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JULY 2020

YouTube Is Censoring SF’s New 1.5-Hour Long Video “Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018”


YouTube is censoring SouthFront’s new 1.5-hour long video “Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018“.

This video is a detailed summary of military and political developments in Syria since the start of the Russian military operation until now. It was released by SouthFront on August 11.

Less than 2 hours after the release, this video was placed behind an age restriction because it allegedly includes “violent or graphic content that appears to be posted in a shocking, sensational, or disrespectful manner”. The age-restriction clearly impacts a possible reach of the video because it does not allow people without YouTube accounts to watch it.

YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018"

Click to see the full-size image

SouthFront immidiately appealed this age restriction. Our video “Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018” includes no “graphic content” and was made solely for informational purposes. So, it does not violate any rules.

After the further review, YouTube found that SouthFront’s video “does not violate” Community Guidelines. However, the video remained age-restricted because “it may not be appropriate for a general audience”.

YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018"

Click to see the full-size image

Summing up: The video violates no YouTube Community Guidelines, but despite this, a manual decision was made to age-restrict the video in order to limit its possible reach of the audience. This situation can be considered as another example of censorship imposed against alternative media and an independent point of view.

SouthFront has repeatedly faced various sophisticated attacks aimed at censoring it on YouTube [systematic ‘false flagging’ and other hostile actions] or damaging its website.

For example, about a year ago, SouthFront became a target of preplanned campaign to damage its work:

In mid September 2017, SouthFront’s YouTube channel received two community guidelines strikes and its work on this platform was temporairly frozen. Then, thanks to public support of our audience and partners, SouthFront was able to restore its channel and continue releasing videos on YouTube.

Separately, the projet faced a new wave of propaganda aimed at damaging it in the MSM. In October 2017, Military.comThe HillMcClatchyDC and The Daily Beast united their efforts arguing that SouthFront among few other websites targets “US military personnel and veterans with conspiracy theories, misinformation, and other forms of junk news about military affairs and national security issues.

The recent developments on YouTube may indicate that a similar campaign could be launched against SouthFront once again soon.



Account: southfront@list.ru

YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018"

YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018"

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YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018"

YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018" YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018" YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018" YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018" YouTube Is Censoring SF's New 1.5-Hour Long Video "Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018"


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SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team



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  • lene johansen

    Jew Tube is desperate

    • Lupus

      LMAO 🤣

    • Villainess

      Why do you have to denigrate people for their religion when they’ve already given you the perfect political term???

      Denigrate ZIONISM! That is the dangerous political, militant and even genocidal platform that people who practice Judaism, CHRISTIANITY, Atheism and even Islam hurt others through. Otherwise you just sound like a racist creep.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Why to you have to be so bloody pompous :)

        • Villainess

          Please, just save your attacks for those that are hurting others, and not their co-religionists who aren’t. Judaism isn’t the problem for humanity, Zionism is! So sorry if you think I’m being pompous.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            You missed the smiley at the end of the sentence.

          • Villainess

            Oops! I guess I shouldn’t have gotten all upset at the racism then.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            Many people have a rough time with Jews as a collective because Israel misrepresents itself to be a Jewish state while committing war crime after war crime against it’s neighbors and the money it uses to control the war state of the US. Jews are propagandized about Israel through their Synagogues in the same manner that Americans are propagandized through their media regarding Russia. Still, many non-Zionist Jews exist just as many non-criminal supporting Americans do. Humans have a difficult time of keeping individuals separate from groups they may profess to and/or belong to especially when strong feelings are stimulated, two current prominent examples: every Jew is a Zionist, in the US every white is a white supremacist. I personally do my best to steer clear of such things. My view on Israel is that the psychopaths that run the government use the Jewish religion as cover to satisfy their greed and lust for power and propaganda for adherents and converts just as is done in the US. Clearly, Judaism is a religion and not a race so I don’t see how anyone can be accused of racism for opposing a religion. A Semite would have to be from the region that Israel covets so I can’t see how anyone opposing these European Zionists can be thought of as being Semitic and thus opposing them can’t be viewed as being anti-Semitic. It beats me as to what you would call someone who targets a set of religious beliefs, so I guess you would call someone who is against Jews, anti-Judaism, Christian – anti-Christian, Muslim – anti-Muslim etc.

