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Zak Novak: “I’m tired of seeing children crying” (Exclusive Interview)

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An exclusive interview with the famous Zak Novak, the US citizen of Serbian origin who fought in Bosnia, today is volunteering in Novorossia. Enjoy below.

Zak Novak: "I'm tired of seeing children crying" (Exclusive Interview)

Zak Novak

The interview is prepared by SouthFront team Serbia – Јужни Фронт. You can find a Serbian version of the text here.

SF: Greetings Zak, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Zak: My name is Zak, born in New Jersey, raised in New York, been following SouthFront since last year, you guys are awesome !

SF: You wared in Yugoslavian civil war right? Can you tell us more about the time you spent in Bosnia? What was your role in the conflict?

Zak: Yes, served in bosnia from 92 to 95. I was with my hero Captain Dragan special forces unit ” Munja” in Zvornik ~ (I’m very upset he is in prison, if there is any way possible we can get him here to Novorussia! Someone do something from 93 to 95). I served with Novo Sarajevo Chetnik Odred with another hero of mine Vojvoda Slavko Aleksic.

Both fronts were very intense! Bloody, close combat, from street battles, avoiding sniper fire, mortar attacks to the tallest mountain in the Balkans, Mt. Igman! We had to clear all enemies from igman due to their constant attacks on our towns and villages. It was all paramilitary special forces stuff trained by the best! Special forces Munja, Capt, Dragan, then guerilla warfare with Vojvoda Aleksic! So its totally great experience! The battles were constant, brutal, bloody, stepping on pieces of brain everywhere, bodies hanging off mosques, bodies torn apart, brutal it was. Funny thing is, when we finished battle, we head home to grbavica, only to avoid sniper fire, yet, we were home, weird.

SF: What was the reason you decided to join NAF?

Zak: I am tired of seeing children crying, mothers falling apart, so scared, total destruction of homes! I am tired of all the innocent people suffering, and for what! Same thing all over again! Just like Serbia! Packed my bags and left new York! but this time, I was really angry, making me leave everything behind! stopping my life! stopping the things I enjoy! I became a soccer coach in new York for children, and I left it all behind! because of the fu*king madness the US is doing! I need it to stop!!!!!!! I believe I will do something drastic, to hurt a public figure, because of what they are doing to these innocent people! That is why iam back on the front, to join in their struggle! To be a voice for these people! To counter the Nazi US propaganda! I will do everything possible to stop the machine!

SF: What is your role in this current conflict? What unit do you belong to?

Zak: I’m doing many things now. I’m the voice for the people here (SF comment: Zak’s Facebook page)! From blogs, to my journals in Novorussiya Newspaper, TV and radio ~ I will use my voice, like I said before, to stop the machine, stop the US/NATO Killing machine! As an American, I need to help these innocent people. It is my mothers will. I miss her very much. I know she wants me to be here. As for units, trained with Rusich, to keep in tune, working at Ekaterina Gubareva Battalion (Humanitarian Base) and now with my Serbian Brothers, Dejan and Deki!!

Zak Novak: "I'm tired of seeing children crying" (Exclusive Interview)

Rusich unit (In summer 2014 these guys clashed against US-backed battalion “Aidar”. The result was: over 30 killed pro-Kiev militants vs 1 injured Rusich warrior).

SF: Most of your life you lived in the US, right? Whar was the reason you left?

Zak: Yes..lived all my life in the states, New York. Again, seeing the news. But thanks to RT news and SouthFront. I got aclearer picture! The atrocities committed by the Nazi Obama regime! Children ripped apart! Families wiped out in homes and buildings, total destruction! Burning and torture of bodies in Odessa! My blood was burning!

SF: You seem pretty much annoyed by NATO and the Western sphere, can you tell us more about that?

Zak: Since Bosnia! I have seen nothing but madness! atrocities committed by the US and NATO around the world! Every corner of the earth, blood is spilled! Every nations child murdered! Torn to pieces! Cluster bombs! Bullits, grenades, all civilian targets! An now, my own country, the US,,killing its own people!! Killing my brothers and sisters who only because of their skin color!!! Do you know the reason why?? America is afraid of revolution! The protests were getting bigger and bigger! From the wall street new York to LA protests, jobs, wages, rent, and now pig police brutality. So, what does Obama do? Start shooting black people! Now what! It divides us! A master plan by the Obama Nazi regime! Our movement was so strong, until now, this sick f*cking maniac (Obama), genius? For Hitler yes. But it pushed back our movement, its a master plan, and its done all over the world! To divide! I’m so furious! They will pay! Once we defeat the Nazi ‘s here, then I want us to march to US, and help our brothers and sistert here!

SF: One question we like to ask all of you guys. Hows soldiers life there? Describe it to us.

Zak: A soldiers life. I will give you an example about Rusich, amazing guys and girls! Filled with high spirit, love of country ~ so thrilled they are to defend, such passion, a respect for one another, like family. Unit is very sharp! When training, it’s with full gear, even in the heat! No one says a word, so excited to train in different elements, and different types of warfare, from buildings to open terrain and and heavily wooded areas. So proud they are. When done, coming back to base, feeling like family, a purpose ~ knowing its to defend Novorussia! Something I need to say, Rusich commander is called “Serb” but he is not Serbian. He is from Donetsk but its his love for Serbia! He has a tattoo of KOSOVO IS SERBIAN on his arm! I cried when he showed me! He really loved when i showed up! He promises to go to war for Kosovo, and return it to Serbia!

