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YouTube Bans SYRIANGIRL’s Video About Her Facebook Ban – for ‘Hate Speech’

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The situation is developing over YouTube and Facebook censorship against SyrianGirl who covers the situation in Syria. SyrianGirl is a good friend of SouthFront and was a guest of SF’s live stream (link).

By now, the situation has been covered in details by Charles Bausman, Russia Insider’s team (source):

YouTube Bans SYRIANGIRL's Video About Her Facebook Ban - for 'Hate Speech'

SYRIANGIRL participating at the prestigious ‘Central Peace Policy’ conference in Eschwege, Germany in 2016

Last Thursday, we were the first to report that the Syrian/Australian YouTuber and activist, SYRIANGIRL, had her entire Facebook account suspended without warning.

It had 75,000 followers and she had built it up over 5 years. I spoke with her the next day in an exclusive interview.

That day she put a video on her excellent Youtube channel (73,000 subscribers, 5 yrs old, 5 million views) arguing that this was absurd.

Well, now, YouTube has removed that video, claiming that it is ‘hate speech’, and threatening to shut down her whole channel. To protect herself from another ‘community guideline violation’, which could lead to all her videos being deleted, she has made all of the videos on the channel ‘private’, unavailable to the public – so now her YouTube channel is effectively silenced too.

She’s left with her Twitter account, (67,000 followers).

Here’s a screenshot:

YouTube Bans SYRIANGIRL's Video About Her Facebook Ban - for 'Hate Speech'

SYRIANGIRL sent it from her Youtube account, note reason given for removal of 2nd video – ‘hate speech’

As you can see, she is on the verge of having her account shut down.

To stick it in Facebook’s eye a little, we uploaded her video to our Facebook page. So far it has 28,000 views there, and the comments are scathing, against Facebook. Please share it, and this article, around – we need to get the word out on this.

Here’s the video: (See end of this article for a full transcript – as you will see, no hate at all)

Clearly this is a travesty – there is nothing in this video that even remotely warrants being censored on Youtube. There is more actual, real hate speech in an average Rachel Maddow rant than in this video.

This is one of the most blatant examples I can point to of dangerous and out-of-control censorship coming out of the big tech companies. They need to be reined in.

Russia Insider and other alternative media writing about Russia and the Middle East, SouthFront comes to mind most prominently, are constantly the victims of internet censorship – we are not allowed into Google News, our articles disappear mysteriously from Google search, and there is a constant effort to keep us down, without doing so openly.

Our videos are routinely de-monetized on YouTube without just cause, or just banned altogether with ominous threats to shut down our whole channel – yes this happens on YouTube, that purveyor of skank, vulgarity, and soft porn to teenagers. We know exactly what SYRIANGIRL is facing, but with her, they have now taken it much further.

Actually, I think this kind of heavy-handed banning of dissent is a great thing – because it will force people to wake up and realize they have to do something about this – regulate the big tech companies as public utilities.

Also on Friday, SYRIANGIRL, for the first time in 5 years, appealed to the public for financial support, by opening a Patreon account. It has only taken her 3 days to reach $500 / month in commitments. If Facebook and Youtube keep this up it will soon be $10,000 a month, and then they will have a problem on their hands. Currently SYRIANGIRL does this part-time while getting a graduate degree in chemistry. She just might decide to go full-time if people make it financially possible. I say let’s make it happen.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg and whichever faceless Orks run Youtube, – some friendly advice – this thing is going to go nuclear if you two don’t wise up and back down. SYRIANGIRL is too well-known, liked, and respected by too many important people for this not to blow up into a major stink. She speaks at top level conferences, has been on all manner of TV – in her native Australia, to RT, to Alex Jones, and many others. A lot of big people will pile on. This will blow up in your faces unless you backpedal quickly.

In our interview, SYRIANGIRL explained that she suspects that somehow her Facebook account got caught up in the tempest in a teapot around the $200,000 Russian-related entities supposedly spent trying to influence the US election. As one of our articles pointed out today:

“Oh, Putin’s bringing out the big guns now! A couple hundred thousand dollars worth of ads! Lordy, that’s a hell of an investment…”

So here is a concrete example of how the big Russia-gate lie is leading in a circuitous way to successful, respected, and influential independent media being shuttered.

