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YPG Seized ISIS Pocket Southwest of Ayn Issa In Raqqah Province

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YPG Seized ISIS Pocket Southwest of Ayn Issa In Raqqah Province

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The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), backed up by the US-led coalition’s airpower, has cleared from ISIS terrorists the pocket southeast of Ayn Issa in the Syrian province of al-Raqqah.

YPG Seized ISIS Pocket Southwest of Ayn Issa In Raqqah Province

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the Kurds deserve to have a homeland. Hopefully they will put together the pieces and start the conquer of eastern Turkey.

Hanny Benny

..this will sadly lead to a bigger desaster for whole Europe! I think the kurds deserve a own state, but i would prefer peace between turks and kurds. If turkey blows full up(jihadists vs kemalists vs kurds..), the jihadists-front will filled with endless new dumbheads.. If erdKhan eated by them, we will become an endless war there.. o.O turkey will change to a new Syria and worser..!


The Kurds are the ones getting stepped on in Turkey especially . ” Jihadists vs kemalists vs kurds ” , that is the real danger ! If Erdogan made peace with the kurds , and offered them the eastern portion of Turkey as an autonomous province, there would be a possibility of peace . But is he smart enough to see that ?

Hanny Benny

i think they don’t need “autonomouos province”.. they just need to be treated like human beeings or even like “turks” IF the turks stop their “HATE”, everything will go fine.. So long turks react like before 100 years – with crazy aggresivity and mass-killings – they will lose THIS century all.. Because is no more 1800 where they can overrun with their deathcult half europe

For the last a kurdish joke ;)

A turk and a Kurd dies and go to the doors of heaven. There asks them an archengel: “First you Kurd please say me what is your last wish?”

and the Kurd anwers: “Please i wanna see a last time my mother again..”

So the archengel say next: “And now you turk, what is your last wish?”

and the turk answers: “the Kurd should NOT see his mother again!”



Not bloody likely. Kurdish semi-independence as we have in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria can only happen as long as central authority in Damascus and Baghdad is weak and as long as they don’t rock the boat too much by actually declaring independence. That way central authority can pretend its still in control. In those countries were central authority is not weak, Iran and Turkey, Kurdish separatists are a nuisance, but they have a snowball’s chance in hell of creating similar semi-independent enclaves. And Turkey will raze its part of Kurdistan into a wasteland before the PKK even has a remote chance of setting up a state on a single meter of Turkish soil. And it will do the same as well to the Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish enclaves if they get any funny ideas. Which is why the Iraqi Kurds have gone out of their way to become good friends with Turkey and not support their Turkish and Syrian Kurdish brethren. The Barzani’s would rather rule a semi-autonomous enclave in Iraq then a Turkish razed wasteland. They also need the Turks to export a single drop of oil. Or basically anything for that matter.

The Syrian Kurds are currently the darlings of the West and that helps them keep the Turks at bay. But that won’t do them any good when their usefulness ends once ISIS is defeated. Turkey has already invaded Northern Syria to keep the Rojava Kurds from uniting with the Afrin Kurds. The moment the US no longer has to chose between placating Turkey and fighting ISIS Turkey will move into Rojava too.

In the end though any Kurdish state is weak because it is surrounded on all sides by hostile neighbors. So was Israel but it at least had a nice long coastline with convenient ports so it could easily receive arms from its Western backers. An independent Kurdistan would be completely landlocked and its hostile neighbors can easily blockade it. It would be hard to fly in a single rifle if all the surrounding countries close their airspace.

Bas Freewheeler

The only way to stop the violence there is to give the Kurds part of east Turkey so they can establish an independent country.


What is the sense of having a strong central authority when you have to destroy your country to get it and trample the rights of minorities in the process.

A really modern society does not need a strong centrslised state.

It is better to devolve the powers of the state to the lowest possible level.

As for eastern Turkey. Turkey is opressing its kurds, depriving them of UN accorded minority rights. This deprivation is enforced by law, by the police and by general force.

This in turn breeds resistance.

With the economy collapsing, how long will turks tolerate Erdogans civil war?

An unnecessary war?


There are many landlocked states all over the world. Those include countries connected to a sea but not an open sea.

Many of those countries are former USSR or Warsaw Pact countries.

Shall we take their independence too?


Congratulation to the Kurds army. Go ahead and do not negociate any ceasefire.

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