Zak Novak: "I'm tired of seeing children crying" (Exclusive Interview)

From the left: Serb (Rusich), Givi (Somali), Slavyan (Rusich), unknown warrior

SF: From your perspective, what is the future of the conflict and who do you see wining?

Zak: Sad to say, but there will be more blood spilled ~ more innocent children dying, the suffer of families, the destruction of homes. There will be more atrocities committed by the Obama Nazi regime, and its Death machine NATO at its side, of course, the little dogs like “Azov” behind them. But what I see on the ground, that Novorussia will always exist. The people, not just the soldiers, but the people are not running anymore. They still have their concerts, parks, picnics, family gatherings, even with bombs falling. They still continue with their lives. The children even have time to do flash mob “KIEV STOP THE BOMBS” so adorable they are. As for the soldiers, they are here for a purpose ~ because, what I learned in Bosnia, and now the people understand as well…it only makes you stronger! The world is getting used the Nazi Obama regime of psychological warfare! Years past, it was to scare the population. But no more! People here are not afraid! So again, what I see, and being close to what is said with official statements from governments and military, Novorussia is now and will always be a nation!

SF: What do you think about this war? Is it only the begining or its local?

Zak: This war is between good and evil. It has nothing to do with oil, resources, minerals or coal or even NATO at the border with Mother Russia its about different ideologies! Its about freedom. The West hates Novorussia! The West hates everything about Russia and its allies. They hate the freedom. Because freedom is what I feel here for the first time in my entire life, but we will talk about that next time. It is the mentality, religion, freedom of expression, tolerance, loving and giving. It is this that America cant stand! Because the US is a corporate monster! Every worker is a slave in the US! There is no life, its not 9 to 5 anymore! Its a 12 hour shift, and possibly have to do 2 jobs! Again, its the different ideologies, because, not if, but when Novorussia becomes officially recognized, this way of life will have a domino affect on other nations and this would cause the down fall of the American empire!!

Zak Novak: "I'm tired of seeing children crying" (Exclusive Interview)

Zack Novak (US), Rafael Lusvarghi (Brazil), Dima (Brazil) In Donetsk

SF: The Balkans are again sparkling, would you be ready to enlist and give your best for Motherland if things go south?

Zak: My goodness yes! First, Krajina and Slavonia needs to be returned ! That with our holy territories in Bosnia. Srpska rep. needs to unite with Serbia. Kosovo is a must. This is our holy ground, the birth of not just Serbia, but a birth for which it stands, for good! To triumph over evil! It represents for all people, good needs to prevail here. We must cast out the demons from this place! And finally, for my mother, who I love and miss, Macedonia! She was born in Skopje, but loved Serbia very much! We must help our brothers and sisters of Macedonia, to stop EU, and US from destroying that nation. We must support the government there and stop UCK terrorist from killing our children there! By the way, proud to say, my father is from Kunovo Celo, Serbia, near Vranje, and Mom from Skopje Macedonia. Yes, I’m ready to return, to unite our lands, and finally rest in kunovo cello, my fathers birth place!

SF: You probably met a lot of Serbs and other foreigners up there. How are they holding up? Do you share the same beliefs?

Zak: Met my hero’s Deki and Dejan! Cried when I met them. It was a good feeling, feeling of calm, but also a feeling of being proud. Here we are, Serbs, defending the good people of Novorussia. Such a great feeling being hugged on the streets, take photos with you. Everyone here is so grateful. Yes, met a cool dude from Bulgaria. He is with Rusich, speaks English too ~ great great soldier. Italian, French, Russian volunteers, as for beliefs, this gets tricky! You have some units who are of different ideas, whether religion, ideology. It gets complicated, seen it, was in many debates, but what is more important, it is we have a job to do, to defend Novorussia. For that, now we are united. Later, well, it kinda worries me. I will leave it at that.

SF: And for the end, say something to our dear readers if you want to, a message of your choice.

Zak: I want to thank all the amazing people of Novorussia: the soldiers, diplomats, officers, moms and dads. You have all been so kind to me, so supportive, wonderful and caring. You give me a feeling like I’m home. A special hello to all the beautiful children I have met from all the schools, orphanage and schools for the deaf and mute. It was great, they are just so lovable, and love eating cookies and pastries with them!Aa special thanks to SouthFront for keeping it real! A very important message for Mr. Vucic from Serbia. I know he remembers me, I helped him with English in Pale, Bosnia at the TV station. Mr Vucic, please my friend, don’t turn your back on these people! Don’t turn your back on your holy lands back home! How can you turn away from the atrocities committed here in Novorussia. How can you stand by as children get ripped apart by bombs? These our little brothers and sisters! Mr. Vucic, please, do not arrest us! I want to see my mother and fathers birth place! I want to see my relatives, my little cousins! You have to be proud of your nation helping others ! Please don’t arrest me, I am pleading with you as a friend. I want to finally rest in Kunovo Celo, my fathers birth place.

Zak Novak: "I'm tired of seeing children crying" (Exclusive Interview)

Zak and young Novorossians

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