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YPG Released Video Of US-backed Cross-River Operation To Capture Tabqah Dam


YPG Released Video Of US-backed Cross-River Operation To Capture Tabqah Dam

A screenshot from the area

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) press office has released a video depicting the US-backed cross-river operation aimed to deploy west of the ISIS-held town of Tabqa and to capture it and the Tabqa dam in the province of Raqqah.

The video itself cannot be a described as a real video evidence of the cross-river deployment led by the US-led coalition. In turn, the video confirms that the YPG (or the SDF how the mainstream media calls Kurdish fighters) was not able to conduct successfull deployment to the Tabqa countryside without the direct involvement of US forces. Most likely, this was the only video which Kurdish units had been allowed to release by the US military censorship.

Yesterday, the US-led coalition made an airdrop and cross-river deployment of fighters of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to the area west of Tabqa.



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  • dutchnational

    Are those the same barges as used in june 2016 for the attack on Manbij?

    • PZIVJ1943

      It looks like a section of the Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB) system.
      They are dual purpose bridge section/ferry. Iraq built a crossing over the Tigris river using their own IRB Engineering unit to get at ISUS. The US Army videos of the process are cool.

  • opereta

    Amphibious YPG Forces ?? ….Semper Fi !!!

    • Störtebembel

      tiocfaidh ár la! sing up the ra, äh sdf… ;-)

  • Gavin Allen

    For goodness sake do some research. “the YPG (or the SDF how the mainstream media calls Kurdish fighters)” – YPG and SDF are two different things. YPG is the people’s militia of Rojava. SDF is the Rojava militia plus the other (Arab) militias of northern Syria. “the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)” – the SDF is the Syrian Democratic Forces, not the “so-called” anything.

    • What’s Syrian or Democratic about chopping off heads or eating human hearts?
      That they call themselves so don’ make ’em so.

      • Gavin Allen

        Grow up.

        • What’s not grown up about objecting to supporting and arming people who lop off heads and eat hearts etc? In the grown up world everything’s okay to achieve a political objective – like destroy other people’s countries even tho’ they don’t do anything to threaten or harm you?

          You sure that’s your definition of “grow up?”

          • Gavin Allen

            You don’t even know who or what you’re talking about. Idiot.

          • Oh please…..
            Expound further – help me “grow up.”

      • Alesayr

        You’re thinking of the FSA, or rather the Islamists who slowly infiltrated and corrupted them. The worst atrocities ascribed to the SDF are displaying the bodies of Islamist fighters who attacked them. No side in this war is perfectly clean, but the SDF hasn’t eaten human hearts or chopped off heads. Different bunch of people

        • Oh yeah – thanks – that was the heart eater….
          But —- all folk the West supported for all it’s vaunted democracy, civil rights, liberty and “our values” bumf. I know WHY they do it – just don’t think anyone should fool themselves it has anything to do with any of the decent things in life.

          No side is perfectly clean – but Syria is fighting for it’s very survival and the Syrian Democratic Forces are using guns and bombs instead of votes and ballot boxes. In fact, they’ve never tried the latter and in short, they are deliberately contributing to the destruction of their own country. Doesn’t make ’em patriots in my book – just traitors.

          • Gavin Allen

            You’re utterly clueless. Stop spreading fake news. “the Syrian Democratic Forces are using guns and bombs instead of votes and ballot boxes” – how the hell would you know, given you haven’t the first clue who they are? And you think “votes and ballot boxes” are how you kill ISIS? “In fact, they’ve never tried the latter” – again, you’re clueless, and yes they have. “they are deliberately contributing to the destruction of their own country” – really…. So democracy, human rights and women’s liberation are “destroying the country” are they? Smh.

          • No Stupido – BOMBS are destroying Syria.
            “The Syrian Democratic Forces are a multi-ethnic and multi-religious alliance of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen, Circassian and Chechen[95][96] militias in the Syrian Civil War. The SDF is dominated in manpower and militarily led by the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a mostly Kurdish militia.[97][98] Founded in October 2015 ….”
            Not exactly very Syrian and founded AFTER the last elections were held. And I suppose YOU think the SDF are the only people who rescue ISIS victims!

            Sources listed are, in order:

          • Gavin Allen

            Amazing, you actually used Google, bravo.

            “Not exactly very Syrian” – you don’t even know what “Syrian” means, smh…

            Oh, a second bravo for quoting the most discredited propaganda piece of the entire civil war to back up your rhetoric, LOL.

          • 4 links but none of them to Bellingcat, CNN or SOHR – look again.