All independent, alternative media should rally behind her and raise hell. Her case is a precedent – if they get away with gagging her, we are next on the list.

And please don’t forget about us. There are just two days to our own Fall fund drive left. If you havent made a donation, please consider doing so. We are falling short of our $30,000 quarterly goal, but 700 of you have donated a total of 18,000 so far, so it’s enough to keep us alive.

A sincere thank you to all who have contributed!

Here’s the transcript from the video. As I said, no hate speech here, not a drop:

“Hi everyone this is SYRIANGIRL. I have some bad news …

My Facebook account which I have been working on for five years and which has 75,000 followers has been deleted.

It was out of the blue – there was no warning or reason given.

The last thing I posted was photograph and video evidence of election fraud in the Kurdistan referendum, which is happening in Iraq: – video of people stuffing unlimited amounts of yes votes into ballot boxes, other people washing the purple off their fingers so that they can go in and vote again. And one guy even voted on behalf of his nine dead relatives.

The Kurdish Regional government has also been intimidating Assyrian Christians and yazidis, into voting ‘yes’, threatening some of them with being kicked out of refugee camps.

If you recall from my previous videos, Kurds are not the indigenous populations of Iraq and Syria. And those supporting the creation of Kurdistan are supporting a land grab, with a side of ethnic cleansing of the true indigenous peoples – effectively, a second Israel. And it’s not just me or the Iraqi government saying this, it’s also many Kurds themselves, who refer to Kurdistan as the “second Israel.”

All of this information of course doesn’t suit the agenda of the balkanization of Iraq and Syria, which is being pushed in the mainstream media. I also mentioned on Facebook the Israeli Yinon plan, and how they wanted to create a Kurdistan for the sake of Israel.

The censorship could have been the result of mass flagging by people who don’t like what I have to say.

I’ve emailed Facebook in the hopes of getting to the bottom of this, and to get my account back. But if it doesn’t come back, you’ll know why, and you’ll know that much of freedom of speech has truly died.

In the meantime, I have created an account on the Facebook alternative, Minds, so that those who have Minds can add me.

I’ve been censored many times before. It usually happens when I’ve hit the nail on the head, in terms of opposing mainstream media lies.

Recently one of my YouTube videos about how ISIS got hold of weapons shipments from US air drops, was censored.

In fact, while the mass YouTube demonetization caused an uproar earlier this year, I have been demonetized for 4 years.

Those years ago I was curious, and I asked why my account had been demonetized, while other news media outlets, and even alternative media oh, we’re not.

I requested details about what I was doing differently that cause this demonetization.

I got a very bizarre reply of “I’ll tell you later”. That later never came and the case was closed and I didn’t open it again.

It’s never been about the money for me. I didn’t want the money to tarnish the very important message.

However it’s come to that point that in order to keep going and defend myself I need to ask for help.

That’s why I’ve opened a Patreon account. So if, and only if, you can afford it, I would appreciate you lending me a dime, so that I can fight the sensors, and defend my name, which sometimes can be a matter of resources.

And who knows where the censorship is going to go, the situation is precarious. Facebook may only be the beginning.

But no matter how they try to silence me I promise you one thing, I’m going to keep fighting.”

Support SouthFront


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Well, fellows, I’am glad that i’m not in the same mess as the sunday programmers of fake.., f..k, whatever beurk site. Yes, yes, yeah, it’s social blah, blah, blah, well who cares, I’m really happy without loosing my time on that f..b..k shit. Why, because as a programmer I have better things to build up than Sugarbeurk tries to marking off.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Russia, Iran and all other free and independent countries need to band together and create alternative social media and video sharing websites that are not owned by kike Jew rodent scum. There are millions of people who are aware of the this type of censorship and are sick and tired of it. If well funded alternative websites backed by governments are created many people will flock to those alternative sources.

