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YPG Announces More Attacks Against Turkey-led Forces In Afrin Area

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On August 14, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) released a new statement providing details on two more attacks carried out by YPG cells against the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian army (TFSA) in the Afrin area.

According to the statement, Abdul Razzaq al-Bakr, a commander of Turkish-backed militant unit, died on August 8 after he had been wounded in a bomb explosion in the Afrin district of Mabata.

On August 11, YPG cells used a motorcycle-bomb on the road to the village of Kafr Jannah in the districy of Shera. The bombing reportedly hit a joint patrol of the TAF and the TFSA killing one Turkish soldier and wounding another one. “A number” of TFSA members were allegedly killed.

YPG cells carry out attacks against patrols and positions of the TAF and the TFSA in Afrin on a constant basis. According to a YPG statement released on August 9, the group’s members attacked Turkey-led forces in Afrin between August 5 and August 6. Then, the YPG used an IED against a vehicle belonging to the TFSA’s Failaq Sham on the road between the villages of Kibashin and Burj Haidar in the Sherawa distrcit. The vehicle was reportedly destroyed and two Turkish-backed fighters were killed.

The YPG also attacked and destroyed a Turkish armoured vehicle between the city of Afrin and the Jinderes district. According to the YPG version of the events, two Turkish soldiers were killed and three others were injured. The YPG also detonated an IED in the center of Afrin city targeting military police of the TFSA. Three police members were killed and seven others were wounded, according to the report.

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Feudalism Victory

Cue the the turkish genocide of kurds 3 2 1

Mustafa Mehmet


Mustafa Mehmet

prove it mother fuc,,,,,,r scumbag

Moshe Dummstein

let them masturbate and enjoy while they can; another 4700 will be swept soon.


YPG lost Afrin to the Turks and now brag about terrorist gorilla activity. How low can they go.

Richard M

So? Yugoslavia and France were occupied by the Nazis and then bragged about “gorilla” activity.

You can call me Al

“Resistance” – I thought this Gorilla activity came later.

Richard M

Never underestimate Gorilla Activity! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T0z1CT-nR8

You can call me Al


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