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YPG Claims Killing Of “Large Number” Of Turkish Soldiers And Turkish-backed Militants In Afrin

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On June 1, the Kurdish People’s Ptorection Units (YPG) released a statement claiming that “a large number” of Turkish soldiers and Turkish-backed during operations in the Syrian area of Afrin during the previous two days.

According to the statement, clashes took place in the village of Qurtqulak near Shera and near the village of Maryamain, 7km east of the Afrin city center. Two Turkish soldiers were clearly identified, the statement says.

The YPG added that 3 of its members were killed in the clashes.

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Mustafa Mehmet

Prove it scumbag. show us evidence worms , scum of the Earth ?????

You can call me Al

Maybe they have, BUT the retaliation will be 10 fold. Chill out.

I have the impression that the Kurdish sell out whores are between a rock and a hard place at the moment; BUT and a big BUT, assuming you are Turkish (a big assumption), you lot need to take as many out that will satisfy you AND THEN YOU LOT NEED TO FUCK OFF HOME AND LEAVE SYRIA ALONE.

Mustafa Mehmet

You get rid of western power force first if you can. when we can see our borders 100 pr secure ,than we talk about it, At the moment you have to lump it


Just as the strategy of Syria and Russia to coral terrorists into the Deir Ezzor desert and Idlib has enabled the fast liberation of a large part of Syria, part of this strategy was cognisant of the likelihood that criminal gangs will always do what criminal gangs do and that is to fight each other for booty.

Turkey as a state has enjoyed the plunder of Syrian oil, the looting of Syrian factory equipment, the theft of ancient Syrian artefact’s, the profit of people smuggling to Europe and so much more.

The current reality of the USA and Turkey squabbling over further looting is a joy to see. :)


40,000 Russians will never leave Syria, they died with weapon in hand fighting for freedom of a people that a politician told them are friends.

Have some dignity Turk.

Mustafa Mehmet

I said Western county .not Russia ?? .moron


Yeah the red star symbols of ‘Democratic’.


Well, they also stole the red star, it’s only to fool people, as they prefer the stars and stripes forever. Lets the green ships thake them there, to the land of the prefered red of Goebbels.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

It’s hard to know who to despise more; the Anarcho-Marxist YPG or the Muslim Brotherhood Turks. Anyhow, it’s fun to watch them kill each other.

Mustafa Mehmet

Scum you need another ? years to rich our modern life Style .who you calling br. hood Turk ,now go and jump front of bus cu…nt


My dear Mustafa Mehmet, you really should ‘up your game’ when you comment here.

To do so you ‘must af a ‘ serious look at the garbage you present to us.


jew slaves….die

Mustafa Mehmet

Harsh language from potsucker


Harsh but fair though :)


thats for both the kurds and turks…..stupid degenerate jew slaves


I am not agree with IDF bull shit. In fact Israeli migrants holding whole Palestinian nation hostage from ages, slaughtering them slowly and taking their lands gradually. These European migrants have no right to be there in the Arab country of Palestine.

Israeli migrants are child butchers.


USA wants to end with Turkey. They are using kurds to do it.

Hopefully, Turkey has destroyed so-called Rojava.

Now, it’s time for Arabs inside SDF to uprise and start killing kurds to free themselfs and return back to Syria.


Its a little bit more complicated.
The Russians effectively gained favor over the Turks with oil and gas, they hate each other but slowly a friendship will form over a few decades.
The Americans made the turks very angry by supporting the YPG, but lets be honest here, if the Americans did not take over the YPG the Russians would have, if not the Russians, Turkey would have taken over the YPG.
So in a nutshell the Turks are angry that they could have not gained control of the YPG
again the TURKS are angry that USA and Russia got there before the turks.


Turkey was there before because FSA was holding SDF lands until ISIS destroyed FSA.
Turkey doesn’t want to split Syria. So, hopefully, Turkey has destroyed so-called Rojava. Putin is collaborating with USA and was hoping that Rojava was created.


I have doubt that there is a lot of guerrilla style fighting in Afrin, but the reason the YPG says ‘a lot’ is because communications difficulties make them unable to give any real detail.


Do you remember when they use to say that they repelled Turkey in Afrin ??? XD.


You may have been reading Dutchnational’s material.
I think he was captured by FSA and sent to work camp to process Olives. XD

The Farney Fontenoy

This is like watching 2 schoolkids pushing & shoving with one landing a lucky slap then running around telling everyone how he won a big fight.

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