When you’re playing in your enemy’s court you’ve already lost the battle before it has even begun. Jewtube/Facebook censorship isn’t something new, they have been doing it heavily since the very beginning of these CIA created propaganda sites for the purpose of controlling the flow of information. It is a huge sign of weakness for all countries opposed to the Jew World Order that they have to play on the enemy’s turf.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Also we need alternative DNS and DDoS-protection services. GoDaddy and Cloudflare are in the Zionists’ grasp.


It is only a question of time they use that against Syria, Iran, Iraq or Hungary.

Youtube/facebook gotta be treated like the monopolies of the 1900s. (((Cultural-marxists))) needs to be uprooted from every position of authority they have.

Serious Dude

I haven’t seen any cultural marxist support Israel. On the other hand, all of them support Arab terrorists.


You know who Rupert Murdoch is, right?

Serious Dude

The owner of Fox News. Cultural marxists hate Fox News.


You certainly have a point. Maybe you could call it Crypto-marxism (antifa, femen, queering of the world media, attacks on gender identity etc)


There are plenty of alternatives…

Deo Cass

Yandex has the technical resources to do this. We need alternative independent media and social media that can reach everyone. It is vital to defend the fundamental human right of freedom to information and to protect humanity from a global, repressive police state intent to place everyone of us under corporate slavery.


Because your articles are consistently bullshit, they should be deleted. It’s called “FAKE NEWS”. “”Alternative Media” stands for alternative to the truth.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Like you present the truth, to me seems truth is something that has been lacking even among the trolls. They will at the end be the ones facing libel and slander suits and will have no one to protect them. That day happens I will laugh and say I warned you that would happen.


Hehe. Ok, ok, ok, it going to be spoon feed to you, you probably know about a lot, from AI to the so called Mind control, by some obscure remote button some where in an black van, yeah, scared anuf, huh.

The truth is much, less, extravagant, in fact, the reality you persive is hammered with everything from porn, to mindless click bait story’s, preferable with half naked “humans” with more silicon inside that an average 30 feet day cruiser has, and what little is then left, is controlled by the scums of this earth.

WE may point on some groups, but I know this, and I base this on the last TV sent message from Eisenhower Military industrial complex, to be the enemy of humanity, the effects we see everywhere, 24/7, and somehow, the west, lives in an deniable so gross you have to be blind not to see it. The wars, and the shameless ear shattering silence, and thru this years, I read only western propaganda, in Norway, we still live in the 90, where Gaddafy is an Dick and GoddammedHussein another dick, and Soviet ruled By Comrade Stalin/Putin. Dunka, dunka.

Not a single word, about the founding and arming of ISIS, the shameless lies served for decades, where our Military have trained up scums, mercs, you name it, to be an “Islamic force”, witch is another flat out lie, we all know that to, its called Wahhabi, an shadow of the even more evil, Talmudic teachings, the devils twins,

I have said it for decades, the sole line, in Palestine. I dont believe jack shit before I see Palestine free, to that day, you have no right to speak about justice anywhere, 70 years of terror, and you whine about protecting your bloody country, while reducing other to gravel, in the name of humanity and democracy, yeah, life is like an bad acid trip. Getting pitch black.

In the end of the day, I know one thing, I bow to anyone, whom have the cojones to speak the truth, regardless, with no exceptions, kicks in all directions, as an good old anarchist. We life in the dark ages, just like an half an millennium ago, neo-faudalism, control of knowledge and the news is better to wrap the fish in than anything else, like to day, ruled by militants, politicians militarized, the constitution means jack shit, and weaponized stupidity is growing, everywhere.

Keep your blade sharp, it never about the size of the blade that matters, is where you cut that makes the difference, have no mercy. In the ancient days, before religion corrupted man, in the Nordic country’s there where death penalty for 3 things, murder, of course, cutting down large areas or burning down large areas of forests/trees (the reason is deep, the native Americans knows this, so do I), and rape, women where secret, and the Nordic realms into the Uracil mountains, women and men fought with the same weapons.

kick ass


Jens Holm

I have 3 norweigin TV channekse and Your version of Norway is far out in most matters.