          • Lupus

            I ‘d say fook all religions!

          • TiredOfBsToo

            I view religion as satisfying 3 types of people. 1) Israel – religion as a cover for war crimes. 2) religious elders – a method of control over populations. 3) people who need the security of a superior being capable of providing the individual with some form of eternal life that they desire.

            Those are my personal views, but I look upon it thusly, if religion helps an individual to treat others as he would like to be treated, that’s a good thing and I won’t stand in the way or belittle them. If on the other hand, it’s used by those desiring to enslave a population or provide an excuse for criminal behavior and war crimes, you can count on me to be extremely vocal and, of course, BDS!

          • Jens Holm

            Islam is like that but a billion. Some few jews dont change that.

          • lene johansen

            hopeless scandinavian

          • FlorianGeyer

            Real historical events have well illustrated that Judaism has been a problem for at least three and a half thousand years.

            “Jews believe that God appointed the Jews to be his chosen people”
            Therein lies the rub and the cause of all to much of negative Jewish interaction with others.

          • Villainess

            So, would you want to just genocide all those humans that were born into that religion just because their books claim they were chosen? You sound just like Hitler himself!

          • FlorianGeyer

            I am not saying what I would like do as it will never be in my power to do it BUT to do nothing will only allow the tradition of Pogroms that have occurred for thousands of years and that cannot be beneficial to anyone.

          • Jens Holm

            He will. He chose himself by some invension from some aramean scripts. Jews, Sekulars and Christians didnt. We live with it as well as we can.

            Very strange so many muslims prefare to settle aming us.

          • lene johansen

            playing the Hitker card now.

          • Villainess

            Yes, he did give us an excellent model for how far racial hate can go.

          • Jens Holm

            More like You muslims copied too much of it Yourself in an improved version, which by that spread out.

            Most things are the same even You use less pots and pans, when You cook.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I do not cook. I have staff to do that Jens .

            I am also an atheist with agnostic opinions and do not conform to any cult or latter day cult such as the Shoah.

            I merely observe what cults do and Judaism is just another of those. :)

          • Mike

            Zionism was exposed in 2006 as being what it is, the political arm of greater TALMUDIC JUDAISM. Zionism is only about a homeland for jews, Israel. Talmudic judaism tells jews that the WHOLE WORLD and everything in it belongs to them. This is why you have “jews against zionism”. Those freaks are TALMUDIC JEWS who understand zionism short changes them. Why have Israel only, when you were promised the world? You are wrong to think its zionism, and giving satanic talmudic child raping sons of bitches a free pass.

        • Jens Holm

          There is not a single word about jews in that article about the YouTube limitation.

      • lene johansen

        oh, you just invented the deep plate and trying to misdirect my comment. You know exactly what I meant by writing jew tube. Now you are playing the viictim card.

        • Val Shadowhawk

          I just block fools like Villaness. All they will do is fill a decent comment thread with emotive reactionary bullshit.

    • Jens Holm

      Make Your own by letters and camel transportation.

      The other medias do things like that too. It could be because too many dont learn much about behaving themselves.


    Youtube does not like you going against MSM propaganda.
    Or did you have any pix of naked women in the video ? :DDD

  • John Wallace

    I can get it because I have an unrestricted account.. South Front how about contacting REAL.video as they are hosting accounts suspended on youtube..

    • bonami

      Absolutely they should go to other sites, to stay with youtube is insane

      • Jens Holm

        Its not insande to stay with YouTube. But if some clips dont fit, we and others should have a media for it. It fx could be restricted for age – many are.

    • Tchoutoye

      Boycott ThemTube.

    • Walter D.Burnett

      I agree. I recently found REAL.video. Might be the proper direction to move.

    • Jens Holm

      You really dont get it. The video is made hard and clever and made for much more then some few single accounts. Its probatly well done and expensive too.

