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YouTube Bans Syrian State-Run, Pro-Government Channels Amid Expected Escalation Over Idlib Offensive

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YouTube has banned a number of Syrian state-run and pro-government channels, including ones belonging to the Syrian Presidency, the Syrian Defense Ministry and the news agency SANA. The reason provided was that these accounts allegedly violate “YouTube’s Terms of Service”.

This move can be considered as another attempt to suppress non-mainstream reporting on the ongoing conflict. Some Syrian experts even claimed that these were another sign of preparations for a staged chemical attack in Idlib and then a US-led military strike on Syrian government forces.

Over the past few days, multiple reports have appeared in the mainsteam media that the US is considering military options in Syria and that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has even ordered chemical attacks in the province of Idlib.

These reports as well as the censorship against pro-government channels on YouTube are a part of the ongoing large-scale propaganda campaign carried out by the US-led bloc against the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance. This campaign has become especially obvious amid the ongoing peraparations of the Syrian Army to deliver a blow to terrorist groups operating in the province of Idlib.

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Val Shadowhawk

It will not stop the bringers of truth, logic and all that is good! Youtube, Google, Facebook, Twitter et al will not succeed in censoring us. Their proxy pets will be removed from Syria and held accountable. Same for their handlers, supporters and paymasters!!

Gregory Casey

These actions of YouTube Facebook Google et al are the most ridiculous “breach of terms of service” ever in circumstances where IS HTS & all other head-choppers continue to be allowed post whatever they like all across the virtual world. Censorship gone mad!

Concrete Mike

Yep you nailed it dude…its ok for them to post tow missile hit on SAA but not saa blowing up same jihadiss

Censorship is alive and well friends


Surely to be expected of social media in collusion with the Deep State and it’s HTS allies.


Because IS, HTS etc are no real threat to the Deep State, whereas Free Speech is a threat. Qaida and Daesh are tolerated. Free Speech is not.

Feudalism Victory

Prepping the masses for more FAKE NEWS


Dutch Government Delivering Goodies to Headchoppers



The question is I think , Why is the Dutch MSM showing the reality of Dutch government collusion with UN designated terrorists in Syria to their viewers now ?


They investigated for Months…I’m Happy that the Dutch TV Showed a Documentary like this…was waiting for it for a Long time….Good Job! Tomorrow Part II… this is an example for all other Countries involved… Tell People the Truth…


I doubt it will be reported by the BBC as there are far too many British troops etc ‘advising’ terrorists in Syria. :)


It will set a precedent for more Journalists I hope…if Europe starts coming out of the closet… the Brits will know too… whether the BBC tells them or not….

Matt Michaels

Reminds me of when Southfront was blocked in the lead-up to the last cruise missile strike.

Concrete Mike

Yes it does dont it?

Whatever they have failed abd will fail again in future.

Matt Michaels

Side note, my Facebook account was immediately locked for making this comment here. I had to create a new password and verify all my activity for the last 2 weeks.


..do not get it! Syriana and allies..!

Promitheas Apollonious

plenty of sources so who really care about utube and the rest of the minons?


Incrementalism, my dear Promitheas. The frog stays in the pot as the water is heated never realizing it is being cooked. If you throw the frog in burning hot water he will leap out.

Allan Greedspoon

Ha ha . . ..


I agree to a degree. It doesn’t matter in the slightest.for the ones who follow the real news. You, me, us know how to do it, but they make it difficult for the likes of us to awaken the ones who sit over the fence, let alone the [psychological] zombies on the other side.

Anyway, complaining won’t help us. We need alternatives to promote and replace the mainstream services.

Promitheas Apollonious

trust me, who ever is not awake yet, is only the ones who pretend that are asleep and them is impossible to awake are already americanized Borgs.

leon mc pilibin

The Zionists are showing their true face and evil intentions,They control everything, and use their lying power to create wars and financial ruin.The Synagogue of Satan.


Yeah this is scary actually. I always had some doubts in the back of my mind that perhaps the whole Zionism thing is a false conspiracy and we’re just being paranoid… But its obvious as day now, and its frightening.

Jim Bim

If one is not in line with the MSM mantra, deep states puppets will act. Fortunately there are other great alternatives.

Allan Greedspoon

This is totalitarianism at its worst. One of the first steps of a Nazi-like power is to curb the real media, which is a direct threat to its own propaganda. It’s interesting to see how the deep state is now using very weak justifications to cut out threats like Alex Jones and Sana. This is all part of the deep state plan for their complete and total informational dictatorship. The only obstacles to this nefarious plan are you and me free thinkers . .


Oceania (FUKUS) ramps up censorship ahead of war abroad and martial law at home.


These companies can do what they like but anyone who is still subscribed to them is an idiot.


Still, it will not change the way things are going in Syria. All of Syria will be reunited and the Yanks and their boss, child killing Israel will be booted out completely. It is just a matter of time before the Golan is taken back, Gaza and Palestine. And it wont be long incoming. Can’t wait for the day when they hang Nitandyahoo . . .. .

John Mason

There are alternatives to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter; time to leave them and join up on what is available locally. Anything to do with the US especially media and IT needs to be replaced.


I guess youtube hasn’t banned the White Helmets and the NATO agitprop organs, so the aim is to get a single (Western) voice on the attack.

Empire's Frontiers

Here’s a handy one to keep an eye on.

Perhaps check the wind direction at the time the alleged chemical attack is happening.



Yeah, like that is going to stop anything. PS: I didn’t know the Syrian government had a Youtube Channel. So…Buzz off.

Rob Centros

Google. Bought and paid for by the CIA.


I hope the Syrian Army beats the dogsh*t out of American proxies and throws US troops out of country.

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