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YPG Should Not Be Allowed To Let Syrian Army Enter Manbij: Turkey

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YPG Should Not Be Allowed To Let Syrian Army Enter Manbij: Turkey

Source: twitter.com/ManbijFm/

Kurdish forces should be prevented from handing over the northern city of Manbij to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on January 18.

“The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) should not be allowed to let forces of the regime [of Syrian President Bashar Assad] enter Manbij,” Hami Aksoy said during a press briefing, according to the Russian news agency, Sputnik.

The Turkish diplomat also warned that the upcoming withdrawal of U.S. forces from northeastern Syria shouldn’t be in favor of the YPG and its political wing, the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Following the White House announcement of the withdrawal decision last December, the Damascus government and the YPG resumed their talks on northeastern Syria. The first result of the talks was an agreement that allowed the SAA and the Russian Military Police to establish several positions southwest of Manbij.

Aksoy’s statement indicate that Turkey, as expected, is not happy with the recent rapprochement between the Damascus government and the YPG. Despite of this strict stand, Ankara will not likely dare to take military action if both sides reach an agreement on Manbij.

Last year, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made several similar wanings over the town of Tell Rifaat in the northern Aleppo countryside. However, Turkey backed off when Syrian and Russian troops were deployed in the city under an agreement with Kurdish forces.

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Its not for the Turks to say what the Syrians can or cant do in their own country!

You can call me Al

They are scared, they have been backed into a corner by all parties.


But they still are out of the reality, I wonder what the Tigers and all the rest is preparing for them, with obvious russian support, because Syria hans’t a great military industry.

Jens Holm

No, You are not wondering at all. You not even are able to include the 12 mio non fighters and how many extra deads are needed.

No wondering. Your are as when I was a chiild making matcbozes into tanks. Thats where so many here are. And thats why You little boys are figting each other.

And the reasons for old wars are same thing. After WW1 You created Nationalistic history books of the worst kind spreading hate and lies about each other – And its still here every day.

ME is a region of no mirrors.

“The tigers” are just some pathetic russsia leftover Sibirian museum, You cant even fight well even doing that for so many years among each other and against other countries too.

None in ME med learn shame and think they are to be respected and honored just because they are born as boyes – even they stay so.

Saladin – the man of 5 passports – were repscted and honered for, what he DID. You are not from here and not even amoing each other.

Jens Holm

Actually You forget the many, which dont participoate in wargames as well as the dead ones.

Only a small minority of those are in Idlib.

Where are they in the debate. They are not even here. Thats how it is.

Jens Holm

Its not for Assads at all too.


Turks should not be allowed to sponsor terrorists and occupy foreign land.

Tudor Miron

Turkish is about to outsmart itself…again.

Promitheas Apollonious

we see what happens when it happens and what the turks will do about it.This turkish bravado my believe it comes from the fact that they think they hold both Russia and west by the balls and are needed by both.

Brother Ma

Always the same with the Turks , since the 1920s. Treaty with new Soviet and with Allies who beat them in War but lost the Land because the latter betrayed Greece.
The Turks have been very successful in keeping two sides balanced . Friends to Russians and Yankees even though they are supposedly Nato.

Taz T

What right has Turkey to tell Syrian what to do. Their occupying army need to leave Syria taking all their Jihadist terrorists with them.

Promitheas Apollonious

they get from the policy russia has with them asking them and negotiation with them what and how operations go to idlip and afrin, with out the syrians to have a right to have a saying in this and lets not forget who bring them into syria or who stop the SAA from taking idlip.


Another hypothesis is that the SAA had to prepare their forces to take Idlib, and now is prepared, if this news will be confirmed, https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-cancels-east-syria-offensive-to-concentrate-on-hama-idlib/

Promitheas Apollonious

it is a good possibility since they be going against the turkish invasion army and their minions.

Jens Holm

Its the only possibility, Assads has killed all the farmers and destroyed most of the rest of it.


This post from Turkey side seems fake and look like that has been created by CIA or Israel to create hate between Turkey and Syria.