      • John Wallace

        Don’t talk to me like that you low life piece of crap. You don’t have a clue but think you are so clever. F Off I am not interested in your dickwit opinion. I have watched the video in its entirety and what I was talking about is nothing too what you are ranting on about.

        • lene johansen

          Jens holm is a scandinavian no brainer – forgive him.

        • Val Shadowhawk

          Another zio troll we should all block and ignore. That Jens Holm character is most likely an ‘israeli’ or some other hasbaRat minion. Paid to slither onto forums like this to disrupt and cause problems.

          • John Wallace

            Thanks , it probably explains a few things.. appreciated.

          • John Wallace

            All I was suggesting was for Sth Front too put their videos on alternative sites in addition too youtube in case they get blocked / restricted. Of course youtube is the No 1 site and the others are just in their infancy but when do you purchase a Fire Engine , after the town has burnt down or before in anticipation for prevention.

          • Val Shadowhawk

            A percursary searh of ‘Unit 8200’ and ‘The Hasbara Agency’ will corroborate my comment regarding this idiot ‘Jens Hom’. The ‘israeli’ propaganda arm of its IOF deploy thousands of such online trolls 24/7, in some ‘vangloried’ effort at ‘swaying public opinion’ in favor of ‘israel’ and all things zionist.

          • lene johansen

            Exactly – Jens Holm is some kind of Hasbara troll

          • Val Shadowhawk

            Oh no doubt about it. I blocked it once before today, which says the freak has multiple IP addresses and or; sockpuppet accounts. This is indicative of the hasbara and the IOF’s Unit 8200. They proviude all the necessary means of online troll activity for the sole purposes of pro ‘israeli’ agenda.

  • Oscar Silva Martinez

    Nothing will change the truth and the outcome of the coward war instigated by foreign interests in Syria. NOTHING!!!

  • Kandinski

    It is only sensationalist, disrespectful and violence promoting if it’s against American servants. Rest of us can die in any sort of torturing acts.

    • Jens Holm

      Should I hope, You will ?

      • lene johansen

        Hasbara troll

  • bonami

    The longer you remain with MSM the greater the danger you are in, move NOW to alternative hosting sites and take ALL info from your archives and store them on multiple alternative sites. They WILL come for you, don’t just stand there:)

  • Andreas Mikkelsen

    Publish it better places, like Bitchute or regular torrent. Not sure why you want to support content to Youtube demon.

    I do not want to watch your movie on evil youtube.

  • Simon Cole

    There’s all kinds of violent stuff on Youtube, yet the one that get cencored is a documentary with crimes of the Western countries in Syria

    • TiredOfBsToo

      The only solution to censorship controlled by allies of the Deep State on facebook, youtube, google and twitter is to abandon them completely and let their investors take action. I can’t see any reason for visiting any of those sites. Alternatives exist for search engines. That takes care of google and from there, one can visit any site they wish to find what’s REALLY going on in the world known as facts that haven’t been altered by the likes of the Atlantic Council and other Deep State actors.

      • al quaida

        There’s heaps of cool youtube shows.

    • Concrete Mike

      The world is upside down aint it???¿

  • The Globalist Orcs are in Panic Mode. Their lies and propaganda are a joke. Only subservient sheep and paid trolls give any credibility to the bilge spewed by MSM.

    • Villainess

      You’re right, but can SouthFront afford to limit their audience right now?

        • Villainess

          I agree politically. The corpo-media is a terrible platform to try to speak truth on. I was worrying for their continued economic existence! Their small monetary needs are not being met, even with this wider access they have been able to get on googleTube.

          • I see your point, but the fact remains that the Globalist Corporate media has the same fate in mind for free speech and free exchange of ideas as the Takfiri Orcs have for Syria’s non Salafists. Total extermination….Turning the other cheek does not work with Takfiri Orcs and it will not work with the Globalist Corporate media Orcs either.

