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YPG Kills Seven Turkish-Backed Militants, Destroys Battle Tank In Series Of Attacks In Afrin (Videos)

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On September 23, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that its cells killed seven fighters of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in a series of special operations in the northern region of Afrin between September 19 and 21.

In details, the YPG ambushed two vehicles carrying Turkish-backed fighters in the city of Afrin and the district of Maabatli. In a third attack, Kurdish units destroyed a T-55 battle tank of the Sham Legion in the district of Jandaris.

During the last few weeks, the Turkish military, Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and the FSA carried out a series of security operations in Afrin in order to put an end to the YPG operations in the region. However, their efforts failed.

The YPG and other Kurdish forces shifted their strategy from a direct confrontation to a guerrilla warfare after the fall of the city of Afrin to the Turkish military earlier this year. However, this new strategy is yet to cause any major damage to the Turkish military.

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Death to the YPG ! Cockroaches !!!


turkleri orospu?

Mustafa Mehmet

Turkler anani siker Orospu çocuk


siktir siktiriji orospu

Mustafa Mehmet

Ask your mama about her Secret she will tell you, ypg cockroaches


This has become increasingly pointless, why continue to launch attacks you know won’t result in any strategic gains (unless you count the newspapers, that is).

Joe Dickson

If you can answer that you can figure out why insurgents exist.


According of course always to your take of the situation.

Bill Wilson

To make them fearful of going out on patrols or traveling between bases in those areas.


What else should they do, go home, where ever that may now be, read a good book, lay in bed, have a sleep?

Jens Holm

The usual: Give up.
Well most people are not like that. As a minimum they give You schratches, if they can, so they are remembered.

They did not give up at Assads. Assads as rulers in Afrin = NO WAY.


Like the Turks will lose one second of sleep if a few of their hired Orcs die. It’s not even like some burglar murders your guard dog, because at least you love the dog, whereas nobody gives a fuck about hired FSA goons.

If the YPG wants to get the Turks to leave they’re targeting the wrong goons.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Kurds aren’t just killing Erdogan’s proxies the FSA in large numbers, they’ve also killed more than a dozen Turkish soldiers as well. The US and NATO haven’t said much about it and done even less to stop them, doesn’t anyone else wonder why they can’t or won’t.
For the last 3 months, Kurdish delegations have been constantly negotiating with Assad’s government, they’ve been begging Assad to give them self autonomy, but so far, Assad’s refused in no uncertain terms.
If granted self autonomy, the Kurds have offered to do 3 very important things,
1. Give the US the boot from all the territory the Kurds now control. Which neither Syria nor Russia can do, [hence the US’S and NATO’S reluctance to admonish the Kurds for killing Turkish soldiers].
2. Assist in the Idlib campaign and any others, north west Latakia, North Hama, west Aleppo.
3. And most importantly, promised to never try breaking away from Syrian sovereignty ever again. Many would doubt the sincerity of their offer, but with all that’s happened, [Erdogan’s invasion and the US’s reluctance to help them], they couldn’t afford to trust anyone other than Assad ever again, NO ONE.
In reality, the Kurds are the only force in Syria that can kill Turks and get away with it, I’m starting to think Assad should be starting to reconsider their offer, if he hasn’t already, they may yet become an invaluable asset in the very near future.

Mustafa Mehmet

Kurk cockroaches turn will come soon they will pay heavy prices.what they did Syrian people.kurdi look what happened to bazani


Good luck with that. Especially with the part where you believe an US proxy ( Kurds ) will attack other US proxies in Idlib with the guns supplied by the US. I am not even talking about what chances a war worn Syrian army and some militia may have against TAF.

Let me introduce you 9 guys who managed to kill 2 Turkish soldiers and ” got away with it.”
Please pay attention to the way they walk. You can be sure that they even confessed the apples they stole from neighbours garden when they were kids.


Mustafa Mehmet

Naa not real can’t make it to Hollywood yet .keep trying

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