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JUNE 2021

YPG Accuses Turkish Army Of Gas Attack On Village In Afrin Area

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On February 16, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) accused  the Turkish Army of conducting a gas attack on its forces in the Syrian area of Afrin. The alleged attack reportedly wounded 6 people in some village in the area.

Birusk Hasaka, a spokesman for the YPG in Afrin, said that the injured people had suffered breathing problems and other symptoms indicative of a gas attack.

One of the key features of the Syrian war is that some sides use accusations of gas (chemical) attacks against them as an everyday tool of the propaganda war.

Since the start of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch in the Afrin area, the YPG has been actively implementing this approach.

Even if the YPG’s claims are really based on some facts, the previous series of events with the so-called “moderate opposition” fabricating gas attack “evidence” on a daily bases undermines the YPG’s capabilities to prove its point of view.

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You can call me Al

I wonder if this is a Yank + allies stitch up again, to come in to Syria and actually square off to Turkey …..Tillerson, Macron and I think one of our UK muppets have been banging on about it the last couple of weeks.


It was rather previsible. All yankees ennemies were always accused of using chemical weapons


Like the Apaches!


there are reports that Assad forces entered afrin yesterday….what do you guys think? are we going to see a turkey vs Assad war soon?


Only if Erdogan becomes a madman, so a slight possibility.



Daniel Castro

Hurry up, Trump, bomb Ankara!


Not so wise, Tomahawks may go off course and hit NATO airbase. :D


That would be a joy to behold PZ1V :)

Daniel Castro

Well, it would be the 1st time they would be used to actually kill the bad guys…


Likewise, hurry up Macron – bomb Ankara, lol.

Gerald Gulenc

Another fake news Turks dont have chemical weapons and they dont have to stoop to that to topple the Kurds.


But did Turkey intel supply Sarin gas for Khan Shaykhun false flag attack to kill civs? Hmmm


The Kurds are US puppets and the US doesn’t want to push Turkey too far so they’ll have to choose to defend one proxy or the other….

Pave Way IV

Some Kurds are more equal than others. The Afrin Kurds are throw-away Kurds to the US – they’ll never defend them. Kurds in northeast Syria are different, but Turkey really hasn’t done much invading over there – yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if CENTCOM threw those Kurds under the bus as well, but ‘preserved’ the part of the SDF it now finds useful: the Arab ex-ISIS DMC guarding CENTCOM’s oilfields.


Very clever move.


We’ve seen the terrorists use gas attacks they do on the populations under their control and fake gas attacks in order to give the Empire an excuse to do what it has planned to do all along. Is it any wonder then that the Kurds, who have colluded with the terrorists on so many occasions in Syria, would use the same line in order to get assistance from the Empire. Apparently the Kurds don’t comprehend how Turkey fares with the US vs themselves, the cannon fodder of the Empire.

Anthony Paul Mapes

When they come out with “some village” was hit, then it makes you think what village?!
Simple fact is if you can’t name it then the logical outcome is the event didn’t take place, easily put all personal have maps and unless you are a complete moron or blind you should be able to name your location!
Hell this is worse proper gander than the FSA nonsense, at least they were able to fool the mentally adept.
Easy example for me to give is this: I will go to the swimming pool stick my head under the water with my eyes open, wonder about my town n have some idiot film me and claim the UK government carried out a chlorine gas attack in Durham city!

“Watch the MSM guys, oppression of Durham city is coming your way”!

Don't read butthurt replies

Didn’t someone from the Russian military reported (a few days ago) that the terrorist in Syria were preparing for a gas attack?

northerntruthseeker .

Yes, Sputnik news and other sources…


These Kurds are being schooled by the US , on how to play the victim card .

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