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YouTube Suspends Pro-Trump News Network OANN, Completely Demonetizes Channel Over Unlisted Video

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

YouTube has suspended the One America News Network from posting new content for one week and has completely demonetized the channel, after the pro-Trump news network reportedly uploaded a video touting a non-approved ‘cure’ for COVID-19.

YouTube Suspends Pro-Trump News Network OANN, Completely Demonetizes Channel Over Unlisted Video

According to Axios, “YouTube has been criticized for allowing OANN to spread misinformation using its platform, particularly around coronavirus and the election,” adding “This marks the Google-owned service’s first crackdown against OANN.”

According to the Epoch Times, citing OANN President Charles Herring, “YouTube took the extreme action of censoring a national cable news network for a video that was ‘unlisted’ and not available publicly on YouTube.

In addition to the temporary ban on videos, the network cannot livestream due to a “strike” received under YouTube’s COVID-19 misinformation policy, which prohibits content claiming there is a ‘guaranteed cure’ for the virus. The video in question has reportedly been removed.

If OANN wants to re-monetize the channel, they will need to re-apply to YouTube’s Partner Program. If they receive two more strikes, their account will be terminated.

The ‘cancel’ crew at Sleeping Giants – who seek to silence divergent opinions under the guise of fighting misinformation – celebrated, though not without knocking YouTube for not taking more aggressive action against the news network.

Meanwhile, conservative news outlet The Federalist has jumped from YouTube to Rumble after ‘years of throttling our page and restricting our reach.’

Will half the country eventually wind up on Parler and Rumble?


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Last 2 weeks i’m watching odysee.com (LBRY) for news and no longer youtube which is censored to mimic bland MSM news. youtube still best for products, self help, but for news it’s over, no longer neutral so cannot be trusted what news ,and why is it, censore., So no longer a broad spectrum of news, the whole point of an open video platform.

AM Hants

Who needs YT anyway?

Talking of the US Presidential Election, I was kindly sent the following link this morning and I just need to share it. Together with a few clips from the article, plus, who a few names that appear to link into so much that is going on in the world today, and not positive actions:


WHISTLEBLOWERS: Biden Implicated In Dominion Voting Scam Connected To Serbia


They have direct ties to the Clinton Foundation in Delian Project.


A Clinton Foundation website item states:

In 2014, Dominion Voting committed to providing emerging and post-conflict democracies with access to voting technology through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, as many emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to the delay in the publishing of election results. Over the next three years, Dominion Voting will support election technology pilots with donated Automated Voting Machines (AVM), providing an improved electoral process, and therefore safer elections. As a large number of election staff are women, there will be an emphasis on training women, who will be the first to benefit from the skills transfer training and use of AVMs. It is estimated that 100 women will directly benefit from election technology skills training per pilot election…”

Dominion Voting Systems shares an office floor with the George Soros-funded left-wing Tides Foundation in Toronto, NATIONAL FILE has learned. Our tipster makes clear that “Soros people” are very close with Dominion, which has partnered with a voting technology company chaired by one of left-wing billionaire George Soros’ best friends and associates…

The Robertson Building’s Directory of Tenants shows that Dominion Voting is listed at both Suite 200 (the suite Dominion lists publicly) and also Suite 370, which places it in neighborly range of the Tides Canada Foundation in suite 360. Tides Foundation in America, based in San Francisco, created and financially supports Tides Canada Foundation. The Tides Foundation has reportedly received more than $20 million in donations from George Soros’ groups, and Tides shares Soros’ vision for a radical left-wing makeover of Western civilization and the world. Tides has given out money to numerous left-wing groups including ACORN and Project Vote and recently created the Black Lives Matter Support Fund…’


Whose Who?

Clinton Foundation

George $oro$



Mitt Romney and Son





Malloch Brown – Smartmatic is chaired by Mark Malloch-Brown, who is good friends with George Soros and even called Soros his landlord at a five-bedroom house in Westchester County, New York. Malloch-Brown has worked with Soros on various projects including as vice chairman of the Open Society Institute and also Soros Fund Management.Mark Malloch-Brown is listed as a Global Board Member of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Here is Malloch-Brown photographed with his friend George Soros:

Nanzi Pelosi – “hired … a high-powered firm that includes a longtime aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. … Dominion’s first-ever lobbying firm is Brownstein Farber Hyatt and Schreck. Nadeam Elshami, Pelosi’s former chief of staff, is one of the lobbyists on the account.”