I think You should go to Palestine and stay there and be happy about it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Measures up well to norwegian crap must say really bang on.

Jens Holm

As many others he has good reasons only to see his own backyard in war, but he do forget Norway talk about so many conflict zones and how to support and not support this and that. ………………………………..

As written, I have had 3 TV channels of Norway the last 10 years and take news and other stuff from there often.

Gary Sellars

Glans Home speaks his mind again… and idiocy pours forth

Jens Holm

Thanks for the comment. I will americans to send a back of sand for You. Which kind do Your prefare: The one tasting american and brittish feet from Al Tanf or the ISIS feet one tasting oil ?


This is what happens if you spread hate, you get blocked on facebook, everyone knows. But if you google her, you find her bullshit opinion on the kurds right there.

Solomon Krupacek

kurds are terrorists


you are annoying

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

Thats right. Only hate and minus from here.


It’s not about hate or breaking any convoluted guidelines, it’s about American tech co’s involved in PRISM removing dissenting views and news counter to Washington’s narrative.

Also, you sound desperate like the censors are to silence people. Sad for you.

Wahid Algiers

Kurds are trash because they play a dirty game for centuries. On trash every opinion is the right one. It exist NO kurdistan and necver had. So shut up.


you are trash

Wahid Algiers

You don’ t know me, but I know kurds. Nasty, lazy and stupid. So shut up you incestfucken idiot.

Jens Holm

Matts not like that at all. Other know kurds as well and better too. They are not all good people as well as many others.

We dont see our few kurdish emmigrants and refugees as nasty, lazy and stupid. They go to school, make education, have skill and by hard work paid by hour, they are working hard getting a living paying for themselves.


i get to know what kind of a bastard you are……fucking towelhead!

Jens Holm

Kurds hasnt been in the games for centuries. They are now, because of they now are connected to the rest of the world.


Matt, a difference of opinion isn’t”hate.”

Try to keep up.


hate is when you generalise one group


Jews and Asians generally have a high average IQ. Generally, blacks excel at sprinting but perform poorly academically. In general, women are more emotional and nurturing than men.

And that to you is “hate.”

Got it.


IQ does not necessarily proove more inteligent, its a particular way of measuring it. What you say about people with darker skin color is not true. In the USA they perform poorly because of the institutional racism and their social status. check out Joseph Bologne, Benjamin Banneker, Nat Turner, George Washington Buckner, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Shirley Chisholm, Malcolm X, Mae Jemison, Nelson Mandela, Thoma Sankara just some examples to proove you are very uneducated. About women, at least you put ïn general” but there have been billions of women more mentaly stable then all of us stupid comment writers on this site combined!!

i kept up, see? ;)))

Ishyrion Av

To Southfront and SyrianGirl: Move to MINDS.


Yeah another kike Jew rodent owned controlled opposition website created by Jew Banker money out of Jew York City that will absorb the opposition for a while before starting their own censorship and demoralizing everyone.

Ishyrion Av

Like any other channel in this word. Nothing will last till the end, but use what you can use until that time.

Richard Kindree

Check out the Corbett Report he doesn’t pander to Facebook and Youtube. Use alternative channels and tell FB and Youtube to get lost.

Brother Ma

This is what happens when you tell the truth.the big boys try to shut everything down.that is why i never liked the fact that facebook,google,youtube etc are all in us zionist hands.why cant russia set up a similar site which goes through their own secure servers .vkontact ?yandex? Something in english language that non russian speakers can use.

Solomon Krupacek

russia is same cenzor-positive country.


Yes and no, they sure won’t censor you if you will out west in a bad light. But that aside, there are so many anti-russian sites and bloggers in russia and they are all alive and well, spreading their hate.

Solomon Krupacek

they are blocked. in russia is forbidden vpn, tor. no anonymity.


bs, they might try to block but everyone us using vps, those laws are useless, also there is anti-govmnt media, like, echo of Moscow, dozhd and others, the stories about not being allowed to speak out against govmnt is bs, western bs propaganda.

