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YPG Claims It Captured Key ISIS Member Responsible For Intelligence Acitivities In Raqqa, Aleppo, Other Areas

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YPG Claims It Captured Key ISIS Member Responsible For Intelligence Acitivities In Raqqa, Aleppo, Other Areas

IMAGE: ypgrojava.org

On August 11, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) captured Abu Kerem (real name Adil Musa Abdouljezar), a key ISIS member responsible for the terrorist group’s intelligence activities in Raqqa, Aleppo, Hama and other areas, the YPG claimed in a statemember on September 4.

Acording to the YPG, Kerem was captured alive in an operation carried out by the YPG’s Anti-Terror Units (YAT). The group provided no details of the operation. However, the YPG claimed that the captured terrorist “provided a lot of important information about ISIS and how it has been strengthened and bolstered by the Turkish state.” This claim is another step in the ongoing propaganda campaign carried out by the Kurdish group to denounce the Turkish military presence in northern Syria and the regional strategy.

In own turn, Ankara also often points out “terrorist activities” of the YPG and publicly describes group members as terrorists because of its links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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Brother Ma

And why is it so hard to believe that Turkeyis helping isis.i know russia is pals with Turkey now but i wont abide revisionism. I know what Turkey did and wont forget it!

Elisabeth Jenders

As I see it, Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) is reigning the Sultan in, pulling him onto his side, giving him certain carrots, but keeping lots of sticks up his sleeve. Far better than allowing him be pals with the west. A clever move, I think.

Brother Ma

I agree with you wholeheartedly . Yet,i don’t like it being intimated that the ypg is just involved in a propaganda campaign against Turkey.

I hate Turkey and most Kurds the same . The best of the latter are the YPG and even they are traitorous dogs who showed their true face when they started to mistreat Christians east of the Euphrates. It was no surprise to me. They always revert to type as they did one hundred years ago in the 1920s with their Ottoman masters.

Gregory Casey

Last weekend, Kurdish Forces including YPG and their Women’s Combat forces forcibly closed Assyrian Schools and Churches in NE Syria under threat of bullets. What they did not expect is that both Arab and Assyrian Christian Syrians re-took their Schools and Churches and reopened them kicking the Kurd Turds out. The Kurds love to scream “persecution” to the world while conveniently forgetting (and hoping that we all also forget) that Kurds led the Ottoman Turks in annihilating 1.5+ Million Armenian Christians in 1915. That was a Genocide and a Genocide that both the Israeli and US Legislatures, together with their French & British & German counterparts refuse to recognize. Conveniently.

Brother Ma

All true but not just the Armenians ; all Ottoman Era Christians but yes more harshly on the Armenians as it happened more often.

Mustafa Mehmet

gd for you never ever forget what your master did to you

Brother Ma

I recognize no master Turk. I only know lots of history and the truth. As for you ,it must be hard sleeping at night knowing that you are the grandson of cutthroats ,rapists and child- abusers. Oh yes! I know all about your pedo Attaturk. Also,as a descendant of thieves ,rapists and cutthroats you must be terrified that the victims’ families will return to take back what is theirs one day .

Yes,littleTurk or Janissary’s oglu .Your day will come and I will be there. I will be generous however,you either go back to Christianity, the religion of your forefathers or you f off to Merkelistan. She loves you over there.

Do not be ashamed,even Erdogan will have the chance to do the same and be like his greatgrandfather.

Mustafa Mehmet

Thank you for all the information about my nation past .and haci fuck any religion been religious is devil thing religion is greediness you don’t respect any one.

Brother Ma

See this freshly shaved dog? It is Merkel’s pet cur on his way to Merkelistan to claim benefits telling the fools there how hard his life was under threat by all those horrible evil secular Syrians and Assad.
Merkel is nothing to me ,less value than a snotty tissue, wind -swept in the gutter! Traitor and fool to Germany and all Europe doing the dictates of Uncle Sam.


Merkel is one of Soros’s Harpies!


They better hand him over to the Yanks so that he can be relocated to Afghanistan!


Special Operation me ass…the Kurdish People’s Protection Unints (PYG) captured Abu Kerem (real name Adil Musa Abdouljezar), a key ISIS member responsible for the U.S. Terrorist group’s intelligence activities in Raqqa, Aleppo, Hama and other areas… He had shaved his Beard recently and became a Full Member of the PYG ….just like many other Former ISIS-Moderate-Headchoppers…


If I play devils Advocate here, we all know that Turkey was buying oil stolen by ISIS but is this arrest genuine or just a ploy by the US to deflect their own support of ISIS as well?

Concrete Mike

You are close to the truth me thinks.

Brother Ma

Certainly all were in on it. Russian and Norwegian reports catalogued names of companies and countries. Switzerland,US and Israel were def involved.

Peter Jennings

Maybe the YPG are trying to split Turkey from any alliance they may have with the Syrian and Russian gov’t. Turkey cops all the blame for working alongside terrorists and the YPG look like innocent bystanders.


Yes, the Kurds are mainly opportunistic Gipsy types and in the earlier stages of the war they thought as others did that the SAA would lose. Hence their shift to america and Israel.
Had the Kurds fully supported their country ( Syria) the US Coalition of Terror would have had less opportunity to use proxy terror gangs in Syria, particularly after the Gullen ( US ) coup attempt in 2016.


The US no longer supports Da’esh. That was Obama McCain & Kerry’s deal


The US is however incorporation Deash into other US terror gangs and of course in other US hotspots around the globe.

Gregory Casey

Bullshit. If this were the case, ISIS would’ve been wiped out in southern Syria close by the US Forces al-Tanff Base but they have not been eliminated and accounts from the Refugee Camp within the al-Tanff zone indicate (nay ….. they shout from the rooftops) that Uncle Sam has ISIS within its patronage


Did anyone tell him this is the first day of the rest of his life?

leon mc pilibin

BULLSHIT,anything coming out of Kurds or zionists mouths ,IGNORE


Wow, how quickly SF changes their propaganda according to the wind. Now that their Russian masters talk to Turkey, all of a sudden the well known fact that Turkey massively supported the IS and other terror groups, a fact documented and ascertained over and over, is Kurdish propaganda. SF has at times interesting info, but their manipulation attempts will not work except on the most feeble-minded. Now, Turkey, being utterly opportunistic, like the other great powers involved, such as Russia, simply turn around and abondon those groups. Wait for Erdogan becoming ‘friends’ again (if thugs are ever really friends to each other) with al-Asad. I mean, even the Russians back then, even SF reported how most supplies, chemical agents, recruits all came through Turkey. Now it’s Kurdish propaganda? You must really have lost your mind entirely.


USA: Thanks a lot to rescue him, let us send him now to Afganistan.

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