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YPG/YPJ Pounds Turkish Forces With Anti-Tank Guided Missiles In Afrin Area (Videos)

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The Kurdish YPG/YPJ pounds Turkish forces in the areas of Hakhic and Reco with anti-tank guided missiles in the Syrian area of Afrin.

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Happy days ! The whole world is on Kurdistan’s side !
The Kurds won’t stop till they ll have their independence in Syria, in Iraq and of cource in turkgay were there are about 25-30 million of them !
Freedom to Kurdistan !


LOL! At least you’re a funny troll. Dance little monkey, dance!


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The number of comments and upvotes I v got (compared to yours and not just) but most importandly the essence of my comments would disagree with what you said !

In fact your comment is the troll’s comment so far on this article, ”dance little monkey” !
Hahaha …Pathetic troll in fact you are and most likely butthurt cause you’re a Mongoloid Turk!

You can call me Al

You got zero votes, you Kebab lad.


hhahahaha looks like the virus thats been eating whats left of your brain has finaly blinded you too…
Get someone else to look again for you dumbass !

You can call me Al

Flikker op. WTF are you on about ?


You are too dumb to understand ! Stay dumb it suits you just fine !

You can call me Al

Last time retard. F…ck off.




People like you are literally littering this place.
No witt , no depth , no idea that you can share or get from others..
All you have is slogans from 20th century and slurs from teenager Youtube accounts.


Truth hurts ! Suck it now bitch !


beacuse you lick the ass of kurds on kurdish forums. :P


No, Because you are microcefalic tw@ty head that needs to get off the internet and suck on son something long and hard !


Barba Papa is actually Dutch as far as I am aware.


Dono if he has a Dutch passport that says he is Dutch but his comments are exactly the kind of comments a Monglian Turk would make, either that or an imbecile half-witted kid…

You can call me Al

Yes BP is Dutch, Dutchnational is Dutch (ish) and a Kurd….I am English and live in The Netherlands (spooky hey ?), but as for this t.wat, I think we should all stay far away from him.

Have you fathomed all those symbols he has yet ?

PS Cigarette smoking man.


I have not Al. Have you any ideas of possible meanings ?

You can call me Al

I gave you the answer “PS Cigarette smoking man.”

He is from the x-files…the old git that ran the show that always smoked. The boss – “the smoking man”.

Come on Florian, wake up (no offence intended).

I suppose it is a bloke thing.


I do not watch American movies etc anymore Al. They are rather banal.

I have to say that the current BBC series called ‘Shetland’ is very good though.

You can call me Al

Oh OK, I’ll give that one a try, cheers.


And you continue to amuse. Well done, little troll, well done. Clap clap clap!

Oh, you wanted a serious response? Then formulate a coherent argument. Nonsense begets nonsense.


And yet , thats exaclty what You are doing, you are saying nothing about nothing just crying troll …
Well , stop looking in the mirror and you ll be fine.


Another fine and well crafted post. Well done, little troll, well done!


Thank you for your sincere and honest review of my post.
Let me know when you ll make a post worthy of replying to and I ll be happy to return the favour my little Trollanderthal friend…

You can call me Al

Good one.


He is dutch btw.

Often somewhat sane in his comment and I find this latest a bit disappointing.

One should discuss on the basis of arguments and not by being/acting stupid.

Jens Holm

Nice pics. I think they should do more of that.

Henk Poell

Just an idea for a nice trade: Taqba area for 200 ATGM’s?


As i wrote last time, in czechia is democracy. The independent court released the kurdish leader. Vivat democracy!

Lelouch Vi Britannia

American terrorist rats ypg just knows using mines and tows for fight. These little resistance wont stop Turkish army. 2.1k ypg member died. Rest of them will die and some of them will run to Manbij.
Nothing can stop Turkish Army. Next point will be Manbij and Us bases. Syria and Russia should help Turkey if they have brain.


I think erdogan is in league with the US, whatever he says usually the opposite is true


Stupid Erdo-Führer fanboy with fairytale figures again.
2.1 K? Where are the bodies? Where are the pictures of this bodies?
The turkish army are just some cowards, hiding behind londbearded islamofaschists. And their Führers are ridiculous liars.
I promise you again, Your beloved Erdogan will end up like Mussolini or Ceaușescu, sooner or later.

Μανολης αποκορωνας

God helps the ypg hero’s.kill the turkomogols terrorist army.Greek people are with you.

achiles Greeko

Greeks, Armenia and persians must give Kurdish fighters more rockets and Missiles. in order to kill murderous turks. Turks are prostitutes or Drugdealers.


Of course – they’d weren’t supplied by the Americunts.

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