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YPG Carries Out New Attacks On Turkey-led Forces In Afrin (+18 Videos)


On September 16, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that its cells in the northern Syrian region of Afrin had assassinated a fighter of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) near the village of Birbna in the district of Rajo.

Two days earlier, YPG cells killed a fighter of the Sham Legion in a similar attack also around Birbna. Furthermore, two FSA personnel were killed when Kurdish fighters targeted their vehicle with an IED in the district of Maabatli.

The Turkish military and its Syrian proxies have stepped up their security measures in Afrin since the beginning of this month to counter the threat of YPG cells. On September 14, Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) announced that it captured nine members of YPG and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) during a special operation in the region.

The YPG shifted its strategy from a direct confrontation to a guerrilla tactic after the fall of the city of Afrin to the Turkish military earlier this year. The Kurdish group hopes that this new strategy will force Turkey to reconsider its approach toward the occupation of Afrin.


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  • Mustafa Mehmet

    wow wow always ypg killing they thing there are invisible terrorist scumbags

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    As much as I despise the Kurds their killing the Turk’s flying monkeys should be encouraged, and hopefully soon they’ll start killing Turks proper.

  • Barba_Papa

    >>The Kurdish group hopes that this new strategy will force Turkey to reconsider its approach toward the occupation of Afrin.<<

    Yeah, good luck with that. Considering that their PKK brethren have had zero success with that inside Turkey, I wouldn't have much hope the YPG will have much success with that either. After all, Ankara is used to seeing Turkish soldiers dying already, what kid of impression are a couple of dead FSA munchkins going to make? As far as Ankara is concerned those are barely human anyway.

  • Sinbad2

    If the Kurds were smart, they would ally themselves with Syria Iraq and Iran, and in exchange for giving up their claims to lands in Syria Iraq and Iran, invade Turkey.
    The eastern third of Turkey is Kurdish territory, a combined effort, and without the US protecting Turkey, they could send the Turks back to where they came from, they are not native to Turkey, but invaders from Mongolia.