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JUNE 2021

YPG Assassinates Top Faylaq Al-Rahman Commander In Syria’s Afrin

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YPG Assassinates Top Faylaq Al-Rahman Commander In Syria's Afrin

Jamal al-Zakhlool

On May 4, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that its fighters had assassinated Jamal al-Zakhlool, a top security official in Faylaq al-Rahman, on the road between the villages of Kurzalah and Basutah in the northern Syrian area of Afrin. YPG fighters also ambushed and killed three fighters of Faylaq al-Sham and destroyed two of their vehicles when they tried to recover the body of Zakhlool.

The Kurdish force revealed that its cells had been tracking Zakhlool for a long time and said that he had been responsible for organizing the settlement of the militants who recently withdrew from the Eastern Ghouta region to the Afrin area.

The Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi confirmed that Zakhlool had been the top commander of Faylaq al-Rahman security forces back in the Eastern Ghouta region.

Faylaq al-Rahman is not the only armed group that has been settled in the Afrin area by Turkey. On April 26, the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) established a camp in the town of Mayhmudiyah in Afrin to host militants who had withdrawn from the Eastern Qalamun region.

Kurdish activists have warned on several occasions that Turkey is planning to change the demography of the Afrin area, which was captured by Turkish forces from the YPG on March 24.

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Gregory Gregory

Good work

Mustafa Mehmet

Terrorist propaganda if not provide evidence video ..yeah they all scumbags ?


He’s dropping a soap in Hades now.


Turks cant beat the Kurds demographically. By 2030 Kurds will be in the majority in “Turkey” proper itself.


Do you have that link for me please? Or is it a personal guesstimate?

Thomas Wolsey

Hard to believe


Same BS as the Arabs becoming the biggest group in Europe.

Jasminko Grdic

but htis is true.
EU have birth rate of 1 per generation, Arab have 4-5 .


2nd generation migrants have the same birth rate as the rest in the EU. It’s baseless and badly researched conjecture.


Close, Most of the first generation goes back home, their kids stay and intermarry, so total assimilation by third generation. Even the language is lost.
What is causing harm is the initial gen, with their clothing and tradition they make it look like an invasion of the mongols. Despite the fact that their number is small compared to regular population, their behaviour (by settling together) and clothing amplifies the issue and anger a lot of people to the point that they start hating them (read become racists). That’s all about it. But other that, immigration made America a superpower.


If that were true, then maybe the Crazy Sultan should start thinking about bringing back those millions of Turks living in Western Europe to make up the demographic shortfall. Most of them act like they are still Turkish citizens anyway, so they should be able to fit back in just fine.


The real Kurdish numbers are prolly even higher. Kurds will prolly suffer the same fate as Armenians sometimes in the future, tho.


The yellow area of Syria occupied by US and UK and have held Syrian nation hostage there in that yellow area will definitely have repercussion. The Muslim community which is consists of 57 countries will retaliate to US and UK.


The Turkish plan is clearly seen here.
To control the border area and bring in groups that are more to their liking.

Edson Hanauer



Looks like this guy was allied with the Turks. Small scale fighting like this could continue in the Afrin area indefinitely.


Nice work, more of these please. :)


Ok, now it’s clearer, UI didn’t know that YPG is accusing Turkey of changing the demographical configuration of the region. YPG did it in Raqqa with US help. Now I understand some of what I thought is foolishness and randomness of behaviour. That is why Turkey refused to return the ceased land.

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