    • FlorianGeyer

      ” Their lies and propaganda are a joke. ”

      I take the Scripial affair very seriously Richard as it reminds me of Circus Clowns from my childhood. It is ‘highly likely ‘ that the current UK government will be looking for new jobs soon in the children’s entertainment sphere :)

  • PaulPott

    Southfront – please open a parallel channel on BitChute. I and many others are trying to boycott YouTube.

    • Trauma2000

      I have hundreds of ‘downloaded’ ‘youtube’ videos I can upload. Time for me to pull my finger out and do it.

    • Jens Holm

      It would be fine with me. You confirm walls are fine too.

  • Ivan Freely

    It was only a matter of time. It’s going to get much worse for alternative media. Wait for it.

  • jako

    All my comments from RI are DELETED and I have been banned from RI !
    If I would only know why because no one have sent ma a warning or any kind of explanation ever.
    I was talking lot against NAZI’s and racism and my comments were always PRO-RUSSIAN so
    only that can be a reason

    • Jens Holm

      Even I mainly dont like russians, they are not garbage collactors and in those matters have the the attitude as me/us.

      • jako

        So what are you doing here?
        Go to your pro-NATO, U.S., Israel sites
        Or if you are Neo-NAZI go to your bullsh*t Stormfront, alt right crap (even though NATO, U.S. and Israel are NAZI’s also).

        • lene johansen

          Jens Holm is a hasbara troll – he is paid to be here.

        • Jens Holm

          You really dont get a lot of point in this. Our many incommers being visible muslims, whatever they are, give those rightwings wind.

          So I/we have bad integrated people ourselves and some parts of the muslims never will fit in adds to them.

          And Yes – Move stones and other kinds of pollutions from the bread is the same all over the world.

          If You have written as You have done to me, its no wonder they ban You. By that they are fine people to me.

          If You are a muslim, You hardly brush teaths every friday, but that could be a start.

  • RichardD

    YouTube is owned by Google which is owned by Jews. It’s also run by Jews:

    “Susan Diane Wojcicki (/woʊˈdʒɪski/ woh-JIS-kee;[2] born July 5, 1968) is an American technology executive. She has been the CEO of YouTube since February 2014.[3][4] She is from Los Altos, California, and has a net worth of $410 million.

    Wojcicki is the daughter of Esther Wojcicki, an educator of Russian-Jewish descent”

    – Susan Wojcicki –


    Russian Jews have been a curse on both Russia, where they were instrumental in hideous mass crimes against humanity, and the US, where many of them fled during Russia’s dejudification process, and by extension the entire world.

    “An anti-Communist book from 1937 which revealed that Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalinist-era Gulags, or concentration camps, including the camp system directors Matvei Berman and Hershel Jehuda.”

    – Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union –


    The US, with 6 million Jews is the most Jew infested nation on the planet outside of Palestine, and is the planet’s biggest trouble maker. Jews are big part of the reason for this. Russia, which has had a long and successful dejudification process reducing it’s population of Jews 95% from 5 million to 200,000, along with China which has outlawed Judaism, which is something that Russia and the rest of the world should do, are the planet’s biggest problem solvers. I hope that this generation of Russians finish the dejudification process that previous generations were so successful with.

    • RichardD

      Dejudification in Russia, Europe, the Near East and North Africa 1945 to 2010:

    • RichardD

      Dejudification needs to change from expulsion, which just shifts the problem to somebody else, and genocide, to elimination by outlawing Judaism, and closing the synagogues and yeshivas, with a zero tolerance implementation similar to eradicating a disease, which is what Jews are, so that this evil pedophile mass rape cult goes into the trash can of history where it belongs.

      They’re an invasive parasitical disease, enemies of the state and a subversive internal 5th column national security threat. Which is why they’re the most persecuted, expelled and genocide group of miscreants in human history:

      “Jewish population centers have shifted tremendously over time, due to the constant streams of Jewish refugees created by expulsions, persecution, and officially sanctioned killing of Jews in various places at various times.”

      – Historical Jewish population comparisons –


      • leon mc pilibin

        If anyone has any doubts about the hatred Jews have for us,then just do a simple research about their holy book the TALMUD,and see for yourself with their own words.

