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JUNE 2021

YPG Destroys Turkish Battle Tank With ATGM In Bulbil Distrcit In Syria’s Afrin (Video)

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YPG Destroys Turkish Battle Tank With ATGM In Bulbil Distrcit In Syria's Afrin (Video)

A screenshot from the video

Kurdish forces have destroyed a Turkish battle tank with an anti-tank guided missile in the Bulbil district in the Syrian area of Afrin, the media wing of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) said on February 5.

According to the released video, the YPG targeted a M60 battle tank [or M60 Sabra]. The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) actively use M60 and Leopard 2M2 battle tanks to provide a fire cover for units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) involved in the Turksih operation against Kurdush YPG/YPJ forces in the Afrin area.

On the same day, the TAF and the FSA reportedly captured the village of Sourkeh, Al-Amod and Dekmet Tash as well as Sarghaya Hill from the YPG. However, these gains still have to be secured because the YPG already launched a series of coutner-attacks there.

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Nicely done Kurd’s I am expecting a lot of TIP and TAF dead bitches, the main supplier of Al-Qaeda in Syria must be fucked in ass, exclude my language but its true


Seems SDF forces are getting more experienced in utilising ATGM’s. As rhey seem to have a reasonable supply of them and are also taking them on the battlefield, buy them fron corrupt TFSA, reveive them from US forces, they likely can exact a large price fom their jihadi invaders.

Losses are not yet hampering TSK capabilities, but that point will arrive, hopefully towards the end of februari.

Jonathan Cohen

The invaders are jihadi? how is this exactly? Despite Erdogan, Turkey is still relatively secular as far as I know, and if they annex Afrin, then Turkish internal law and policy should apply, no?


As a turkish minister declared this to be a jihad and Diyanet said the same, those involved in a jihad are selfdeclared jihadis. As for the socalled TFSA, everyone knows they are jihadis. Just look at the last atrocities by them.

Jonathan Cohen

what were they?

Jonathan Cohen

Plus my understanding is that the Turkish army is more secular still, relative to the Turkish people.

You can call me Al

Have a look at this, posted by SF on another article – https://twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/958064340845912065

You can call me Al

PS Go on the account itself.


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Today Turks lost 3 tanks, 3 villages and hills around incl Bulbul and 17 turks killed, losts of TFSA incl 9 in just one ambush in Rao.


Who the fuck in the Turkish army came up with the brilliant idea to send their tanks unsupported into battle to provide fire support to their Jihadi clowns? Their piss poor handling is giving those tanks manufacturers a bad name. If I were Kraus-Maffei I’d sue Erdogan for the gold plumbing in his palace.


I guess all the lickspittle clowns Erdo-Führer had put in higher positions in the army after he had sacked and arrested thousands of soldiers (especially higher ranks).


Aye, that’s usually what happens after a purge. All the competent but critical thinking of officers get replaced by bootlickers and competency takes a nosedive. And since nobody dares to tell the Führer in charge the truth he doesn’t know the full extent of why his army sucks, and if paranoid enough he suspects sabotage and starts purging even more good officers.

I guess we just have to sit back with some popcorn and watch the fireworks.

Empire's Frontiers

Wishful thinking as it is, it’d still be interesting and nice to see red and yellow create some orange areas of the map and put an end to this Turkish charade.

Clarence Doskocil

What type of missile was used?

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