Jens Holm

You must be blind putting USA and Israel into that. Somerhimng went wrong in You Choran translation.

Jens Holm

Most terrorrists are locals too. The usual ME explanation. We did nothing apart from d´serving tea for our wieves.

The best for people in the region could be to be Frénch colonies again and restart Sevres treaty again.

You there did not even liberate Yourself and Turks still think they are Ottowomens.


LOL…. fabulous ridiculous lol…….russias allied friend Turkey…… they sign Agreement after Agreement with the russians…..and in all Agreements they sign “that syrias sovereignty and integrity” MUST be maintained as CRUCIAL………..in EVERY instance possible, Turkey did and keeps doing everything possible to Change the Status quo of syria as a arab republic with borders of pre occupation.
LOL lol lol lol lol and the same bs Story for the SDF-SAA “talks” since ?????
from A to Z all bullshit.Syria wants to get their Country back??? well they aint gonna be that sweet.They will have to fight SOONER OR LATER, in which order is best known by them, .. TAF (turkish armed Forces) HTS (turkish always allied jihadi headchoppers) SDF/YPG (illegally armed and with foreign nations allied, thus trecherous kurdish Population) USA Forces in al-tanf and in SDF/YPG Areas!

Fact is….the USA may seriously leave with their ground Forces,although i doubt al-tanf will be given up, but for the Overall strategy nothing changes at all.The USA Military command cleary stated that the US.Airforce will stay in east-syria to protect the SDF/YPG.

Bottom line….. the US airforce will not leave east syria, Turkey will not leave North syria and SDF will never ever sign off an Agreement and give up their weapons.Period.
and that only leaves the attack, which is Long overdue……..thus last suicide attack on us troops in manjib should be a wakeupcall for all including SAA Leadership.The most interesting dead are Saudi arabia intelligence and army People.Nothing could get worse than saudi arabia and UAE sending troops to east syria.
That should be a Horror Szenario for assad.Be

Ice Icegold

Turkey should not be allowed to exist !


The Turks are being to greedy and they ambition might have blinds them,the last things the Russian and the United states of America want is a powerful Turkish nation in the middle east. A big surprise might coming they way soon.The Russian seek to remove the USA influence out of the black sea and gaining the Turks as allies will do that but having the Turks there as major power who seek they own foreign policy and want to spread the influence is not a good idea for Russia. The United states of America want to keep the Turks as an allies and away from the Russian,they know the Turks are only in NATO for it’s own needs and the alliance will not last long and the last things they need is a powerful Turkey nation they will be a treat to they client state such Saudi Arabia and Israel. It’s in both the United states of America and Russian favor to see the whole of Syria go back to the Syrian government,After it’s no longer a threat to isreal,the Turks problem with the Kurds will maintain and it might boil over toward the Syrian government and Russia.


“last things the Russian and the United states of America want is a powerful Turkish nation”

But luckily for Turks, Arabs want Otoman Empire oppression back ! ;-))))

Tommy Jensen

Yeah life is extremely complicated for some people:

Who can and will claim the legal right and ownership to 1 fish swimming around in the Black Sea at 43° 24′ 46.9044” N and 34° 17′ 57.5376” E, and how do we prevent other countries/people to steal this fish.
How do we make borders and military navy ships and guards to prevent this fish to swim over to an enemy´s area and escape from our ownership.
How many International organisations should we make to create meetings among the involved parties to avoid that quarrels over ownership of this fish end up in wars and killings?


So he is actually saying….. that only Turkey is entitled to decide….. and therefore should ALLOW only Turkey inside Manbij (after they kill all YPG terrorists there)
Because all others are “terrorists” and do not belong into Otoman Empire anyways!


The Turks are definitely in an identity crisis. That’s what happens when you hang out with the Americans and Trump. Turks: YPG enemy. Americans: YPG friend. Turks: YPG friend.

Jens Holm

They was in a crises for mahy years even before. The same goes for Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Israel occupations and made can be added fx Egypt.

I admire You are able to forget all that.

I even admire anymore, that those not having any influence solve things. They hardly do.

