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‘Your Show-Offs Not Worth Our Lives’: Ukrainian Soldiers Address President Zelensky

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'Your Show-Offs Not Worth Our Lives': Ukrainian Soldiers Address President Zelensky

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The situation in Eastern Ukraine continues to escalate and the village of Staromaryevka has recently become one of the hot spots of  the conflict.

On October 26, the Ukrainian army (UAF) reportedly advanced and took control over the village of Staromaryevka, located in the “gray” zone (buffer zone). On October 27, there were reports that the village had been recaptured by the militia, however, this statement was later denied, and, without any confirmation, DPR military correspondents proclaimed once again their control over the village.

On the morning of October 28, two videos, which shed light on the situation in the village, were published on one of the websites of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

One of the videos confirmed the facts of the shelling of Donetsk by the UAF forces.


In the second video, Ukrainian soldiers deployed in Staromariivka described the situation in the region and appealed personally to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the video, a soldier claims:

“We are in Staromariivka, in the lowlands. This is why we have suffered great losses. They promised to send us reinforcements at night. It has never came. We are thinking about how to get out of here. Mr. Zelensky, do not perceive us as traitors, but YOUR SHOW-OFFS ARE NOT WORTH OUR LIVES.”

Thus, this video confirms that:

  • as for the morning of October 28, the Ukrainian troops were still near Staromariivka;
  • since they did not receive reinforcements, they suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat;
  • the morale of the Ukrainian fighters is low, as the soldiers are not ready to fight for their president.

If the statements of the Ukrainian soldier that reinforcements were never received are true, it can be concluded that the Ukrainian troops suffer from extremely poor coordination between their units and divisions stationed on the front line.

It may also be suggested that the offensive was spontaneous, not planned  by the military headquarters. It was likely carried out by direct order of the supreme leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the supreme political command of the state, and the Ukrainian soldiers failed to fulfill it.


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What gets me about the Ukrainian soldiers,unless they are from the out and out Nazi wing,and are just normal Ukrainian soldiers,one would think they would ask themselves what the hell are we doing attacking our own people,anyone with honour would have taken that uniform off and gone home or joined the resistance,same with the police,they are not fighting a foreign invasion they are attacking their own cities.

Lone Ranger

In Ukraine the brainwashing is on another level, it would even make goebbels blush.


If Russia would only invade or even just permit the Donbass armies to advance, the Ukranazi coup regime army will collapse faster than the puppet child sex slaver Quisling warlord regime army of Ashraf Ghani before the Taliban.

Poko Molo Lie Factory

I mean who in their right mind would fight and die for a degenerate Zionist Jew clown and his tribe’s agenda!!!!


Zelensky is a puppet. He’s not a zio. He’s a Russian speaking Ukrainian Jew who’s terrified of being lynched by the Nazis if he doesn’t grovel before their agenda.

David Herzog

Nobody obliged him to get the job he wanted .

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis thrown into the meatgrinder…
Slow clap…


Who in right mind would risk combat to fight for openly self-serving values of Zelensky and his controller, the international financial criminal and oligarch Kolomoisky? The latter is a Ukrainian-Israeli citizen, and already has one foot in another country, as has already fled and sought refuge there when things got hot as Interpol sought his arrest on international banking fraud charges. Who would risk own life for such an openly selfish and corrupt ruling elite sector??!

L du Plessis

Well said.👌

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