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YPG Eliminates More Turkish-Backed Militants In Afrin (Videos)


On December 9, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that their cells had destroyed a vehicle of the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad Division near the town of Bulbul in the Kurdish area of Afrin a day earlier. Two militants were reportedly killed in the attack.

On the same day, YPG fighters destroyed a vehicle of the Ahrar al-Sham Movement in the district of Jandaris in a similar way killing two militants of the Turkish-backed group.

Both Bulbul and Jandaris are located in the northern part of Afrin right next to the Turkish border. This shows that YPG cells are capable of operation deep inside the Turkish-occupied areas.

The Kurdish group has stepped up its operations in Afrin lately forcing the Turkish military and its proxies to take more security measures. However, these measures have failed to counter the YPG, which has a strong influence among the remaining locals in the area.

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  • You can call me Al

    How are you doing Turkey ?, a wee bit out of your depth ?

    • Brother Ma

      Time to torch more of those Erdoganite Bashi-Bazouks!

  • Thraxite

    Are they using IEDs planted next to the road? If so, are these roads used solely by “militants” and if not how many civillians get killed in these uncontrolled attacks?

    • Skagos

      It’s the same thing happening in Turkey. They kill 3 soldiers, then 5 civilians (whom are most of the time Kurds themselves) and call it a victory. Reality: They are not even controlling a single rock in Turkey’s borders.

      • Thraxite

        So its’ propaganda then? A simple exercise in perception manipulation.

  • R Trojson

    This could be a good sign for Syria. When a man can stand in his own village and fight terrorists brought in by a foreign power to persecute and/or kill his women and children. Go Kurdistan beat Turkey.

  • Dora

    Go YPG!