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JUNE 2021

YPG Handing Over Checkpoints Near Tell Rifaat, Menagh Airbase To Government Forces – Reports

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YPG Handing Over Checkpoints Near Tell Rifaat, Menagh Airbase To Government Forces - Reports

Source: https://twitter.com/sayed_ridha/

On March 12, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) started transfering control over checkpoints near the town of Tell Rifaat, the Menagh airbase as well as a few nearby villages to Damascus’ National Defense Forces (NDF), according to pro-government sources.

However, even if the YPG is really serious in handing over some areas to government forces and is ready to reach a wide-scale reconciliation deal with Damascus, this effort may come too late.

The reports came aimd the continued Turkish advance in the area of Afrin where the Turkish Army and the Free Syrian Army were isolating the YPG-held city of Afrin from the southwestern and northeastern directions.

Earlier on the same day, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Syrian Republican Guard had deployed near the areas of Zahraa and Nubl, close to both Turkish-held and YPG-held areas.

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andy l

They should hand back everything they have taken inclduing the oil rich areas

jerry hamilton

They will. They have no option.


They have options. Which is steals the US equipment and fight the Turk backed FSA like a warrior. But they don’t. Getting too pampered by the US that they started thinking that maybe they weren’t really a proxies.


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USA is there, do not forget. Kurds can not do what they would like to do.

jerry hamilton

Because of Putins recent address, America will try all sorts of bluffs, infact Haley has just said America will respond to the fake gas attacks.
The next few weeks should throw up a few surprises.

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

THe thing is that I do not mind at all to your desorder and dishonesty unless you surrender your weapons before the end internationnaly.


Finally they stop being unreasonable.


They still are. This is just convenience.


At the very least they conceded that getting both the protection and the control is unrealistic.

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

Women fought ISIS and liberated half Mosul !!

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

When they will control the eastern area of Syria and the Western area by the government forces they will give the oil plants that International Criminals have stolen among bestiality, decapitations and burning fire. They will quietly get back to their home they deserves it.


Have we not been here before? When they enlist into the SAA, then there can be some limited commitment from the Syrian Government and President al Assad. Unless the Russians can pry a deal from Ankara I fear it is as the above article suggests, “too little, to late”. However, once YPG is fully incorporated into the SAA they can lead the assault on their treacherous former allies in Al-Hasakah

Promitheas Apollonious

can they be trusted? I will never trust a traitor watching my back, or even less, my family`s.


True. If they’re to be enlisted let them fight up in the front.


TOO LATE, USA-puppets.


unbelieavble they are easily defeated… there goes myth of kurds/SDF as formidable fighter against ISIS

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

They do not defend the population they protect their people as it is right. Could you hold a gun when they do not shoot at you ?


It becomes much clearer that the US airforce was the real actor at Kobane and the US Marine artillery units – who destroyed the city – were the real actors at Raqqa. See following links for sheer scale of Marines artillery barrages on Raqqa:




There are probably people in the Kurdish leadership on the Mossad payroll to sell out their fellow Kurds for dirty Jew and GCC money. So that they don’t reconcile with the Syrian government and see to it that Kurds are injured and killed for the entertainment of the Zionist sadists.

John Brown

Yes you got it right!


well that explains the plain stupidity that the Kurds have in diplomacy. if they handed over the territory to SAA and bargain for autonomy they would have 3000 fighters living now


Too little too late.

Maxime St-Jacques Canada

The Turkish advance is continuing over Kurds what the ISIS left behind. When the Kurds rallied into the yellow area to Euphrates please do not continue the advance. Merci

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