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MAY 2021

YPG Announces Withdrawal From Manbij, Turkey Says Kurdish Forces To Surrender US-supplied Weapons

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YPG Announces Withdrawal From Manbij, Turkey Says Kurdish Forces To Surrender US-supplied Weapons


The situation over the northern Syrian town of Manbij has been rapidly developing since the June 4 announcement by the US and Turkey that they had endorsed a roadmap to solve the tensions over the issue.

On June 5, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that what they described as their “military advisers” will leave the town. The militia claimed in a statement that its forces withdrew from Manbij in November 2016, but the military advisers remained to work with the Manbij Military Council (MMC).

However, the YPG said its forces would “heed the call when necessary to offer support and help to the people of Manbij should it be needed”.

Both the MMC and the YPG are part of a US-backed coalition of militias known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). However, the YPG, its female branch the YPJ and its political wing the PYD clearly dominate in the group by number of the involved fighters and the political and military influence.

Ankara says that the YPG, the YPJ and the YPG are terrorist groups, local brands of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The PKK is recognized as terrorist group by both Turkey and the US. The group is involved in a long-standing militancy against the Turkish government and de-facto seeks to establish an independent Kurdish state, which will include southern Turkey.

The US-Turkish roadmap for Manbij allegedly includes three phases to clear Manbij from YPG/PKK elements and affilated figures in the local authorities and to set a new local administration. In other words, even if Manbij formally remains in the “hands” of the SDF, a very differnt group of figures and fighters will take the real control in the town.

On June 5, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that YPG/YPJ/PYD/PKK groups in northern Syria will be disarmed in the framework of the reached roadmap.

“In the first phase, terrorist YPG will withdraw from Manbij. They will disarm as they withdraw. They will move to the east of the Euphrates. However, that does not mean we will accept that they stay there,” Cavusoglu said, according to the state-run Anadolu Agency.

He added that the roadmap will be implemented in the east of the Euphrates too.

“Thus, this roadmap has to be fully implemented, on which we have agreed. Both sides have the determination on this,” he said.

According to Cavusoglu, intelligence, military, defense officials and diplomats are set to hold a preparatory meeting in 10 days to set a foothold for the implementation of the plan.

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  1. as says:

    Sold again lol.

    1. montezuma_rg says:

      hahhaha story of THEIR LIFE!

      saw this coming a while back…and it won’t end there…to be continue..

    2. HardHawk says:

      not sold, this is a prearranged treason against syria, from before the turks, get the green light with the cooperation of russians, to move into syria. I said this many times and it comes out of the ease turks took afrin as well knowing both turks and kurds. Same shit different name.

      What I say may sound starnge now but soon all will see that is the simple truth. turks are the trojan horse for the russians and not only and I wonder how stupid russians are, or what is their game in this ME war.

      1. as says:

        Turks see the threat of Kurds or PKK as nonnegotiable conditions because their political threat within the country. I just can’t see Turks to agree on Kurdish troops in any form if they can have it though i think the USA would again see the Kurds as a hands they can save for now only to be used later (no matter how betrayed kurds would feel for that). Now yes i agree Russia are playing too nice to it’s self admitted enemies and again have an inkling of sticking up to agreement with them knowing full well the other party would never stick to it however i can’t see all distrustful Erdogan buying what’s USA would sell them regarding the Kurds/PKK. As it is Turkey have been terminally isolated from any form of real alliances it can be part of when the chances exist.

        1. HardHawk says:

          for the ones who are decision makers for americans and are not the population there, kurds and any other but them are expendable cattle. The global game is not if the turks agree to anything or the kurds, but to defeat russia and take over her resources by any means possible or western economy has maximum another 1-3 years before imploding.

          Already the desoeration moves they making and charge it to either their mouth pieces in UK or in US should have told you the extent of it. When they try to force swiss few years back when the embargo against Iran was at is strongest, not to buy their gas from Iran in very short words the swiss told the americans to go fuck them selves.

          So dont focus locally on the expendable convinient idiots see what the major players doing even 90% of their actions dont reach the news either mass media or alleged alternative ones who mostly just repeating mass media with different words. And alternative media do more brainwashing to the naive readers than main stream.

          turkey is the child of Uk and at time strong arm since the zionists took over Uk cromwell time and after. Check historical fact and who allow them by destorying the defences, from the inside, of Byzantium to take what they call today turkey. A combination of vatican actions and Uk.

