YPG Cells Attack HQ Of Sultan Murad Brigade, Assasinate Field Commander Of Sham Corps In Syria's Afrin (Video 18+)

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YPG Cells Attack HQ Of Sultan Murad Brigade, Assasinate Field Commander Of Sham Corps In Syria’s Afrin (Video 18+) 5.25 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.

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Cells of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have continued attacks against Turkish-backed forces in the Syrian region of Afrin, the YPG said in a statement on July 31.

According to the YPG, its members attacked a HQ of the Sultan Murad Brigade in the Shara district killing two members of the group and injuring another one on July 28.

On the same day, the YPG assasinated a field commander of the Sham Corps in Jinderes. Additionally, the YPG released a video showing the moment of the assasination.

While the region of Afrin is in the hands of Turkey and its proxies, the YPG is still capable of carrying out hit and run attacks in the area. YPG cells are effectively hiding among the local population because Turkey and Turkish-backed militant groups have failed to contribute propper security measures there. One of the reasons is that these measures will be likely described by pro-Kurdish sources and some mainstream media outlets as an opression of the locals.

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Haha dead meat fckr

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“Click click…” Suppressed .22.


Jep, very effective caliber for this kind of close range actions..


Yes, because field commanders walk alone in in deserted roads with flip flops in the middle of the night.

John Whitehot

what an heartbreaking news.

Lone Wolf

I very much doubt that was a field commander … walking alone in the middle of night by the road side for no good reason at all … not that I don’t want to believe it … but it doesn’t pass the pub test …

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