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‘You’re fired!’ Donald Trump To Sack Obama’s Diplomats – Reports

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‘You’re fired!’ Donald Trump To Sack Obama’s Diplomats - Reports

Written by Adam Garrie; Originally appeared at TheDuran

Donald Trump unilaterally fires all of Obama’s ambassadors. This will allow Trump to create a new set of diplomats appointment for their talents rather than how much they donated to the Democrats.

Obama’s ‘operation sabotage’ has just backfired. Reports coming out of Washington say that Donald Trump has unilaterally told all Obama US ambassadors abroad, ‘you’re fired’.

This comes after Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomatic officials and their families just prior to western Christmas.

The New York Times first reported that a State Department cable was sent to all ambassadors on December 23 informing them they have to vacate their posts by Jan. 20 “without exceptions.”

Trump has been taking to Twitter to express his consternation over Obama’s campaign of hatred against Russia in his final weeks in power.

By sacking many Obama appointed diplomats, Trump is both symbolically and materially taking the wind out of the foreign policy sails of the Democrats.

The move however has implications beyond the tit for tat psychological war being waged between a lame-duck Obama and the President-elect.

Trump had long derided Obama for rewarding important diplomatic positions to those who gave substantial financial contributions to his campaign. Famously, Trump mocked Obama for making Caroline Kennedy the US Ambassador to Japan because ‘she was bored’.

Whilst the mainstream media criticise Donald Trump for being a loving father to his children, the reality is that Obama practiced cronyism in politics, far more than Trump ever did in business.

The idea that one could buy an ambassadorial position in an age of terrorism, strained relations between superpowers, and economic uncertainty, is worse than a crime, it is a blunder.

I remain optimistic that as he has already done with his ambassadorial appointment to China, Trump will continue to appoint ambassadors based on talent rather than boredom.

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Good move by Trump. A lot of these people (of dubious ability) paid so they could play at being diplomat.


Isn’t replacing the heads of all major departments, diplomats and US ambassadors ALWAYS part of the modus operandi whenever a new US President takes over. As I was taught 20 years ago in university on American history, to the victor belong the spoils. And any new US ambassador to the Netherlands that I know off has always been a major campaign contributor to a new US president. I’m sure the next one will be no different.

So what makes this so much more radical then what his predecessors have done? Because he did it so openly via Twitter?


I don’t know if it is a different move Barba_Papa. I think what upsets his opponents about this, is that President Elect Trump has no problem executing decisions, after he has made them. Publicly, he is portrayed as shooting from the lip in a fit of anger, blindly flailing away at the world.

What is consistent with his behavior is, that a lot of long term thinking goes into the mix and is mulled over, before a hint of what he is focused on or intends to do becomes in the slightest way visible. The example that became apparent for me was the ‘wall’ he intends to build between Mexico and the US. How many of even the best informed and intellectual elite derided him for promising something stupid and out right unattainable? They all had their guys out scouting from where the concrete and fencing was going to be purchased and had big plans to deride that. But, what does the Donald do, right under their very noses, even before taking office, the real wall has begun, with not a single penny of USG funds appropriated. His wall is not of concrete or physical in nature, it is financial; e.g. Ford, Toyota, GM, ect., ect. To boot, how long did he talk about all of this, right in front of every one of those truly foolish individuals?

It is my opinion that his opponents fear him, because he is not afraid to be bold and does not hestiate to attack his goals and …. they never see it coming. I wish a good day to you.



This article is a good example of fake journalism. It is customary and that virtually all Diplomats are replaced with the incoming administration. And in point of fact President Elect Obama did exactly the same thing just before he took office as President Elect Trump has done. There is absolutely nothing morally or ethically improper about this. Over the centuries some Presidents have been very quick to replace foreign Diplomatic appointee’s and others have adopted a more leisurely pace.

The point is that the foul media that pose “news” outlets are doing what they do best; omit, distort, manipulate, massage and just plain lie about anything to do with President elect Trump. Which by most people’s definition makes them liars, cheats, and in some cases out and out traitors.


This is completely correct.

The sad thing is that nowadays most media reporting is not media reporting anymore.

It is mediapropaganda.

Most reports are tainted by the opinions of the reporters or mediaowners more concerned with fitting fact to opinions then to reality. This goes for both republican and democratic minded media.

To a little bit lesser degree one can find this all over the West. About russian, MENA and chinese media we have no worries. There are almost no really free media outside of the West.


But more importantly what is happening to Victoria ‘Vicky’ Nuland? She is an Obama appointee, is complete Russiaphobe, and openly backed Hilary Clinton (who likewise considered Nuland a key ally) as did her Neo-Con husband Kagan and all the other Neo-Con travelers. Surely she has to go under Trump?

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