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Yugoslavian-Made Military Trucks Spotted With Syrian Army (Photos, Video)

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Yugoslavian-Made Military Trucks Spotted With Syrian Army (Photos, Video)

TAM 150 trucks with SAA personnel.

On June 5, a video and several photos showing Yugoslavian-made TAM 150 military trucks with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) surfaced online.

The 6×6 truck was produced by Tovarna avtomobilov Maribor between 1979-1991. The truck is powered by a German Deutz F 6L 413 F engine and has top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. The Truck was not spotted before in Syria.

The SAA relies mainly on Soviet and Russian-made logistics and utility vehicles like the GAZ-66, Ural-375, KrAZ-255 and MAZ-537. Other vehicles made in Belarus, like the MAZ-437041, MAZ-437041 and MAZ-6317, Ukraine, like the KrAZ-6322, and Czech, like the Tatra-815 and Praga V3S, are also in service with the army.

Following the outbreak of the war in 2011, the SAA made the best out of its utility vehicles by arming them with a variety of weapons, including heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and even howitzers.

Some observers speculated that the TAM 150s were recently supplied to the SAA by the UAE or Serbia. However, pro-government activists claimed that the trucks were actually donated by Arab Gulf states to the army during Operation Desert Shield in 1991.


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Lone Ranger

Yugo quality is overall good.
They make good quality products.

Florian Geyer

The German engines were developed in pre-WW2 Germany. They are aircooled with a large fan without a conventional water filled radiator and were designed for very cold and hot climates. I once owned a Poclain 60 excavator with this engine and I also had a few concrete mixer trucks with a Deutz to power the hydraulics of the mixer units.

They are easy to maintain BUT it’s very important to keep the cooling fins clean of dust, dirt and oil leaks.

In the coldest of weather the Deutz starts very easily.

concrete mike

Deutz engines do start well in thr cold i cant disagree with you there.

Ever hear of insulated concrete forms? We just did a pool with a product called nudura. Is it ever nice stuff to work with.

Florian Geyer

Hi Mike,
It’s great to converse with you again in the mad world we currently live in. Your sanity is a rarity in the days of ‘Go Woke,Go Broke’ fllaggellation by the masses and their High Priests :)

I was not aware of the nudura pool insulation. It makes good sense though and is akin to an insulated sleeping mat whilst camping, I suppose.


Unfortunately though, in last years, among other central European states, Serbian factories have supplied bulk munitions orders to Saudi Arabia – who then redirect them to Turkey, who illegally traffic the munitions into Syria for armed militants. The required international tracing paperwork for these deals is clear – Serbia to KSA – and yet the bullets and shells all end up in northern Syria.


They did make good stuff,but Yugoslavia was another Country destroyed by the Empire.

William Conkright

Yeah Madeline halfbright ,Clinton. It was terrible and illegal what nato nazi did. I was listening to radio yugoslavia / serbia sw radio broadcast (same studios building as tv) when the voice went dead Nato has bombed and killed all at the broadcast complex. I used to watch the war on cspan late at 2 am when other media never showed the lies and killing. Milosrvic was right and was a good man

Last edited 1 month ago by William Conkright

After the NATO occupation of Kososvo, in particular, Albright and her State Department cronies literally had the Yugoslav owned telecom network across Kososvo seized – and then they unilaterally privatized all of its assets into a US controlled corporation – with (suprise!) Albright having the major holdings. It was the most blatant example of imperial plunder – and was essentially unreported in western MSM – it was also a signpost for intended direction of US foreign policy into 2000’s.

Last edited 1 month ago by PlanetWaves

From pic these are old stocks – possibly been in deep storage.

jens holm

“almost museum”


denmark produces lego trucks fueled by farts from bad cheese


my Serb friends all report Yugoslavia was brilliant before USA destroyed it—now they say vuko yebina….nobody wants anglo “human rights”—which means the right to invade torture,kill
“the Mindoro in Philippines and the pygmy’s in Africa do not want human rights: they want to be left alone”. Paul Feyerabend

Lance Ripplinger

The SAA has to use whatever they have. If it can move the army to the front lines, that is all that matters.

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