          Globalization is not a new fruit, and is been going on since 16th century, in the form and from the ones who run it today. What the controlled, alleged leaders doing today and what the ones pulling the strings is not one and the same thing.

          and they need west to survive as west is showing them now with their economy. Watch what happens next and you know what I mean. Russia over play a game she can not affort against a power that can deliver trementous damage globally if not checked in the get go and russians did not show what they should have shown in the get go. My opinion of course one I hope I am wrong.

          1. as says:

            For now i think we should see where the winds blow. USA hegemony are on decline along with the Western technological, industrial, and military dominance as the eastern and developing country catches up. Only problem is if the long collared subordinates aware and willing to go against their declining overlord.

          2. HardHawk says:

            as long you dont confuse who is who like in your comment yes we will see. USA is a colony of UK, specifically the COL. So let us not confuse the amerkans as the leaders and not the tool they been created to be and the strong arm and the prototype of the ones behind western globalization standards.

            Why you think Uk joined long enough EE but never change her coin to euro and at the right moment began what she is doing now…. Accidental? When you analyze a situation must think of it peripherally and with not selective memories. Put the dots together from begining to end and then you have a clear cut picture not just pixels there and here that are not only dynamic and change according to where the wind blows but very deceiving to conclude on them.

          3. Tudor Miron says:

            I fully agree regarding US being UK colony, but UK itself is just on outpost of globalization conception that some call “Biblical project” (historically established Christianity, current Islam and Judaism being part of it). At this moment (long ongoing process) we’re witnessing transfer of center of concentration of governing power from UK/US to China/Iran. BTW there are rumors that “global predictor” decided that Jews as an instrument of globalization is obsolete and next holocaust will be the last one.
            Goyims (us) should not be happy about it because unlike them we should realize that we’re all humans. More than that, if globalization (which is objective process) is developing under biblical concept than one should remember what “tunnel scenario” is coded in that concept – Armageddon. That’s where biblical concept is leading human civilization. It will be logical to say that one can’t do anything against existing dominating concept of governing without being able to propose another more inclusive (having problem translating the meaning of объемлющий) and more powerful concept.

          4. HardHawk says:

            England fall the 16th century and become the center as well the base of the NWO dogma. I dont know your knowledge of true history or the ability to put the dots together. The rest of the western world fall under their influense or total control along the way.

            Check all the revolutions happen in europe the choice assasinations of leaders, that oppose them via the centuries and see how they took control of everything today is called western world and you have your answers and own conclusions. This is not the place to discuss in debth historical fact but also it does not matter any more because it happen and it bring irrevocable results both in europe and the rest of the colonies.

            The question remains to be answered is would the ones who have the power stop western globalization or join it or even win and establish their own, one way or another.

            We dont plan to save the world we can not. But we plan and organize to give the battle to keep our lands as we did in all our history intact and free of what ever is coming to it. Or die fighting.

          5. Tudor Miron says:

            16th century – exactly! Ivan Grozny in his letters to queen Elisabeth was warning her about it.

            All dots are connected and what we now call nwo, judaism etc (one can sum it up as “biblical project”) is well traced from ancient Egypt.

          6. HardHawk says:

            объемлющий it can mean an expanding idea or somethgin you strongly believe to and growns on you getting deeper and bigger?

          7. Tudor Miron says:

            No, this is about something bigger and inclusive – for example Solar system is объемлющий for Earth. Universe is объемлющий for solar system.

          8. Tudor Miron says:

            May I ask. Do you read Russian?

          9. HardHawk says:

            my wife does.

          10. Tudor Miron says:

            Yes, Turkey was akways fighting Russia on behalf of UK. But world is changing and I would suggest you to wait and see how it unfolds. Calling Russians stupid may be fun for you but you seem to run ahead of the train. For now Turkey works for Assad – pushing US out of Manbij and Afrin before that. What will happen later – lets wait and see.

          11. Paul Cock says:

            Strange view on global politics Tudor Miron, did your imam tell you this bullshit?

          12. Tudor Miron says:

            Paul, I don’t need Imams, priests or any other intermediary to communicate with God. Obviously, Creator doesn’t need those either.

            God is talking to us using language of our own life circumstances – it’s that simple, Paul.

