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YouTube’s Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

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YouTube Vs SouthFront

The comedy show named ‘YouTube and its attempts to justify the need to censor SouthFront’ just got a new episode.

On July 28, YouTube blocked SouthFront’s backup channel created in May to upload videos, while the main one remains terminated due to YouTube’s inability to tolerate independent points of view. The blocked channel had ZERO YouTube strikes.

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

IMAGE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEV64LEWBVF0h48eUDxI96Q

The move is an apparent part of the ongoing censorship campaign against SouthFront.

The July 28 situation is the second time when YouTube blocked SouthFront’s backup channel. The previous censorship attempt happened on May 16.

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

The channel was previously blocked on May 16

Then, SouthFront appealed the decision and by May 18, YouTube restored SouthFront’s backup channel. The decision of YouTube Team to restore the channel clearly demonstrated that SouthFront content does not violate any YouTube Community Guidlines or Terms of Service.

At that moment, the backup channel had about 1,3900 subscribers. As of July 28, the number of subscribers overcame 7,000.

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEV64LEWBVF0h48eUDxI96Q/

Therefore, this approach of YouTube confirms that this is clearly a politically-motivated decision aimed at suppressing SouthFront on the platform.


The text below was released by SouthFront on June 24, 2020 (source):

More than 1.5 months since the censorship of SouthFront’s main channel on YouTube, the YouTube staff has been ignoring SouthFront rejecting requests to provide at least some kind of formal reason behind this decision. However, in mid-June, YouTube finally invented some formal explanation for its illegal decision to censor SouthFront.

Now, YouTube claims that SouthFront’s main channel was terminated because of “repeated or severe violations” of YouTube Community Guidelines, including “spam, scams or commercially deceptive content”. The claim that SouthFront content on YouTube somehow promoted spam, scams or deceptive content is a blatant lie.

HINT: On May 1, YouTube terminated all of South Front’s channels, with approximately 170,000 subscribers. The main YouTube channel in English had over 152,000 subscribers, 1,900 uploaded videos and approximately 60 million views. The termination of our channels occurred without any warnings or notifications and regardless of the fact that our YouTube channels had zero active strikes.

We immediately appealed this decision and during the next weeks repeatedly requested YouTube to explain reasons behind it. However, no real answers have been provided until now.

A summary of the recent events:

On June 16, YouTube requested us to provide him links to SouthFront channels, which were terminated (like YouTube Support Team cannot get these links by itself):

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

Click to see the full-size image

SouthFront provided all the requested information:

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

Click to see the full-size image

On June 18, YouTube finally invented a formal explantion for its unjustified decision to censor SouthFront by claiming that our main YouTube channel with over 152,000 subscribers was promoting “spam, scams or commercially deceptive content”:

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

Click to see the full-size image

However, this claim goes contrary to YouTube’s official data itself. There was zero YouTube Community Guidelines strikes or any other strikes on the channel.

On May 3, YouTube Support Team officially confirmed this fact in its own email saying that there were “no reasons” to terminate SouthFront’s channel:

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

Click to see the full-size image

We emphasized this in our answer to YouTube’s new claims:

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

Click to see the full-size image

On June 22, YouTube made a one more clumsy attempt to explain its decision to censor SouthFront. This time YouTube Support Team claimed that “multiple Community Guideline strikes” may have become the reason behind the termination of our channel.

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

Click to see the full-size image

Indeed, few years ago, SouthFront’s YouTube channel received Community Guidelines strikes because of a mass flagging of our videos by ill-wishers. These Community Guidelines strikes were removed after our appeals to YouTube Support Team. Therefore, YouTube officially confirmed that these strikes were unjustified or added by mistake. Therefore, SouthFront’s YouTube channel had ZERO strikes when it was terminated.

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

Click to see the full-size image

On June 23, YouTube sent us a new reply very similar to those that we received previously on June 11. This reply does not deal with the current situation in a direct way. In fact, YouTube cannot confirm its claims about supposed Community Guidelines violations because it has no evidence to do so. Therefore, it just used SouthFront’s readiness to defend its rights as a formal pretext to not provide any facts and evidence behind its decision to terminate SouthFront’s channel.

This situation once again demonstrates the double-faced approach of the service that tries to hide blatant acts of censorship behind baseless claims about supposed Community Guidelines violations.

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

Click to see the full-size image

We eagerly await the further development of this situation. How would YouTube try to explain this act of illegal censorship next time?



