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YPG Rejects Reports That It Reached Agrement With Syrian Army Allowing It To Enter Afrin


YPG Rejects Reports That It Reached Agrement With Syrian Army Allowing It To Enter Afrin

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On January 24, an unnamed Kurdish official from Afrin area told the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV that Kurdish forces will welcome the entry of the Syrian Arab Army to Afrin and said that the Syrian Kurds took up arms “to defend themselves and not to fight the Syrian regime”.

The source allegedly denied that Syrian Kurds are planning to build their own state within Syria and stressed that they are part of the Syrian community, according to al-Mayadeen.

“The Kurds [in Afrin] have never been part of the American coalition and have not received any kind of support from it … we do not have a separatist agenda, but most of what we aspire is some of our rights at home,” the unnamed Kurdish official told al-Mayadeen.

Only few hours later, Bahjat Abdo, head of the Defense Committee in the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Afrin area denied that the YPG agreed to allow the SAA to enter Afrin and stressed that Kurdish forces there are the one that will stop the Turkish Army attack on the area, according to the Iranian al-Alam TV.

The YPG commander also said that any agreement with the Damascus government will be announced through the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). This confirms that the YPG in Afrin area is indeed backed and commanded by the US-led coalition, as many Turkish and Syrian activists claimed previously.

Abdo’s statement confirms that Kurdish forces in Syria are still not ready to reach any agreement with the Damascus government, although that they are currently facing a major threat from Turkey.



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