Jens Holm

zionists must do something right, when so few od them can the run the world incl muslims.

Sp what is it?


Banks ! Gold, Diamonds.

Jens Holm

And zink and coal ?

Wahid Algiers

Zionists are supported by US-money jews and fundamental US-christs. Up to now that support was enough to keep them up. But times change. Wait and see….

Jens Holm

I will. If I have too grow very old, i hope me health can take it.

Gary Sellars

Facebooks idea of “hate speech” seems to be any speech they hate….


Any speech (((they))) hate


“Oy veeeey!”


Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, as you can’t call for nuking Israel & basically committing genocide on the Kurds without catching a response. Having corresponded with her on occasion, she can be witty & charming; and I can overlook her blaming Israel to some extent given Syria troubles. Never did really understand why she kept attacking Kurds who are in fact tactical allies with SAA in fight against ISIS & AL Queda; nor did she really follow the war in great detail or she would have known about YPG role in saving Aleppo by capturing Tel Rifaat and Costello Road. But she is a tremendous promoter and I am sure she will bounce back. I wish her good luck.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Stay away from the crack pipe and you will see the articles and everything else in regards to the Kurds being two faced. They have been like this in the past nothing ever changes with them.


Which Kurds are you talking about? There are abut 60 different tribes of Kurds speaking 4 different languages spread across 4 different countries. The PKK have been Russian allies for decades, the Barzani in KRG are allied with Turkey, Pjak in Iran is being trained and sponsored by CIA to fight Iran, YPG has an office in Moscow. So it is wildly inaccurate to make claims against an entire group of 35 to 50 million peoples.

Jens Holm

I agree. He probatly think all exept kurds which ran away from persia and the Ayatollahs are arabs as well.


Agreed. DNA testing shows that Kurds have been native to the region for 6,000 years. But there is no monolithic block of Kurds, they are divided into many different groups and factions.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PKK/YPG have been allied with the US for decades , the YPG just opened an office , the CIA has an office their too I guess they have been working with the Russians. The Russians had just performed an airstrike recently on the PKK so that shoots a hole in that theory. Barzani is sponsored by Israel and the US but he has had a relationship with Turkey as he also has with the UK, France and Germany etc.

There are two kurdish Dialects one Kurmanji the other Sorani , there are many minor dialects not commonly spoken like Harawmi or Gorani,Zazaki, Pahlewani these ones by fewer people . Kurmanji is a Latin script language and Sorani is an Arabic script language the Zazaki or Dimili seem have a language totally unrelated to the others and cultural differences. These are being conducted under studies currently and more are finding that what we believe is a single group is really a pluralistic group of people with separate cultural identities.

This why never assume this is the same thing the Romans did by labeling every European into categories yet we have learned through history not everyone was in the same tribe of people but loose collections of various different tribes. Today we see that all had different cultures and traditions.


Interesting. Also You should see recent clip of Putin talking about Russian friendship with the Kurds. Russia has sponsored PKK for 35 years in Syria & Turkey and also is making oil deals with PKK in rival KRG aka Barzanistan. The border has been and is closed between KRG & Rojava (unless recently opened by KRG because of referendum crisis but haven’t seen any reporting of it yet).

Jens Holm

You muslims make alot of censurship of the worst kind Yourself living in a narrow world of tabues, where You hardly have a languege for all bodyparts and its for bidden to talk about it – well more or less but hard i n muslim countries.

So dont come and tell others are not allowed, when others do same things.

BL below sre exactly in that mode telling everything is runned by cia and jews. Well close for it. Its like TV and radio. You dont have to listen and listen to us. Many of You cant shake hands with us because our bad spirits and ghosts will try to posses You. Are You strong people or are Your religion strang, if we “just” can do that????

Where I live I have been named as “unclean” by several muslims, which havnt invited and because I have to support 50% of them the rest of my life, because they have learned attitudes, which never will fit. How unclean is is to support refugees amd emmigrants for billions, which think we would like totally unusefull religios as well culturel matters to here.

