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YPG Surrenders Manbij To Syrian Army (Official Statement)

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A few moments ago the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) officiall surrendered the town of Manbij and other areas YPG “forces have withdrawn from” in northern Syria. The group claimed that the decision is motivated by a threat of Turkish invasion and stressed that it will focus on combating ISIS.

According to pro-governemnt sources, Syrian army troops have started taking positions near Manbij.

The official YPG statement on the issue is below (source):

YPG Surrenders Manbij To Syrian Army (Official Statement)

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Gregory Casey

About time!! Now ……….. Go HOME #SultanErdogan

Hasbara Hunter

Turkey still can be on the Good side….Smokescreens can have forced the Kurds in the Arms of Syria…..the Threat of Turkey Destroying the Kurds can have been enough to give’m ears to Hear….Reconciliation with Syria was a much better option….Either way: Job well done!


A good start. Now surrender all forces for integration into SAA to fight against all foreign aggressors including Ottomans, Wahhabi puppets, Ziostan, and FUKUS forces and puppets!


Sadly some kurds have a very pro-israel attitude which contradicts their forefathers the PKK – who were strongly anti-Z!on!st and even fought israel in lebanon/syria war 1980’s.

Gregory Casey

They should withdraw from Syria now with their Israeli Intel Officers and see what life is like in the Apartheid State of Israel.



Saso Mange


I like that very much.


Great News! Does this mean the Kurdish Retards have at long last accepted that their hitherto Yanki sponsors were nothing more than Charlatans waiting for the right opportunity to leave them hanging in the wind. If so, then we will at long last have the Kurds subsumed into the SAA without too much kicking and screaming. Also the headchoppers who were incorporated into the YPG better start running ’cause there is no place for these cockroaches to hide. Every stone will be turned and every single one of these despicable creatures will be crushed. At last the Big Wheel of Justice and Fate is gaining powerful momentum.

Hasbara Hunter

Belgium all of a sudden starts taking Back ISIS-Members (Court Decision)…..they see the Shit-Storm comin’…. Holland for now doesn’t want “Former” ISIS-Headchoppers back… Hang every ISIS-Al-Qaeda-Member High….They should meet their 72 year old Virgin A.S.A.P….Horns and Tail included….


Maybe they can get a humanitarian Visa from the EU…


“Amid the continuous threats of the Turkish state to invade the areas of North Syria, destroy the area and displace its people as happened in Jarabulus, Azaz, al-Bab and Afrin, we, in YPG, announce that after we have withdrawn from Manbij area, we have been dedicated to the battle against IS and the other terrorist gangs in the East Euphrates and other areas so that we call for the Syrian state that we belong to in terms of land, people and border to send its armed forces to take these points and protect Manbij area from the Turkish threats.”


What a Great Xmas, it just keeps on giving.


Kurds should join the SAA as a Kurdish unit or paramilitary wing. This way Syria is unified and r3tard3d ottomans can scr3w off finally.

Hasbara Hunter

Congratulations! Great job Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq & Hezbollah….Fighting Hard & Strong….an Intelligent approach of Diplomacy & Reconciliation Finally paid of…. Time is on our side…. IsraHell will Fall….


This is why IDF set up air defense Syria to shoot down a jet landing in Lebanon on Christmas Day. To stir things up.

Hasbara Hunter

My Guesstimate: Nope….



The kurds had little choice they are caught between a rock & a hard place, they may dislike Assad but the Turks are a greater threat to them. Perhaps Trump leaving will teach them a lesson never to put trust in US again for protection.


You would think but somehow we keep obtaining “allies”… more like fodder to throw under the bus, but they keep buying.

Hasbara Hunter

The U.S…… more than 500 Years experience in “Broken Treaties” and there still are some Turds that don’t know that Zebras can’t change their Stripes, That Leopards do not change their spots, Once a No-Good, Always a No-Good & that Old Habits Die Very Hard… Hey Kurds Grow some Brains….Kill me once, shame on you, kill me twice, shame on Me….


Lmao, where is France with mighty no-fly zone?


No one gives a shit about France.


But the moron macron thinks france is a superpower.

Hasbara Hunter

He Thinks He is the personification of the God of Jupiter…. they used to throw Retards like him in Mental Institutions…but because of Budget Cuts they had to release him….


He needs a helmet and crayons.

Hasbara Hunter

The Yellow Vests are funny though…. the same should happen in the Whole of Europe & America….Overthrow the Elitist Pigs…Hang them High….for they Gambled & Overplayed their Hands….

Saso Mange

True, it’s only Zionist support which gave them their status after being torn apart in world wars.

Hasbara Hunter

Empereur de Jupitèr et tout le Monde Emmanuelle Macroni du Rothschild XVI should better Worry about other things than installing No-Fly Zones….He might lose his Head some day….

Concrete Mike

Hah kurds surrendering to SAA without a shot being fired.

Excellent. Well done!

Told youso Trojson!! I wasent joking when i said your outta your league°


excellente news GLORY SAA!!!

Saso Mange

They were waving Israeli flags in both Iraq and Syria, it almost lead them to their destruction. Hopefully lesson was learned. And no, there is no real possibility for Turkish attack against SAA.


Better late than never…this is very good news…the Kurds are doing exactly what they are supposed to…officially hand over authority to the legitimate Damascus government…barring any hiccup or snafus, this will result in checkmating Turkey and the trouble it is causing in Syria…

Smith Ricky

Thank you kurds

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