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YouTube Banned ANNA News Channel


YouTube blocked ANNA News (Abkhazian Network News Agency) channel, the news agency reported on its website on May 28.

According to the ANNA News statement, the video channel was allegedly downed for “community guidelines” violations. No further details were provided.

A back-up YouTube channel of ANNA News can be found here.

ANNA News is the news agency of Abkhazian origin, which became known to an international audience thanks to its field reportages from Syria and eastern Ukraine.



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  • Lupus

    Free press my ass

  • AM Hants

    Hope I can pick up Anna News on Vimeo.com. Do like the site. Who needs You Tube anyway?.

    • Lupus

      well plz lemme know if you spot Anna somewhere thx. Screw youtube

      • AM Hants

        Ditto. Used to like their work, back in 2014 when Ukraine was kicking off. Then forgot about the site. Nice to be reminded that I seriously need to check out their work.

        http://anna-news.info/ (click translate, if needed).

      • d’Artagnan

        Hardly a surprise, as Jew owned news “outlets” do not cater to the TRUTH!

    • Saddam Hussein

      Liveleak and bitshute are better options.

      • JustPassingThrough
      • AM Hants

        Mixture of all, even better.

      • Andreas Mikkelsen

        I have not gotten used to Liveleak after the redesign a few years ago. Is it any good now?

        I use Bitchute daily and hope it will be better. Hope for better content as well as better ways to find content on Bitchute. Afraid it is becoming a bit too nationalist oriented.

        Peertube I follow because I think the open federated model is better in the long run. Hope for much more content, better content, as well as better ways to find content on Peertube.

        Youtube is still IMO the best for quantity and quality, and for finding material, but already much worse than a year ago. Much good and important content is gone or hidden so we can not find it. It is Orwellian and worse for every day..

        I also use archive.org and of course torrents. Qbittorrent has a good search feature. I find these sources good for documentaries, but perhaps not so good for everyday news, discussion, analysis.

        Dtube, vimeo and others I have not tried so much.

        A problem is that there is too many alternatives to youtube and so very much fragmentation and no real “youtube killer”.

    • jorge

      And who needs the dollar, or F35 or (yankee) Patriots?

  • Simon Abruzzo

    what the fuq, they had the best Syrian reports

    • FlorianGeyer

      That’s obviously why Jewtube banned ANNA.

      Their reporters are too good at their factual reporting

  • Saddam Hussein

    Expected. We need an alternative to (((youtube)))

  • Tommy Jensen

    Before google entered, youtube was a fine site. Everything google and suckerberg touch gets poisoned.

  • Kell McBanned

    Oh no your kidding – I loved their English translated footage of current battles :(
    Being banned is a compliment in a way, it proves what your doing is effective, “You only take flak if your over the target”.

    • d’Artagnan

      If they posted anti-Russia or anti-Iran fake news then they would get western government and Jew Bilderberg funding and would be top in ratings. ANNA posts objective analysis and that is unacceptable to the west.

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    They and even Southfront should consider the Fediverse of Video Sharing. Something like peertube …. Avoid the censorship!

  • Bob

    Had wondered if this would happen – ANNA has consistently had excellent war reportage from Syria, often alongside government troops on offensives. In last couple of years other user accounts associated with reporting alongside and favorably toward the Syrian government forces have also had trouble with You Tube and Twitter censorship – experiencing both arbitrary suspensions and bans. You Tube and Twitter are no longer open media platforms – they are now just further means to control the narrative.

  • Rhodium 10

    R&U videos in you tube show Anna news videos

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Youtube only leave degenerate and fake news sites up. Real news sites always get banned.
    Youtube is 100% a social engineering platform designs to build a one world multi racial society under Zionist control.

  • patriotpioneer

    Propaganda is the Only Truth Allowed…..

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    If their reporters were homosexuals they wouldn’t get banned, at least not as quickly😂

  • goingbrokes

    Ministry of Truth hard at work.

  • josh

    You mfs …Anna news having the best reports… Especially their 20mins vids are amazing

  • Hide Behind

    As having been born in US and more or less forced to live Here or a long while, seeing Censorship is not new to me, it has always been present.
    In my military years , Vietnam conflict. it was both in politics and especially when it came to military matters.
    Our History school books were no more than lies and propaganda and the cover-up of crime by police was never mentioned.
    Was there more censorship years ago than
    today, IMO no, but how the hell could we know, information was harder to get, local, National and International as well.
    Where I lived, as was the case in every rural and small town the freaking church meetings were front page and on second was who got married anf who died.
    The massive numbers on You Tube and users of Google has just made what was always normal more visible.
    In the long term those sites that find alternatives to You Tube will disappear, mostly because lack of monetization but also by other means. government pressure!
    And there is no way we can halt The Powers That Be from having their way with control of internet.

  • Sinbad2

    If it’s American based, of course it is censored.
    The US has always lied to its people and the world, America is built on lies, and the truth would destroy it.

  • Jacob “Wraith” Wohl

    Good job, Youtube! ban all the pro-russkie assad regime apologist propaganda media outlets
    ya got lots more to go! :-}

  • Neurasth

    Not enough transexual degenerates over at ANNA for jewtube’s approval I guess.