I have only been reading all the Syrian Girl Rastafari a few times. Its mainly evil and high manipulative shit having a great lacks from most facts, which are reliable. I dont know if YOUTUBES and ofhers should take it away. Im a kind more tolerant. But I cant see any usefull moments in those few parts, I have seen.

To me its a part of the competion we also have in west by minor groups doing their best to make barbed wire, minefields, trenches and war. It only has that purpose. We should hate and kill each other more.

But of course: Syria is a very good example for Syrian Girl and the future wished for the rest of the world. 400.000 dead isnt enough. 8-10 mio. refugees isnt enough. Why live in houses, when You live in tents or get an umbrella.

All good things about west is not there. Fx UN`s richest people after all are feeding almost all refugees there incl. Gaza since 1948.

Jens Holm

No plus from You. Confirm that lies are the future for You being the same. Next reform probatly will only go 400 years back and think they are Ottomans wearing fez.


I can now honestly see why facebook deleted her facebook. This is clearly racist hate speech. I don’t care if you are talking about syrians, jews or kurds. The minute you label a race or an ethinic group as not part of something to promote your assad egenda. Than this is racism, I will also report her on youtube and twitter. Please report her, this is not news covering, this is racism. And I don’t accept racism against any people, I dont care if you are hindu, jew, or muslim, never accept it.!


Please. If she said Bashar al-Assad is president of Syria you would say it is “hate speech.”


“clearly racist hate speech” such as?


These organizations hide behind vague allegations like graphic content or hate speech. Vague, rubbery “concerns” and never specifics. They are vicious and cowardly.


Kikenberg, the thief who stole the FB idea is such a jerk off, who uses FB? Kids and grannies… or morons.


Jews own and operate Facebook, YouTube and Google. They’re just doing what evil Jew baby rapers have done for thousands of years. Which is why they have such a bad reputation and are so disliked. Their evil cult that pedophile rapes 1,000 cult children a week during vile oral suction circumcision blood rituals should be outlawed to create a Jew free future for our planet.

Jens Holm

As I see this pages, they are alnost only frequented by Your oen local kind and emmigrants and You therefore only lie to each other as most of it is a cheep videogame.

Same thing with all the dots at Syrian girls. Its almost only internal. Most people dont listen to so much low quality crap.


You’re obviously a truth hater trying to suppress the exposure of Jew crime and evil.

Jens Holm

No, Im none. I have denied any jewish crime, but it doesnt make Yours OK. More likeYou use it as a cheep cover.


Learn English or use a translator. You gibberish doesn’t make sense.

Jens Holm

I dont write it for You. You are 0. Its for all the other readers here, so people know that garbage are very much connected to garbage cleaners.



You’re a lying, sick in the head, evil Jew pedophile rape cult supporter, not me.



You’re the sick in the head evil Jew pedophile rape cult supporter, not me.


The Jews rape 1,000 children a week and are responsible for perpetual war. Why do you support this evil pedophile cult?

Jens Holm

So how much do You pay for seeing it and take pictures ?


You didn’t answer the question.


Hi Jens: This RichardD it’s really alt-Nazi ticking, look his history, fan alex_stupid_johns and his info wars and with interest in arms. He probably he didn’t know a single Jew in all his inbred life. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0aec4434270798b6e5cd1d6af730ec43313f15043f6309d4cfc4c111f28127f6.jpg

Jens Holm

I agree, he is some right wing far out.

robert wa

Facebook isn’t fooling anyone on this topic, personally I don’t do Facebook as it’s not needed…

K Pomeroy

Your article gives us much needed information. Unfortunately, as of 20:30 UTC October 4, the SyrianGirl video does not play. Wasn’t the video downloaded? How technically could it not play?

I saw this video before when first posted. It was excellent. She cast doubt on the Kurdish referendum, and indicated that the Kurds were not indigenous to Syria and Iraq, all very interesting stuff. I wanted to post her video on my own website, but by then it was unavailable. Censorship by Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is absolutely alarming. It is getting harder and harder to find truthful information. All we alternate websites can do is form a huge network, in which we refer readers to one another to keep people informed. I will post your article at Quemadoinstitute.org.

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