          13. Paul Cock says:

            Tudor Miron So it is God who told you, by the way of signs, that Turkey has always worked for the United Kingdom! Well, well. God must have been a little bit confused when he makes signs to you, because I can not make sense of your comments. Are you a Muslim? Because most of the times, it is Muslims who lose their common sense when they think that God really speaks to them as an individual.

          14. Tudor Miron says:

            Pauly, you’re entertaining and funny but I have no time to waste. Sorry.

          15. HardHawk says:

            i never run ahead of any trains niether behind my friend. I just watch where it goes. turks the moment you give them the illusion of been a big power they lose control of them selves and I seen what turkey is becoming after having a few years of economic growth on borrowed legs.

            First with the full support of UK/Usrael now with the support of Russia. maybe is time to look outside the box and yes agree time will show to both of us whose running ahead or behind the train and whose just see facts and understand them, as they are and wiht out bias.

          16. Tudor Miron says:

            Agree :) Lets watch it unfolding.

          17. jako says:

            Who told you that Turkey pushes “US out of Manbij”?
            I could only read that Turkey pushes Kurds out of Manbij not US.

            The rest I will not comment because I do not care any longer what all these ant-Russian trolls are writing.
            They can all go FUCK THEMSELVES as far as I am concerned.
            I don’t care if they are Jews, Muslims or armchair generals from the West.
            Russia must always follow her own interests and Putin
            is great leader !
            Better by far than any other leader in the world God bless him.

          18. Tudor Miron says:

            Regarding US presense in Mangij – just wait and see.

            I agree regarding Putin but I have to add that he had great examples to learn from – Grozny and Stalin. Most hated (and lied about) by zio liberals around the world and ruzionic elites over here are those who did best for Russian civilisation.

  2. Rob says:

    Congratulation to Turkey, Syria and to their allies.

    1. jako says:

      Turkey and Syria are enemies so why do you congratulate to them together?

      1. Rob says:

        They are not enemies anymore now because their agenda is now one and that is to blockade US and their proxies to leave Middle East.

        1. jako says:

          That is total Rubbish.
          Assad has said so many times that Turkey is invader of Syria
          And you paint them as “allays”?!
          Anti US objective is not the same because Turkey has only anti-Kurd objective
          They do not care for US bases in Syria
          Their only problm is US support for kurds

          1. Sinbad2 says:

            Yes yes of course dear.

            But still, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and America is everybody’s enemy.
            The Turks for all their ruthlessness, are pussies compared to the American death machine.

          2. jako says:

            Do not call me “dear” I’m not your UK fag.
            In my country that would be an insult that man calls other man “dear” but on fag West that has become normal I guess.
            Read what I have wrote I have nothing else to ad to that.

            America is not everybody’s enemy.
            America is not enemy of Turkey and Turks don’t give fuck about US bases in Syria. They just want US not to support Kurd independence!
            Nothing else.

            “American death machine.” ha ha ha ha!
            Now that was very funny!
            I suggest you to write a book and call it
            “American death machine.”
            and underneath you can write: “They are so dangerous that they are too scared to see themselves in mirror”

          3. Concrete Mike says:

            Oh loosen up prick. Intransigence will get you nowhere.

          4. jako says:

            Fuck off LGBT transgender.
            Had enough of that Western unisex gender crap.
            On the West those who don’t become fags or pedophiles will become Muslims. You have future you deserve.

          5. Concrete Mike says:

            Lol thats the best you can do?

            Call me gay? Even if I was….who the fuck made you a judge???

            You should shut your goddamn mouth you intolerant peice of shit. Your just as bad the muslims you claim are so evil. Painting everybody with the same brush is a sign of ignorance and stupidity.

            I got no patience for shit like this…mind your own business you dumb fuck and stop blaming other folks for the mess our zionist politicians made, stop going for the cheap gay muslims excuse. Go educate yourself you uncultured swine

          6. jako says:

            ” intolerant ” ha ha ha !!!
            That is all you Western white twats parrot all day
            your fucking “tolerance” !
            That’s why everybody on the West is fucking you in the ass starting with the fagots, Muslims, emigrants, feminists, politicians, bankers, and all 100 different genders you have there already !
            Everybody is screwing you !
            You are EVERY BODIES BITCH !
            I shit on you on you, on your “zionist politicians”, feminists and all fucking LGBT crap you have there and I shit on
            Western world in general !

            I shit on everything you represent and everything you pretend to be you good for nothing WIMPS !
            You are DECADENT pieces of shit condemned to extinction !

