptilian CURSE on our Beautiful Planet and VAPORISE all anglo-saxon SCUM “nations” together with the Satanic IsraHell and get rid of this PLAGUE once FOREVER! AMEN!!

Ryan Glantz

the group known as the Rockefellers are clearly running the Biden horror show.

Their plans were outlined in a March 2020 article in the Rockefeller
flagship magazine Foreign Relations that was supposedly written by Joe
“green screen” Biden. https://archive.is/SGLAj

What this shows is the group now in charge of U.S. corporate media
and the fiat money computers inside the U.S. are planning to take us
back in time to the 1980s and the cold war with its easy to identify
enemies. Lets’ face it “commies” are easier to rally against than
amorphous “terrorists” who keep changing their brand name.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg described this new cold war
against China and Russia as “a unique opportunity.” While he tried to
peddle this as an opportunity for Europe and North America “to open a
new chapter in the relationship,” it is obvious he is talking about a
huge fiat money bribe to the military-industrial complex. https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2021/03/28/stoltenberg-comes-clean-on-china-opportunity-for-nato/

Russian FSB sources, for their part, say a very serious attempt to
start World War III was now underway in Ukraine. On Monday, April 5th, Japan time, they sent us this message:

“A couple of hours ago a C-17 military transport aircraft
(95-0107) with a certain military cargo arrived directly from the USA
(with refueling in Seville, Spain) to Lviv Airport in Western Ukraine.”

The FSB said the “military cargo” was…a nuclear device that was destined to be used in yet another attempt to start WWIII.

The FSB notes:

“Ukraine does not control its own troops. Each brigade
has NATO supervisors. They deeply do not care how Russia will act.
Their task is to drag Russia into the war. Ukraine will be ordered to
go on the offensive and they will follow that order.”

The Russians said the operation was going to be carried out by NATO’s
Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) which is under the command
now of Turkish President Recep Edogan. The president of Ukraine is
going to visit this task force in a few days, the FSB notes. https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/news_180627.htm

Needless to say, this group now promoting a new cold war will also be
staging other weapons advertising events or “crises,” featuring the
usual suspects such as North Korea, Iran, China etc.

This group has also used its fake pandemic and vaccine campaign to
install fascist rule across much of the G7. Since we have covered this
previously in great detail we will only mention here that the fake
pandemic campaign is so full of self-contradiction that more and more
people are waking up. An army of whistleblowers is also pointing out
this campaign is a massive war crime.

Last week Russian doctors dissected multiple COVID 19 victims
confirmed what a Japanese doctor told us last week and that is that the
real cause of death was “extended electromagnetic radiation.”

Now court battles against scamdemic start to bite. Last week a
Belgian court ruled that all COVID 19 restrictions be lifted within 30
days because they had no legal basis. https://www.brusselstimes.com/news/belgium-all-news/162742/belgium-must-lift-all-covid-19-measures-withing-30-days-brussels-court-rules-verlinden-human-rights-league-ministerial-decree-penalty-civil-safety-act-pandemic-law-coronavirus/

Jihadi Colin

Oh, by the way, the Ukranazis were literally flying the Swastika flag when Zelensky came visiting. Shows what they think of him, really.


cechas vodobenikov

USA regime ordered Ze to donbas to meet jens/corhole for assessment of transgender reassignment surgery—Tommy already in US LGBT village

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