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YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further

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UPDATE (11:20 CET, 18.05.2020): As of 11:00 CET May 18, YouTube restored our temporary channel after our appeal sent on Saturday (16.05.2020). It seems that objective members of YouTube Team reviewed SouthFront videos and took over responsibility for the decision to restore SouthFront’s temporary channel. There is no doubt that YouTube Team consists of people with various ideology and points of view. At the same time, professionalism and impartiality should be on the first place. The members of YouTube Team that decided to restore the channel demonstrated their commitment to these principles.



SouthFront has been facing an increasing propaganda pressure and censorship.

On May 1st, YouTube terminated all of South Front’s main YouTube channel with over 152,000 subscribers, 1,900 uploaded videos and approximately 60 million views. This was done without any warning despite the fact that no SouthFront video on YouTube had a strike. We immediately appealed this decision. However, by now, YouTube has provided no real answer or explanation in response to the appeal.

Today, on May 16, YouTube has deleted our next channel created to share videos on YouTube while we have been waiting a response from the service.

YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further

Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEV64LEWBVF0h48eUDxI96Q/

At the same time, the reasons of the censorship of SouthFront on Facebook and YouTube became more clear. Last time, our main channels were blocked after we published two critical articles on the situation in Moscow on southfront.org. (LINK 1, LINK 2) These article soperated solely on facts and was saturated with links.

On May 15, SouthFront published a new in-depth overview of the political and social situation in Russia and Moscow – “Russia’s Covid Game Of Elites”. (LINK) The article focused on the current social and political situation in Russia and does not provide any opinion regarding the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 outbreak. It critically evaluated the actions of the Yeltsin’s time rooted headliner of the Russian liberal clan, Moscow mayor Sobyanin, and, in contrary, supported the actions of President Putin. On May 16, our YouTube channel was deleted.

SouthFront operates thanks to lots of volunteer work and the audience’s donations. Now your support are especially important to keep SouthFront alive:


Account: southfront@list.ru

YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further

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YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further

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YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further


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YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further

YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further


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YouTube Is Censoring SouthFront Videos And Further

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  1. Ron says:

    YouTube is really Jootube!

    1. Anna24 says:

      Hi! Wanna some cyberlove? Join me: http://tiny.cc/f4zapz

  2. JIMI JAMES says:

    Tipically much in the same fashion that their homosexual/phaedokweer/baby blood drinketh incest cultivateds practice,infact the more they censor the more that only reveals their true nature,these cowards are really sick peoples,notice how they censor their beggotten aids/kweer disease which kills over a million people per year,because these homosexuals siomply just can’t help themselfs? PFFT!

  3. Ilya says:

    Go to rutube, it doesn’t have the censorship problem.. Of course you’ll have to deal with people saying ‘you are Russian assets’ more! :D

  4. Markus Limmergård says:

    South Front, they’re not going to stop abusing you. Get all your stuff up on Bitchute now! Also branch out to other platforms. Maybe you can try LRY and Steemit.

  5. SnowCatzor says:

    Typical, I called it last week. Once one Silicon Valley social-media platform bans an organization, the rest will soon follow. As they’re all part of the same neo-liberal Globalist elite, and only allow certain approved narratives.

    Seriously SF, get on Bitchute. It’s quite a big platform now, and they actually allow free speech.

  6. Wasapol Thumruksa says:

    Just go to Rutube, Bitchute, Dailymotion or whatever other platforms out there. At this point it’s already pathetic for you trying to stay on Youtube.

  7. Vidarr Kerr says:


    edit: I just checked, South Front TV is still up on YouTube. Still, you should try BitChute.

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