          7. Concrete Mike says:


  3. Smaug says:

    This is strange, as I don’t why the SDF would agree to everything this article says they have. And who exactly is taking over? Assuming everything in this article is not apart of someone’s disinformation campaign, then I would say there’s a lot more behind the scenes problems than ee know of. But this could also be the end result of another intrigue, the Turks and allies maybe trying to trick people into thinking the Kurds and US are leaving for long enough to occupy the town without a fight.

    1. Bill Wilson says:

      Erdogan has a habit of claiming that his demands were met while the other parties involved are mulling those over.

      1. as says:

        Netanhyaho aced that.

  4. Rob says:

    Erdogan should blockade US, NATO and their proxies Israel, PKK etc in Syria and Iraq…. Erdogan should stop their supply routes.

    Erdogan should copy the Palestinian blockade. Make them hostage like Palestinians… Erdogan should not compromise regional security.

    1. jako says:

      Turkey is in NATO.
      Why are you posting such nonsense?
      Do you ever read your posts to verify if they make any sense?

      1. Rob says:

        US, NATO and Israel hindering the Turkey deal with Russia for S-400.

        1. jako says:

          So Turkey will ” blockade US, NATO” because of that?!?

          You can not be serious !
          There is something seriously wrong with your logic.
          I do not think that you are ill informed person but you are somebody who distorts the reality which is worse than being badly informed

  5. Rob says:

    Pentagon Pain: F-35 stealth fighter jet ‘one of the worst planes we’ve ever designed’.

    1. jako says:

      They can do worse than that.

  6. Daniel Hamzah says:

    Woah, its seems like for the last 2 years, Erdogan always manage to get what he wants. Great achievement for Tukish foreign minister too. We should give credit where credit due regardless everybody stands.

    1. John Whitehot says:

      “its seems like for the last 2 years, Erdogan always manage to get what he wants”

      Not really. “Assad must go” he was saying.

      1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        Time will show Mr

        1. John Whitehot says:

          for real.

    2. s Slippy says:

      If you dare to acknowledge any strategic victory of Erdogan the people in the comment section will hate you for it. Replace Erdogan with Putin and you will get standing ovations.

  7. Aheebwa patrick says:

    Terrorists to handle over American supplied weapons, what a shame to Zionists stupid blackmailers.

  8. Angelo Cinarelli says:

    USA and French must go or it will be another Viet Nam.

  9. Rob says:


    Putin signs law on countermeasures against US & its allies

    1. Paul Cock says:

      It is not Trump, it is the deep state in America who seems to rule. Trump would like to get along with Russia.

    2. EoF says:

      Fucking finally

  10. Jonathan Cohen says:

    ABORTION RIGHTS IN MANBIJ! This includes both YPG and Turkey, but I don’t know about the proxy armies or affiliated police forces; do you?

    1. Sencer says:

      Abortion is legal in Turkey. They can just visit nearest Turkish town and do whatever they like.

      1. Jonathan Cohen says:

        That does not make abortion legal in the Turkish proxy controlled zones of Syria, without crossing borders, which are usually controlled so not just anyone can cross a border; but even if they could, it doesn’t count any more than crossing the Irish Sea.

    2. RichardD says:

      Why are you promoting a hideous practice like abortion, when the humane way to deal with population growth is raising per capita income that changes family planning priorities, and medical technology that avoids unwanted pregnancy by lowering conception rates so that unwanted pregnancies don’t occur in the first place? Are you some kind of depraved blood thirsty deviant?

  11. John says:

    It seems turkey and the us end game is the same keep the oilfield south of Assad’s hands

  12. RichardD says:

    This sounds like what I wrote about months ago about the Turks getting on board with the partition plan. Which effectively puts them in the problem creating, rather than problem solving category. As far as the Kurds disarming. That’s a bad joke. There may be some Chinese fire drill shell game shuffling of arms and fighters. But it will have little if any effect on either disarming the Kurds, or minimizing the threat that they pose to Turkey. The Jews have openly stated that the Turks are on their regime change list. Jewmerican security guarantees on this issue are a fool’s errand.

  13. Bob says:

    The SDF-US-NATO pockets west of Euphrates both at Manjib, and at Raqqa, are all about having seized control of Syria’s two major upper Euphrates dams and the agriculture-irrigation and hydro-electric assets and capabilities of Syrian state.

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      Also to protect LaFarge’s cement plant.

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