You probattly just will kill each other slower – but is that progress ?


Good luck with that one Sultan…;O)


Ouffffff it’s so depressing, Syrian people and Assad are nowhere, it’s scary!

Astrid Watanabe

Very depressing. The Syrian people [including the Syrian Kurds] are saying all outsiders interfering in Syria have their own agenda, and none care about the Syrian people. They say the problems in Syria could be solved in a day, but none of the outside forces allow it. They are having World War 3 on Syrian soil at the expense of the Syrian people. Imagine living there and have that hanging over your head.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Edogan needs to be shot.

Empire's Frontiers

Members of the modern ruling classes generally.

Rodney Loder

The SAA would have to adopt a hostile position to Turkey cleaning up the israeli backed Kurds the only other alternative is to declare thensthemsti be defunct, and after winning the war that is not likely.

So naturally Turkey who defeated the YPG has to hit back with counter spurious assertions, thats what Aksoy’s statmenst is younger in cheek.

Two points I want to make, first is a comparison to the situation in the Congo DR when almost exactly the same situation was taking place after Kagame the US Evangelist muppet architect of the Rwandan Genocide along with Francois Mitterrand were giving Kivu to Kagame, nobody panicked and in the end World Politics decided the issue as well as resistance, but without the UN decisions resistance would have been futile.

And answer this what contribution can Assad make in Yemen?.

Outside of Syria Assad peddels little influence, someone has to lead the Middle East take your pick israel and Salman the queer King or Turkey and the revamped Brotherhood.


Given the current situation, this is a very interesting statement.


A very interesting statement of military and political madness despair.

You can call me Al

It looks like Turkey is shitting some bricks now.

SurfshackTito (TheSecular)

Erdogan’s dream of an Neo Ottoman Empire is too absurd for these times and most people would oppose it.
Guess he hasn’t learned from the 2016 coup. :(


Oh yes he did “learn”

Half of the country is in prison,
he is in NATO and with Russia in the same time….
he is buying S-400 and Patriots in the same time….
and all that only to protect his ass…..
He is with the terrorists and “fighting” against them in the same time….
he is for integrity of Syria and against it in the same time…..
he is against all Kurdish units and for “protecting” Kurdish people in the same time…..
he is president and the Sultan in the same time….
he is here now and in the Otman Empire glory days in 16th century in the same time….
he is promising Turkish support to the many nations and looking how to stab them in the back in the same time….

Yeah…He did “learn”…lot

Astrid Watanabe

I wonder how much longer the turkish people are going to put up with him before exploding.


Good question.
Otoman Empire revival is potent drug in Turk society.
In my opinion…
as long as Erdogan delivers any impression (or even illusion) of growing Turk power or territorial expansion he will have full support of majority of the population and Turk military even with current economic problems…

Astrid Watanabe

Thanks for the info though bad news. I can go back to my garden, but I am thinking of the Kurds in northern Syria.


Bad news indeed.
Too much politics didn’t bring any good to anybody.
And the best thing would be (like you say) to find some simple yet enjoyable distraction for entrapped mind.
We are born with two hands for reason, so that our own eyes can see what pleasant things those hands can do sometimes.


Russia can bring rationality, if they do not want to gain only the love of a lunatic and do not want to reject the wellbeing of the Syrian people, and I thinkPutinand his crew are reasonable thiking people and not zealotic power seeking would be dictators as there are so many in those regions.


Of course Turkey doesn’t want the SAA in Kurdistan, because Turkey wants to be in Kurdistan.


SAA has right to be anywhere in Syria. Maybe they should use tochkas in case Turkey attacks them. Tochkas have a very high casualty record by the way (see yemeni conflict – houthi tochkas have killed an estimated 600-1,500 Saudi/UAE/gulf troops since 2015) wikipedia (tochka combat usage) and military sources. And SAA has dozens of tochkas :D

Rafik Chauhan

turkey should look into their own land and stop occupying Syrian land otherwise it will be considered occupying like Zionist and ressotance will grow against turkey . turks should think it will be their turn if they don’t stop bullying Syrian land

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