Account: southfront@internet.ru

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

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YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

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YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues


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YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues


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YouTube's Agressive Censorship Campaign Against SouthFront Continues

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They do what they want and because all media outlets and everything western seems tied up together nobody says anything and in fact most countries leaderships welcome the censorship today, the biggest question I’d of thought would be why? But nobody ever thinks of asking the BIG question? WHY IS THIS ALL HAPPENING? To me it’s so obvious I find it really peculiar we see no one ask why is this happening?

WHY is this happening? It seems the one question nobody knows the answer too? Yet Is it not actually obvious? It is obvious, only the consequences of what it really means have people in a state of mind that they’d rather deny everything that’s happening, and are all merely hoping it will go away?

Even all media outlets, RT included?, none, not one has asked WHY? Why is this happening? What is really going on? Nobody asks or even talks about it? Let alone actually try to work it out? We all know we’re being lied to? But nobody thinks to ask why we’re being lied to? It has to be something like this? There will be people that understand this far more than I do, but as I’m just me, this is the best I can figure out, using only things I do know?

For all Western governments and media, to be following the same scripted lies? (unprecedented in history), we must know it’s leading to something huge? I can make sense of all of this? Only what I find is, that because nobody wants to believe this? They all simply deny it? But this not only fits and makes sense. It keeps making more sense every single year that passes?

The US has known for many years their economy had to collapse, and they’ve planned for it. They’ve been printing more and more dollars while increasing their military budget yearly, even with the collapse of the USSR the US continued to build more military and gain more military bases across the world. The US has had a plan for many years that if they can gain full world military dominance, they can then introduce/force a single world currency (What this is ALL about) … The effect as such, would see the US overnight become completely debt free (explains the enormous military overspending, and explains their willingness to allow China to purchase so many US bonds) and would see them/USA achieve full global military control, as well as full global financial control, (a very nice achievement some might argue) In other words for those people that don’t know. That effectively means ‘American Tyranny’ and that’s no different from Nazi tyranny.

The US dollar Is the world ‘reserve currency’ and Is currently used by most other countries to sell/purchase their oil/gas/energy etc, meaning that billions if not trillions of dollars are kept by countries for their energy purchasing. What that allowed the US to do, is print billions of dollars without showing the true rate of Inflation that would normally arise from such massive currency printing. (They can only do that because so much of the US currency sits in vaults all over the world to purchase countries energy, those dollars would never find their way into the actual US economy), meaning the US could hold their level of Inflation right down from what It really should be.

The huge problem we’re now seeing is, countries like Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Europe and many more, will now sell/buy their energy In different currencies or Gold, not the US dollar, meaning that each country will start to dump the dollars they held for so many years, replacing them with the Gold or currency they’re going to use.

The problem for the USA is, that when those billions if not trillions of dollars filter back into the US economy, (as is now starting to happen) the Inflation will explode as It can’t be hidden any more. It will see hyperinflation and the price of a loaf of bread will skyrocket to over $200, and that will cripple the USA, and will collapse the USA as we’ve never seen before. The USA will be in debt for hundreds of years to come, with no way of creating any more debt? It will all be over. This is exactly why we’re seeing this attempt to drag Russia Into a war?

After the collapse of the USSR, the USA bribed Yeltsin through the 90s, while helping dismantle Russia’s military, they even gained access to Russian Nuclear silos. They helped to sell off Russian resources, in illegal corrupted auctions, carried out by the CIA and their ‘in pocket’ Oligarchs, and ended with the USA really believing Russia could never become a threat to them again. Only they were wrong. And now today, (right when they need too) they can’t force in a single currency with the likes of Russia and her nuclear threat saying get lost.

They nearly had it done with the collapse of the USSR… What a bonus that was? It meant they could do it without war!! But they messed that right up because they took their eye off one man – Putin. The United States REALLY believed they had finished off Russia after the collapse of the USSR, to the point Russia could never be a threat to them again, they helped keep Russia in a state of pandemonium through Yeltsin’s reign, believing they had sealed Russia’s fate to the toilet.



When Putin came to power the US could not work him out, but when they invaded Iraq and Putin (craftily as It bought him time) did not veto them they believed they had Russia under their control and Putin was just a pushover like Yeltsin. (history will see Putin’s tactic of not vetoing the Iraq invasion as genius as it really fooled the US to not bother to look at Russia as any sort of threat and that really damaged their plans).

