YPG Cells Assassinate Field Commander Of Euphrates Shield Force (+18 Video)

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On August 21, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG)-affiliated “Ghadab al-Zaytun” operations room announced that its cells assassinated a field commander of the Turkish-backed al-Shamiya Front named “Mohamad Mahu” between the villages of al-Shadud and Baruza, which are located in the Euphrates Shield (ES)-held part of the northern Aleppo countryside.

“Our units were able to kill him [Mohamad Mahu] after monitoring his movements so he receives the penalty for his dirty deeds against our defenseless people,” Ghadab al-Zaytun said in an offical statement published by the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

The Ghadab al-Zaytun operations room was formed earlier this year by Kurdish forces to punish Syrian fighters who had supported the Turkish attack on the area of Afrin. So far, several commanders and fighters of the Turkish-back Free Syrian Army (FSA) have been assassinated in the governorates of Idlib and Aleppo by Ghadab al-Zaytun.

The assassination of Mahu is another example of the deteriorating security situation in the area controlled by the ES. During the last few months, Turkey and the FSA worked to improve security measures. However, the area is still highly vulnerable.

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Len Zegelink

good job ,kill all the scumbag turks lovers .

Great Monkey King

“good job” is an understatement. This hit was of the highest order. And this Kurdish death squad was obviously trained by the israelis.

Mustafa Mehmet

yeah yeah death ypg scum ? endless Cockroaches propaganda

Great Monkey King

This is a game changer. Quite professional but also curiously brazen. They obviously feel quite confident. And must have their defenses well thought out too. It must mean a lot of FSA commanders are seriously considering to emigrate to Turkey very soon and an impending offensive against Idlib that is likely to be rapid and quite success for the SAA. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Kurdish special forces are being trained by the Israeli’s as well or rather, it’s obvious, if you have any understanding of the word, deconstruction.


Notice the Malboro? See – cigarettes do kill

Mustafa Mehmet

3. 2. 1. Action Recordings keep Quite

The Farney Fontenoy

Yeah, that’s Kurds for you, murdering people in the dead of night, they would never dare fight an open battle against anyone, but the circumstances seem odd, why would a lone commander be driving in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night on his own? They NEVER travel without security!
I’ll bet he wasn’t tracked, but was actually lured out here by people he knew, he was set up to be killed by his own side.


Yeah, how dare those cowards not face the Turks in open honest battle and be obliterated by such things like artillery and aircraft, which the Kurds don’t have.

There is no such thing as an open battle. There is no such thing as a fair fight. He who has overwhelming firepower will use it to obliterate his enemies, and he who lacks overwhelming firepower must resort to subterfuge and hit and run attacks. Such is the history of warfare that anyone who faces his enemy on terms and grounds that favor them usually never lasts long. Complaining over things like that is like complaining why your enemies are not lining themselves conveniently up so you can shoot them and then have a cup of tea.

The Farney Fontenoy

Kurds are jihadi animals butchering christians, the ones they dont kill they extract the jizya so they deserve everything they get:

Bill Wilson

Why would that the commander be traveling alone at night down a back road? I wonder if the YPG found anything interesting inside his truck?

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