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YPG Forces Shelling Government Supply Line to Westen Aleppo, Threat to Close It – Reports

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YPG Forces Shelling Government Supply Line to Westen Aleppo, Threat to Close It - Reports

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The ongoing tensions between the US-backed Kurdish forces and pro-government militias in the city of Hasakah (click here for more info) has started to affect the situation in Aleppo city.

On August 21, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) forces that are in control of the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo city reportedly shelled the Castello Highway, the only government supply line to areas of western Aleppo because of the ongoing clashes between the Syrian army and the joint forces of various militant groups in southwestern Aleppo.

Radio Hara, a pro-militant media outlet located in Aleppo, even reported that the YPG has closed the Castello Highway for government supply convoys. However, this can not be confirmed.

Technically, it will be almost impossible for the YPG to take control over the Castello Highway. However, the group will likely be able to shell some parts of this crucial supply line on a constant basis. This move will worsen the situation in the government-controlled areas of western Aleppo, but it also puts the YPG in very complicated situation because the US-backed Kurds have no allies among militants from the Jaish al-Fatah operation room (includes Al Nura & co) that clash with the Syrian government forces for the control of the city.

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Hisham Saber

Its open season on the treacherous Kurds now I imagine. Their little enclave in Aleppo is very dense and would make a nice target for airpower. Morons these Kurds. Always have, always will be. Tools of the West and Israel.


They should’ve waited until they reached Tal Rifaat, rather than now, when their position is tenuous.


How ironic you made a fool of yourself.

chris chuba

The timing of this coincides very closely with the Russian use of the Iranian air base. I wonder if the Kurds are doing this at the behest of the U.S. If so, what did the U.S. promise to give (or how did they threaten threaten) the Kurds in return?

This is a very troubling turn of events and will only serve to prolong a very unnecessary and bloody civil war.


Straight ‘retaliation’ for SAF daring to fly over it’s own territory to bomb Kurdish separatist forces in Hasakah I suspect.

Al-Bab is critical now. If the SDF take it, World’s newest state of Rojava won’t be far behind – complete with US bases. The US precedent at Hasakah of a de-facto No Fly Zone over SDF forces is a really interesting development.

Erdogan must now realize that his only hope of preventing a (US-backed) Kurdish state on his southern border is to join Russia & Assad and insist on Syrian state integrity. Who knows – if he repairs bridges fast enough, Assad may even invite Turkish forces in to help fight the YPG ‘terrorists’. All bets off it that happens.

Ted Zah

Your last paragraph is exactly what i was thinking off
If Assad decides to ask formelly Turkey to intervene, then Kurds will lose everything


IF the turkish army enters Syria, will never leave. See North-Cyprus.


To invite Turkish forces…u forget that US is already in Syria with Kurds.

Can Erdogan do this against USA…no balls.

Mahmoud Larfi

I’d say beware of propaganda and fabricated disinfo… Too often false information created the case and then became a real information. Responsible medias should avoid spreading such grave matters unless it’s 100% confirmed.

George King

The Kurds have a very short memory, the US sold them out so the Shaw of Iran could make a treaty with Iraq and despite their pleading and begging to be protected the US would not even return their phone calls.

chris chuba

The only rational explanation I could think of was that the U.S. is exercising Kerry’s option 2 that he threatened during the ceasefire which was Syria partition and some of the Kurds were stupid enough to believe him. The U.S. probably gave some indication that they would recognize a Kurdish state and help them seize the oil rich areas currently held by ISIS and even provide that ‘safe zone’ that U.S. politicians love yacking about.

This is just adding another dimension of hell into the conflict. The Kurds are not strong enough to be their own independent state. If they get sidetracked on this project we will go from a 3-way gunfight to a 4-way gunfight. Yes, I believe that my beloved country is stupid and heartless enough to do such a thing while simultaneously believing that we are on the moral high ground (which is by definition the ground we stand on).

The sad thing is that there is a perfectly good peace plan on the table that the U.S., Saudis, and Turks have been sabotaging calling for a reformed, unified Syria. One that would exclude the Jihadists but allow Assad and the Kurds to participate in elections.


The project IS is on the rocks so US needs another agent of chaos in the ME. Instead of Islamic State there will be an attempt at a Kurdish State. Not so extreme, but bad enough to create chaos in the shia crescent. This is the Plan B taking shape. Feel sorry for the Kurds, too many of them will die for American plans! Should have stayed with Assad!

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