Because while the US was invading countries all over the world with no one to stop them. Putin was quietly building Russia an extremely effective military defence, and upgraded all Russian weaponry to a level able to hold its own, If not beat any nation on the planet. The US blind to this, carried on as they used NATO to murder Gadaffi, as they kept Iraq destabilised by transferring known terrorist commanders into Iraq from Guantanamo Bay in the hundreds, to help keep it in chaos over the next decade…

They then set their sights on Syria, and were preparing for a ground invasion as with Iraq when all of a sudden Putin vetoed that action! That stunned the US, stopped them in their tracks, and they then took a close look at Russia again. When the US understood how they’d misread Putin they then set out to demonise him in the West and globally, the propaganda has got to the point today, that it’s like they’ve given up trying to hide the fact they’re lying? But it left the US unable to use ground troops in Syria.

This is when we saw the USA and their CIA start in Ukraine? We saw the US CIA and their neo-Nazi recruited thugs start the marches and protests in Ukraine. The USA were all upbeat about Yanukovich winning the Presidency, because he had shown an interest in joining the EU, It was only when he decided to go to Russia and ask for a loan, and stated he was trying to work on a closer relationship with Russia did all this really kick off. Then these CIA-led thugs murdered people, they started murdering random people at will, they rampaged through Kiev while claiming Yanukovich was a thief, a tyrant, and Putin’s puppet (yet they said none of this when he showed an interest in the EU, all these accusations only started after he asked Russia for support) they forced Yanukovich to flee to Russia in fear of his life. They then got the parliament to impeach him/Yanukovich (who were obviously under threat to do so, as the vote came back 300+ to zero). The USA who have caused all the trouble in Ukraine (knowingly and purposely, as Victoria Nuland’s phone call revealed to the world) blame Russia, and in effect, Illegally Issue sanctions against Russia for something they have not been able to prove, or even attempted to prove, as in reality It’s just a financial tool used many times by the US and its vassals, but It shows Russia how far they’re prepared to go to force war.

In Syria the US decided to use proxy’s in the form of terrorists, they recruited, trained, armed, paid and then sent these terrorists into Syria to murder people, everyday normal people, working people, people just like you or I, they murdered people in the streets, they took over towns and cities through Syria by murder and butchery. I remember seeing them stood on street corners dressed in black standing around burnt out cars with their rifles at their sides, there were bodies of naked raped women and their children just lying murdered on the side of the roads. They were the Free Syria Army, only at that time nobody knew they were recruited, trained, armed and very well-paid by the US, we only found that out after Russia went Into Syria three years after.

This is ALL about America’s attempt at global military and financial dominance. And with this Insane EU/NATO stance, It seems that If the US collapses then so does the Euro and maybe the Pound. Things have dramatically changed, and changed to such an extent It sees us becoming exactly what we fought the second world war to prevent. That’s the bottom line of what we’re really facing.

Putin knows all he needs Is time, he must avoid getting into a war with the US but never lay down to them, he knows sooner rather than later It’s all got to start to collapse, so he’ll try to avoid war and let them crumble (After all Russia had to start again, they did not cause a war, they just collapsed) but the US know that’s what he’s doing, so we see them provoke and provoke Russia, they’ve non-stop encroached further and further towards Russia’s borders using NATO’s ridiculous excuse of protecting the Baltic’s from Russian aggression.

We’ve witnessed Putin three times clearly warn them to stop this nonsense and the US have purposely ignored him every time. Because the US doesn’t want compromise, they don’t want talks, they don’t want peace, they must have war to remove Russia’s nuclear threat or collapse! This Is the truth no one wants to admit! You only need to remember … For all Western governments and media to be following the same scripted lies (unprecedented in history) you simply must know the reason is huge! …It Is!

Now you’ve just read this, just think about it, you’ll soon know I’m right because now you’ll understand everything you’ve witnessed the USA say and do. In fact, after reading this you can go back and look at everything that has happened leading up to now, and you’ll now understand all of it. Things you never understood, or made any sense, now become very clear. It becomes obvious exactly what the USA and the West are really doing, you’ll now know WHY they’re doing it.

Only then, you’ll also realise the USA will never stop because they can’t, or they’re bankrupt to the point of complete collapse. So many don’t want to believe it because of what it really means, so they deny it, only they should think and remember, by denying it they’re basically waiting for war. And denying what’s actually staring them straight in the face!


Everyone with a brain understands that this is clearly an action under deep state – CIA / NSA etc neonazi organisations that rules USA and the U.K. orders. SF should start using other alternatives to youtube, and so should all of us.

Beron Garcia Daniel

I do upload all South Front videos to my Youtube Channel and Facebook Profile. Lets fight against the censorship ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDn487GR-hY&t=132s

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