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YPG Says Turkish Army Used Chemical Weapons In Afrin

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On February 6, the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) accused the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) of using shells containing chlorine gas in the Bulbul district in the Syrian area of Afrin. In turn, the YPG released own statement saying that the Turksih Army was the side that used chemical weapons. According to the YPG, the Turkish military accidentally shelled allied FSA fighters.

The statement released by the YPG’s media wing (source):

The occupying Turkish state and the terrorist groups under their control claim that chemical weapons were used by the YPG in order to fabricate a cover for their fiasco in the north of Afrin.

On the contrary, the Turkish army, which suffered heavy blows during our operations in the Şêkurzê area, bombed the area with artillery shells from chemical weapons. Our forces moved to high points after being subjected to the effects of the weapon during conflict, and the Turkish-backed terrorists left on the ground were affected by the weapon themselves. As the People’s Defense Units, we feel the need to reiterate that we have no basis other than the legitimate line of defense against the fascist attacks on our lands and on our people. We condemn the use of these and similar weapons no matter where and whoever it is used by.

We find it beneficial to express once again that the occupying Turkish state and their terrorists have not had the strength to fight against our forces on the ground, and that they have tried to conceal their defeat with such ugly smearing.

These accusations each against other is a part of the ongoing propaganda standoff between the YPG and the Turkish government. The YPG seeks to gan support of the international community, while the Turksih authorities push own agenda saying that the Kurdish militia is a terrorist group, the local branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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What’s with the trends ? Come on folks gassing your own neighborhood isn’t healthy.


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Nobody has attacked anything there with gas, it’s just the ridiculous charges of the FSA and the turks, because they seem to lose the war of propaganda in the world public, and especially in europe, and as well as that, they have a hard time in Afrin, and the Kurds who have learned from the Americans that you always answer an indictment with a counterclaim, just as they have done in syria dozen of times before.

Bulgarian God

Assad also use chemical weapons. It’s a war…!


Still no existing final proof of these claims.




Bulgarian God, is in not time for your carer to carer your nappies ?


I don’t know if he is Bulgarian or god . You know those people located on the land of Palestine suffering from advanced mental disorder? They all believe they are gods. We might b dealing here with such case.


That’s a distinct possibility.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes, noticed Bibi and Avi have that complex about themselves and others before them similarly.

Anthony Hawkins

Who told you …. God ?


Bulgarian Dog

Michał Hunicz

“fascist attacks” Looks that we have got the true commies here.

Nigel Maund

When you;re losing always resort to the claim the other side has used chemical weapons!! We appear to have heard all this before from the US and NATO and —— guess what? No proof whatsoever! Too much crying Wolf! going on to be believable!


Really? Chemicals everywhere??? Is there some targeted urination occurring coz SOMEONE is definitely taking the p!ss.

Don't read butthurt replies

This is a video of Turkish soldiers (or terrorist soldier if you want to call them) interrogating and hitting an elderly Kurdish man then later hand him to terrorist waiting outside. More proof of Turkish Army working with terrorist.


Anthony Hawkins

No video !

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

WTF shit are you trying to pull, I have watched a video, and not my fault your unable to watch it and you could see him being handed to AL Qaeda/HTS/FSA standing right there. Turkish Intelligence officers as usual ISIS and terrorist supporters nothing new here, just same old same old from 2011.


Great so now the UN will have no choice but to sanction the Turks and talk of possibility of war> Where is our tomahawk missile attack. Where is Obama/trumps when he cares so much for the poor children. Hypocrites all of them.


everyone claim chemical attack hoping 60 tomahawks ,out of nowhere will strike their enemy…


All these chemical claims have really become ridiculous.

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