        • Villainess

          People that are born into any religion are still individuals, though far less open and fair minded. I draw the line at those choosing to identify as ZIONIST, which is neofascist building of racist, military Empire by genocidal means.

          The established British Empire chose to place their Zionist shock troops in Palestine (just after their WWI dismembering of the Ottoman Empire) to finally win Jerusalem and ‘Greater Israel’ (for the Second Coming?) with Europeanized Zionist Jews supported by Christian British forces and now their own offspring/replacement: The U.S. Empire.

        • Jens Holm

          Yes, but who reads it. Most muslims hardly has written anything in the Holy Choran and believe in copy, copy, copy paste mixted in with culture by old Imams. Not even they can read the Choran.

          Its about old mens pension and making money for selling their grandaugthers for sheep and land.

          Muhammed made the Economics too. The mainpart was to steal from all the productive ones, and the expansion stopped, when there was not more to steal.

          Well it went on for some years giving soldiers stolen land. Thats how it is now. And its not only arabs doing it. Turks and Kurds still fight about the areas, where their ancisters killed 2 million armenians, yeasedis, Assyrians, jews and Christians.

          Thats how it is. Rember that.

          But of course it was nothing. We have not blamed arabs for making WW1 and 2 (yet).

      • John Whitehot

        I didn’t know that China outlawed judaism – I mean, outside the general “ban” a communist country puts on religion as “opium of peoples” and so on.

        is there any interesting read about this particular subject (Chinese ban on judaism)?

      • Jens Holm

        If You go further back like that, You probatly is a jew too.

  • jakoDELETED

    This was message I have tried to send from my new account on RI since my account “jako” has been BANNED and my comments DELETED from Russia Insider…

    “Without any warning or any explanation I have discovered that:
    my account “jako” has been blocked from RI and all my comments are DELETED.
    I use this opportunity to say good bye to everybody.
    Again I was not blocked by DISQUS (my account is still working and I can post my comments elsewhere from “jako” account )
    I am only blocked from Russia Insider to post from my other account “jako”!
    I know that some people will be happy to hear that, but some other maybe not.”

    So I have opened new account to send good bye message on RI and that one was ALSO BANNED and DELETED on Russia Insider immediately!?!

    Now what kind of people are they if I can’t send good bye message?!?

    • FlorianGeyer

      Holocaust promoting Kikes I would think Jako :)

    • BMWA1

      Hi hope all ok Srp

      • jakoDELETED

        My DISQUS account “jako” is not blocked. I was only blocked on RI (twice with this new account also ) so I do not see logic in “external actor”.
        It simply must be Mod or Admin from RI .
        I do not mind all that …but what really pisses me off is that I had no warning or explanation at all !!
        There was guy “Fuzzy Bear” who was bothering me with his comments defending Jews and sending me links but I didn’t answer all his comments just before that happened. So I think he might have something to do with what happened.

        • Jens Holm

          And again. More likely it has a lot to do, what You wrote there. Its like You make jews repsonsible for Your doings.

          • jakoDELETED

            Are you Jew?
            I am conservative and Christian and I reject NAZI’s !
            I have no hate for all Jews but I hate what Israel does and super rich Jews.
            There are plenty of real 100% Neo-NAZI’s there on RI !
            With whom I had disputes because I am not racist and I didn’t permit anybody to label USSR victory and their 27million dead for anything else than what it really was.
            Nobody ever blocks them or deletes their comments !
            Go on RI look at the comments you will see even Neo-NAZI articles published by RI !
            Sometimes I had impression to be on Neo NAZI and not “pro -Russian” site!
            I still think they use “pro -Russian” window-dressing for some other objectives maybe even Alt-Right(as they like to call it) fascist objectives.
            surely not pro-Russian!

    • Jens Holm

      Well, some inclusive Yourself, should ask who You are.

      • jakoDELETED

        And what the hell is that suppose to mean?
        Like troll, bot , agent or something?!
        That account has almost 7000 comments and how I was to fabricate that as false account?
        I have been making comments on RI for few months almost daily without single incident.

