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Your Guide on #PigGate and British Political System

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Your Guide on #PigGate and British Political System

No, it isn’t a joke. The British Prime Minsiter is accused that he put “a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth while he was a member of the Piers Gaveston Society (men-only dining club founded in 1977 at the University of Oxford with membership limited to 12 undergraduates).

It could be true. Or no. It looks that British citizens don’t work. They compete in making memes over this issue. There are a number of popular hashtags: #piggate, #baeofpigs, #snoutrage, #hameron

The source of the claims is Lord Ashcroft, author of the unauthorized David Cameron biography «Call Me Dave» in which “witnesses” report how David Cameron were in a certain number of student clubs, doped oneself with cocaine and despised plebeians – in fact, he just did what people of his “circle” do.

Lord Ashcroft used the book to take a revenge against Cameron after he failed to secure a top job in government following the 2010 general election.

Due to this case, we could see the organization of the British political system. First, you study, drink alcohol and drug in Oxford with sons and daughters of the elite. Then you make the carreer with them. And then, in some case, it becomes widely known that somebody saw you drunk with a dead pig.

No photos? It isn’t a problem for media. Anyway, inhabitants are sure that politicians are villians, corruptionists and perverts.

Our version:

It’s a plan of the conservative British Establishment to prevent Islamization of the UK and Devid Cameron become the sacrifice needed for it. Netherlands reportedly tried to stop Islamists showing gay porno during the Citizenship Test, but it wasn’t enough. Another approach is needed. Will islamist migrate to the state where Prime Minister fucked a dead pig? Never!

Cameron and his pig saved the UK from ISIS!

Your Guide on #PigGate and British Political System

In 2011 British TV series Black Mirror imagined a storyline in which the prime minister gets intimate with a pig.

This article is based on THIS.

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