Mueller…. “It is not clear what products or services the company has developed. It found almost no buyers, until Obama was elected in 2008. In 2009, New York ordered a few dozens of systems from it. In 2010, Obama’s DOJ (Holder – Mueller) took the EVS unit, purchased from Diebold, away from the market leader ES&S, and gave it to Dominion. This gift included the installed base of about 30% of the US electronic voting systems (EVS) market. Within two weeks, Dominion also acquired Sequoia, which was formally spun from Smartmatic, but ties between these two companies remained. Smartmatic is a UK based EVS vendor, whose software was used by Chavez to “win” the Venezuelan referendum in 2004. Smartmatic’s unit Sequoia faced troubles in the US. Those troubles quickly ended when its assets were purchased by Dominion.”


Out of curiousity who was involved in Uranium One, who happened to be involved in Smartmatic – Sequoia – Dominion Vote Counting Machines and not forgetting Burisma Holdings and The White Helmets? Who were involved in creating regime change over in Ukraine and so many other nations? Why do they all link in together and so few people with so much power. As I go back to checking out the ‘Committee of 300’ and all that goes with it.


Good luck Sydney Powell, who I believe is in Court Today, presenting her evidence, with regards the first part of the US Presidential Elections, starting with Georgia. Wish her well and cannot wait to find out what evidence she will be presenting.


NASA has started building its new Space Launch System, or SLS, mega rocket, a year ahead of its scheduled maiden voyage.


Lone Ranger

Free speech my ass…

Potato Man

Were they known for being like pro-pro Trump?

I mean now that Trump is out they don’t have anything…

Decatur Guy


Potato Man

LMFAO why are you butthurt? I come back next year and call you that buddy.

“Pennsylvania officials tell court to reject Donald Trump campaign appeal as new lawsuit filed in Wisconsin” https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-25/trump-lawsuit-wisconsin-pennsylvania-ask-court-to-reject-appeal/12917342

I can understand….no really it was the same 4 years ago. US is two system party – one side is butthurt no matter what. It is 50-50

Decatur Guy

Sourcing the MSM/Australia not only makes you a fool, it reveals yourself as obtuse. Two party system, my @ss. There’s a one party system – the corporatism party. That was settled back in 1865 at Appomattox, VA.

Potato Man

I see you next year bud…Biden gonna be next shithead for next “4 years”. What you think and believe doesn’t change anything bud. Yell as much as you want…fair or not it is USA…what the fuk were you thinking gonna happen with someone don’t follow the plan. OANN was stupid to try to fight MSM, you wouldn’t even knew they were gone bud if SF didn’t report it and it is not the end of the world, seeing small Trump media go away with Trump.

“Sourcing the MSM/Australia not only makes you a fool” YES!!! 100% Good one but no one support Trump outside – not even Zion buddy. Only Russia don’t accept Biden and that because America never accept Putin and sure as hell Biden go after Russia.

Most Americans think and “believe” in two party system…almost all “democratic” countries are own by big companies, ofc not only US.

You can call me fool all you want it wouldn’t matter…Trump killed more civilians over 4 years…he was about to start a fuking war for Zion/Wahhbi states ….he was stupid about Covid and believe China…and China US BS fuked more Americans.

Harry Smith

Trump is not out yet.

Potato Man

He shouldn’t be out yet…next year January 20, 2021, Biden start “working”.

Jokes aside have you really look at Trump campaign election lawsuits, it is full on clown show…what the fuk are they doing? https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/federal-judge-dismisses-trump-election-lawsuit-pennsylvania-n1248528

Harry Smith

I think he waits Supreme Court.

Potato Man

He can’t just take it to supreme court…can he?

Harry Smith

Logically it has to be a hierarchical process.

Tommy Jensen

Is that going on right now?




Jewtube is just as bad as Jewbook, Jewoogle and Twitter. They’re all JWO social engineering platforms designed to turn America into something that most Americans don’t want. Even after lifetimes of lying Jew media brainwashing.

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