  • leon mc pilibin

    No surprise there,this A Jones psyop scam is used to justify going after all truth platforms,as Jones is one of them.BTW,if this was about US or israhelli or any other Zionist related military,I can guarantee there would be no problems.Its easy to find all kinds of Vietnam,1st and 2nd world war propaganda,that could be age restricted,but its not.The MSM,utube ,Twitter etc,are all under control of the same scumbags that control these wars and terrorists, and they are determined to stop the truth getting to the masses.

    • leon mc pilibin

      Alex Jones is a rabid Zionist, and supporter of the racist israhell.

  • Ilya Grushevskiy

    #RoadToFascism, gotta get out the West if you can, the AnZis aren’t stopping with their madness.

  • Merijn

    Create Something Different than YouTube… so that we can Ditch it…simple

    • Jens Holm

      There are, but its the winner.

  • Loki



    Greetings from Greece! We will take back what it belongs to us. God is fair.

  • Paul Cold

    Go to https://www.real.video/ this will solve your problems.

  • stone42

    Go to bitchute.com and post them on there instead and inform all your youtube users to follow you there instead.

  • frankly

    Gosh scrambling to limit the video, the truth is always a threat. We are free to have any good source of information scrubbed from our memories. What ever became of that video about Asma Assad? I heard she has cancer, very upsetting news.

    Isn’t it really obvious an effective boycott of Zionist products would best be accomplished by simply neglecting to visit or purchase products of the MSM?

    The addictive nature of products is key to identifying what we need to change in our lives. Our feelings of powerless apathy are not some personal failing. Most of us are frustrated by some weakness. So in fact if we all got a handle on our personal addictions, the profits and power of the Empire would fall like a house of cards!

    It is so obvious, the bigger the corporation, the more cheating they are involved in. #1 cost, maintaining profit share by brainwashing customers=MSM. It’s a bitch but cut that wireless cord.

    • Jens Holm

      It was about the many good things he had done. even using a microscope, they found none.

      • frankly

        Actually exact opposite, sang her praises, has been “thoroughly scrubbed”, from the internet. Tell us of your many wonderful contributions to humanity Jens. Obviously it does not involve the use of English or intelligence. Perhaps you recycle? stupid ideas.


    There are ways to bypass the age restriction on YouTube without logging in. Change the ‘youtube.com’ part of the url to ‘nsfwyoutube.com’.

  • putinbeater

    It is correct. 18+ content.

  • Trauma2000

    Upload on BitChute.

  • Mike

    Put it on BITCHUTE please.

  • Spit

    Backup all of Your stuff on bitchut, its an evolving platform, be on the bleeding edge of technology, It wont hurt.
    I think Google is going to go the way of facebook… The Genocidal Globalists are absolutly Desperate, I was on the Front lines since 2013, When reddit went to hell… Trust me, back everything up.
    Also, It would be very Wise to move Open source, Micro$$$oft will have a HELL of a Surprise for the Masses Just before 2020 elections, Mark My Words!

  • Jens Holm

    Pathetic. Here below several of You behave worse then You tell Jews do.

    None of You has seen that russian movie, and even harder: Where are the jews in that ?

    many of You are censured very hard by Your Goverments and even jailed or worse for free speech is terrorisme against Your states.

    I would like to see that YouTube. I am biased too – The other way. Russians make very effective propaganda. If they would, You would drink vodka for oil.

    • lene johansen

      Hasbara troll Jens Holm is paid to be here. Can’t take him serious

  • AM Hants

    Must admit, I do like the Vimeo site, for videos on current affairs. If You Tube wishes to ban South Front, find a video site that would welcome the audience, You Tube denies.

  • NWOD

    Let’s not get over-reactive here. YouTube age restrictions only apply to videos when you watch them on the YouTube site itself. Embedded versions of the video do not require signing up with YouTube, allowing each website to manage its own age verification (or not).

    If you had bothered linking your video in this article you would have seen that, but maybe you know that fact already. In either case you do nothing but destroy your credibility with “Fake News” like this.

  • Keyser Soze

    It is still on youtube in Australia.