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YPG Claims Its Members Destroyed Turkish Battle Tank In Afrin


YPG Claims Its Members Destroyed Turkish Battle Tank In Afrin

REUTERS/ Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Offic

On March 30, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) claimed that its members had destroyed a battle tank of the Turksih Armed Forces (TAF) in the Bilbile district of the Syrian area of Afrin. According to the YPG, 4 Turkish soldiers were killed in the attack.

The Bilbile district is currently located deep behind the contact line between units of the YPG and Turksih forces in northern Syria. If the claim is confirmed by any photo or video evidence, this will indicate that Turkish forces have faced significant problems with securing the area captured in northwestern Syria.

Hint: The Turkish Army and its proxies captured the city of Afrin from the YPG on March 18. Currently, almost entire area of the Afrin is under the Turkish control.

On March 30, the TAF’s General Staff released a statement claiming that 3,820 “terrorists” had been neutralized during Operation Olive Branch in Afrin.

Additionally, the TAF said that at least 90 “terrorists” had been neutralized in the Turkish provinces of Bitlis, Bingol, Diyarbakir and Mardin provinces as well as in northern Iraq in the period between March 24 and March 30.

Earler reports appeared that the TAF had expanded its operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq. The PKK is a Kurdish armed separatist group operating in northern Iraq, northern Syria and southern Turkey. Ankara describes the YPG as a Syrian branch of the PKK.



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