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YPG Destroys Turkish Army Vehicle, Kills Two Soldiers In Northern Aleppo (Photos, Video)

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On December 13, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that its fighters and fighters of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) destroyed an armored vehicle of the Turkish Army, which was trying to infiltrate the Syrian border north of the town of Ashmah in the northeastern Aleppo countryside. According to the YPG, two Turkish soldiers were killed, and several others were injured in the attack.

Syrian oppositions sources said that the Turkish Army responded by shelling several positions of the YPG around Ashmah. However, no casualties were reported.

The YPG is considered the main part of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria. Talal Silo former spokesman of the SDF revealed to the Turkish Anadolu Agency few weeks ago that SDF is dominated by the YPG, and that the US-led coalition is working closely with the YPG and arming it.

Turkish officials have not commented on the YPG attack yet. However, a harder Turkish response is expected in the upcoming hours as Turkey usually responds to such attacks with heavy airstrikes on positions of the YPG and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) inside Syria and Iraq.

YPG Destroys Turkish Army Vehicle, Kills Two Soldiers In Northern Aleppo (Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

YPG Destroys Turkish Army Vehicle, Kills Two Soldiers In Northern Aleppo (Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

YPG Destroys Turkish Army Vehicle, Kills Two Soldiers In Northern Aleppo (Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

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Zainab Ali

ypg/sdf/ameritards aka illegal occupiers are just begging to be eliminated on the face of earth


Turkey is just begging for an excuse to attack in force and if what happened is as this reads to me, they got tired of waiting and just manufactured one.

I’m curious to find out what America will do and who they will support if things get really hot between the Turks and Kurds.


Yes, will US support their Nato allies or support YPG? I think Nato. All Erdogan has to do is say he will flood Europe with more refugees and the US Government will bow. Got to keep those exports going! Last thing US wants is for Europe to see Russians and Chinese as better alternatives. Now if only the people of Europe can wake up and take off the CIA yoke, this world would be better.


All we see is something burning…. It reminds me of my childhood, when we set fire on a huge pile of garbage

Richard M

So the Ottomans are bombing SDF because they are burning trash? :D


So you were naughty since your childhood? I wasn’t a saint either but we were more interested in tires.

Seriously, we have a traditional festival in Iran, named “Chahar-shanbe-Souri”.which happens on the last Tuesday evening of the year (according to Persian calendar and a few days before Nowrooz). Fire, fireworks and boom everywhere. A few times I had my foreign guests scared out of their boots because they thought a civil war or revolution suddenly started. However, no tire-fire on that day because the fires have to be clean for us to jump over.


This is very interesting. Human cultures have so much in common. In Europe as well people celebrate the solstice in the winter with bonfires and firecrackers for centuries. Humanity is so much more connected then our “leaders” want us to believe


Oh, we too celebrate the winter solstice too, at night (which is the longest night of the year), but without bonfires and with pomegranates, nuts and watermelons.

Do you also jump over fires?


I did but it is not very common


Wow that’s exactly what I was saying. Half a$$ intervention from the Turks will get defeated quickly and will heighten the morale of the YPG/PKK. Battle hardened YPG can defeat a bigger army. Arrogance will humiliate the Turks and will lead them to attack head first. The PKK/YPG is an alternative for the US to Turkey. If they play their cards properly they will get their nation.

Imagine this scenario, The US offers the SDF territory back to Syria in exchange for non intervention in case the Kurds declare independence in eastern Turkey. Syrian can use the excuse that it still recovering and will not interfere. Kurds having a territory will lessen temporarily the pressure on Syria until the US renegades the deal (again…If you think Turkey is not trustworthy, just think about the US).

Jim Martin

Its not about “gaining their nation” but rather federal state or provincial autonomy which is what the Syrian, Iranian and evebTurkish Kurds are effectively talking about in the 21st Century. The Iraqi Kurds (although I sympathize with the abuse the suffered for decades in Iraq) made the mistake of calling for Independence this year which backfired tragically

George King

Battle hardened YPG? That’s reaching quite a stretch and comparing (a ludicrous statement) Kurds strength to the Turkish armed forces who collectively rank as the second largest standing military force in NATO, after the US Armed Forces, with an estimated strength of 495,000 personnel, according to a 2011 NATO estimate. Turkey is also one of five NATO member states which are part of the nuclear sharing policy of the alliance, together with Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.


YPG is battle hardened. In an one on one war SDF can never win an all out war against Turkey. However, there will never be a one on one war between the two as Turkey has to keep many forces along its other borders, in the big cities, in Cyprus (30k+) in the south east to kill kurds there.

In an asymmetric war, Turkey would need very many troops first to occupy the region(s) and then to hold it against guerilla forces in the countryside and against armed civillians within the cities that are armed to the teeth. Holding a city of say 300k civillians where almost all civillians are armed will be difficult and, more important, expensive.

An expensive war will cause an economic collapse in Turkey, which in combination with huge losses will likely be the end of AKP government and will cause a military revolt to “save” the country.

George King

I thought the US, SDF (YPG/PKK) solution (Annihilation, ethnic cleansing, total destruction?) in Raqqa was to your approval in solving “armed civilians within the cities that are armed to the teeth”?

I don’t think we can compare Cyprus in this equation as the Kurds we are talking about are land locked by all the countries in alliance surrounding it. The alliance has unity and peace looking for win-win compared to the Kurds pillage and plunder of natural resources, Empire model modus operandi.

You seem stuck in the ISIS proxies modus operandi that has been defeated for all intents and purposes, let us move on dutch.


Assad’s silence is going to lead to his downfall. Turkey wants any excuse to invade northern Syria and finish the job their IS thugs could not provide them. The other Syrian ethnic minorities are watching and waiting. They don’t trust Damascus. If Assad fails to stop Turkey the war is back on.


I think Turkey has found its lever to invade Northern Syria.

Recently Turkey has stated to want to re-replace the tomb of Sultan X (Murad?) out of near Ashima (where the clash was) to its old place near Sarrin, some 30kms south of the border. They will claim to want to station military there and to want free access to the place.

Likely, if asked, SDF will say no or place “unacceptable” conditions and then Turkey will have its excuse to invade. Of course they need a security zone of some say 30 kms to be secure there and it will be all out war.


Nice combination of weird comment and very old news.

It is old and public news YPG dominating SDF and US supporting YPG. This is like saying Russia and Iran support and dominate Assad.

Weird is the logic of Turkey responding to being responded to when illegally invading Syria, killing civillians and being kicked out.

This is like the bully taking revenge for being kicked to the sheen while beating a small kid.

Tony "Melinda" Stark

true or not, here it is the casus belli…fighters who laugh at the death of turkish soldiers. Bye Bye YPG, you lasted even for too long.

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